International Information and E-Business Strategy of the retailer Pets At Home

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International Information and E-Business Strategies

Part A: Individual Consultancy Report                

Pets At Home

Founded in 1991 by Anthony Preston, the retailer  “Pets At Home” has grown from its first and only store opened in Chester, UK by 1999 brought the chain to 140stores after acquiring Petsmart, UK.  They pride themselves at providing the ultimate pet shop experience and as a paradise for pets and pet owners, and exceptional services in pet care by fully trained store staff.  As the humanisation of pets becomes a growing trend, by 2004 they were acquired in a deal with a total enterprise value of £230m by European Private Equity firm, Bridgepoint.  With Matt Davies appointed CEO, Luke Mayhew appointed Chairman; they went multination opening a joint venture store in Melbourne, Australia. Their 200th store opened at Barnstaple, as Pets at Home re-house displaced or unwanted animals in pet adoption scheme in selected stores.  By 2008, they opened stores in Victoria and Melbourne, Australia as they understood the benefits of the internet launching new online shopping website .  Their other achievements include voted “Employer of the Year” in Retail Bulletin’s People in Retail awards.

As the internet allows niche retailers to flourish, it grows as a channel for the sale for products and ability to reach a wider audience, the importance for up to date cutting edge technology is essential in development in these sector.



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COMPETITION- Pet-care retailers, 2008

* not all centres have pet departments and some pet departments are pet specialists

Source: Mintel


Pets at Home - strategy is to offer the ultimate pet shop experience, providing all pet supplies and services forming a pet’s paradise for both pets and pet owners. In 2007, “Retail Week’s Specialty Retailer of the Year award”, was award to the company in recognition of their achievements, hence showing success in their strategy.

E-business strategy- B2C strategy proposed and it can be achieved by moving towards an automated supply chain, using the ...

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