In manufacturing companies, the medium & long term is usually static comparing to short term (more dynamic).

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In a manufacturing environment, in order to meet customers' needs to maintain our competitive advantage & market positioning, and also give an accurate and relatively certain forecast of our business, we use operations planning to calculate and schedule our medium & long term production activities(aggregate planning) and short term production activities, such as detailed work plan for individuals and /or collective production resources, for instance, in manufacturing environment, machines, labour ,departments(operations scheduling.)

In manufacturing companies, the medium & long term is usually static comparing to short term (more dynamic). It is difficult to compensate short term mistakes, which may lose customers loyalties, lose market share. Internally speaking, it will make chaos in different departments and their plans will be re-scheduled. In order to avoid this, we need different information when giving operations planning for a batch production in the organisation. Cause production control can only act upon the information that it receives. (Muhlemann, 1992, production and operations planning), so more precise information we can get, more flexible and reliable we can schedule production.

Information requirement:

The required information is similar for scheduling in manufacturing

Includes both in Demand and Availability

* Standard processing or transaction times :Set-up time,
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* Quantities of material in store

* Demand from customers, timing and quantities of customers' requirements. Expected finishing time.

* Availability of material from outside suppliers

* Amount of already completed

* Capacities of facilities. Machine maintenance time, (Muhlemann, 1992,production and operations planning)

* Labour Besides, labour is very critical, their hours of work, the factory's shut down time, labour requirements for each department (for each section), overtime for the labour and etc(absenteeism and accidents), etc(appendix a)

* standard Costing Sheet (Inc wage cost, material cost & overhead)

* efficiency ...

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