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Industrial & Organizational Psychology: Diversity at Lloyds-TSB

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´╗┐DIVERSITY Running Head: DIVERSITY Industrial & Organizational Psychology: Diversity SP 306 Industrial & Organizational Psychology 1001025185 1001024697 UCSI University Summary Lloyds TSB is the largest retail bank in the UK and they have more than 140,000 staff. Half of all people in UK now bank with Lloyds Banking Group. It is a diverse business, with stronger market presence in areas such as mortgages, insurance, finance and investments. They have taken a positive approach to employee who has disability such as creating an inclusive working environment so that their employees can reach their full potential. Besides, they also help the disabled employees to remove the barriers that restrict them from being work effectively and encouraging development opportunities. By developing a positive approach to employees who are disabled, Lloyds TSB adopts an equally positive approach to customers who are disabled as well. The understanding of disability provides benefits for Lloyds TSB such as retaining the staffs within the organization. In order to achieve the benefits, Lloyds has made some adjustments for the employees with disability so that they can continue to be effective in their roles. The approach has also helped Lloyds to focus on new developments for customers such as improve the training in customer service for disabled customers (The Times 100). Diversity refers to the differences of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and ethnicity (Equality and Diversity UK). An important part of diversity in the work place is how the company handles its diversities. This is called inclusion. Inclusion is described as an employee feel respected, accepted, supported and valued in the working. Basically, diversity is focuses more on organizational demography while inclusion is focuses more on creating an environment that enables full participation of every member in the organization (Avigdor, Braun, Konkin, Kuzmycz &Ferdman, 2007). Lloyds TSB has a diverse working environment in terms of gender, age, disability, ethnicity and sex orientation (Lloyds TSB). ...read more.


This speech-to-text software is the opposite of JAWS, which helps motor impaired employees who are unable to use a keyboard, to provide input to the computer by just saying what they want to key in. In order to make disabled employees feel that they are being cared and be a part of the company, IBM provides mentoring program that take care of disabled employees? well being. IBM?s mentoring program is similar to Lloyds TSB?s Personal Development Program; the goal of the program is to let disabled employees realized that there are talents in them rather than just focus on their disability. By doing so, disabled employees are able to feel positive and enable them to explore their talents further by focusing on their talents and abilities. Positive thinking is important for disabled employees because they are exposing to a working environment that includes other workers that are not disabled, therefore, by strengthen their positive thinking, disabled employees are able to compete better in the work place. Moreover, IBM also provides a network for disabled employees in the form of forums. Similar to the network provided by Lloyds TSB to its disabled employees ? ACCESS, IBM?s forums are specially created for the blind, deaf, and mobility impaired employees. These forums are paired with assisting software to help the disabled employees to access and use these forums. The concept for these forums is simple: which is to enable disabled employees to coach each other regarding to issues at work and also able to share ideas that could help them work better or feel better. Other than sharing issues at work, disabled workers also allowed to share free ideas and issues outside of work. By providing these forums, IBM?s disabled employees are able to feel that they belongs to a social group, giving themselves identity and a sense of self, thus, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Other than fulfilling company?s social responsibility that are imposed by the government, as I mentioned earlier, changes that IBM makes in ...read more.


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