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In this presentation, I will be discussing the market strategy (which I have set) for a chocolate company called Chocolicious. The main things I will be discussing are;

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Marketing presentation In this presentation, I will be discussing the market strategy (which I have set) for a chocolate company called Chocolicious. The main things I will be discussing are; 1-Understanding customer needs 2-Keeping ahead of competition 3-How to achieve marketing aims 4-Customer satisfaction 5-How to achieve marketing aims 6-Constraints on marketing Before a business can develop a marketing strategy they have to understand customer needs. Finding out customer tastes and preferences is very important. Before you sell the product you have to make sure it tastes good or otherwise no one will buy the product. To find out whether the product tastes good and that people will buy it the company can make surveys/questionnaires and also sampling to test there product on focus groups to test the product and see whether people like the taste, design of chocolate and packaging. If any problems are found Chocolicious will be able to make the necessary adjustments. ...read more.


I suggest Advertising on television, radio, and billboards; in newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. Maximum exposure at the beginning of promoting the product will maximize its chances of doing well in the market. Keeping ahead of competition The reason why businesses like Cadburys are still around is because the know how to keep ahead of competition by staying competitive. Chocolicious PLC could use ideas from Cadburys like consumer research. Cadburys have also become a brand name. This means people are more likely to buy it because of the name that will communicate certain values to other people. Chocolicious could also achieve this over a period of time. Consumer loyalty is also important because in all markets a small number of consumers account for a large proportion of sales. Loyal customers are the most important as these are the customers who will buy the product over and over again. ...read more.


'A' is the action taken when purchasing the product. Constraints on marketing activities There are constraints that face organizations with market activity, which involve. Internal constraints which refer to the resources capabilities of an organization. External constraints which includes a number of factors which limits the organizations activities. Example, consumers, competitors, economy, laws. An organized market company will research these constraints and try to find a solution. In Chocoliciouses case, the internal constraints for them are their customers. Because any market work was done before they weren't able to identify their needs. Conclusion Looking at the success of companies such as Cadbury's and research that I gathered I believe that Chocolicious will be more beneficial than ever before as they are now better organized and have a market strategy. From the information gathered they will be able to improve a number of things and sales are shore to go up. If they follow the strategy I have set I'm shore that the company will be more successful then ever before. ...read more.

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