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Investigating Travel and Tourism

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Investigating Travel and Tourism In my first task, I have to write about * The reasons for rapid development of the industry since the Second World War (1950s). (E1, A1 note C2) * Its structure, the key components, and its economic and social importance, quoting relevant data accurately. (E3 note A2& C2) * The range of public, private and voluntary sector organisations within each component, giving suitable examples. (E4, C3, C2) * Its scale, significance, and development potential for the future. (E2, C1, C2, A2, A3) The Development of the Travel and Tourism Industry Travel and tourism have existed before our present time. Our present day objectives can be linked in ancient times. I am going to look at the development of Travel and Tourism from the end of the Second World War to our present days. The Second World War ended in 1945 and since then the global travel and tourism industry has grown increasingly large, this is now regarded as the largest industry in the world. Since the war ended, it has been safer for people to travel worldwide. The total number of United Kingdom residents taking holidays has steadily increased from 1951 to our present time. According to BTA over 60 million holidays was sold to United Kingdom residents going abroad or in the United Kingdom in 1998. There are a number of changes that took place in the United Kingdom and these factors have helped in the development and growth in the United Kingdom's Travel and Tourism industry. In 1938, Billy Butlin opened his first holiday camp at Skegness. From this first event, I think everything has fallen into place, where everyone started to make their own contribution to the industry. In addition, because of their efforts to make things better, there were many demands made to the government. Socio-economic conditions, developed technology, changed consumer needs, fashions and expectations, and product development and innovations are the four main factors which have been combined together to generate the increasing consumer demand for travel and tourism products and services. ...read more.


However in the future the traditional European short-haul destinations will have to compete with long haul destinations to retain their market share. Long Haul holidays abroad in 1991-1998 Year Millions 1991 1.3 1992 1.4 1993 1.5 1994 1.53 1995 1.57 1996 2.1 1997 2.4 1998 2.4 This table shows the trend in long haul holidays Needs and expectations Catered holidays for customer's needs such as mixing business with leisure, green holidays, and environmental friendly holidays due to concern and expectation we have of global warming. The travel and tourism industry must continue to develop their products as the needs and expectations of the customers are continually changing. Today's society has grown and is constantly looking for new leisure and tourism experiences. The more experiences provided the greater the expectation of the consumer. Consumers' expectations and fashions have brought about special and niche market holidays. Nowadays, most holidays are expected to be environmental friendly. Eco, adventure green, nature, village, community, tourism are all kinds of tourism, which is fashionable these days. Features of the Travel and Tourism Industry The travel and tourism industry is constantly developing in order to meet the demands of the consumers, which are always changing. The industry today is very diverse in the products and services that it provides for the customers. The UK tourism industry that has grown after the Second World War has a number of features that reflects the competitive nature of the Business. * Private sector * Made up of small and medium sized private sector * Supported and promoted by the Public Sector * Dependent on the use of technologies * Vulnerable to external pressure * Positive and negative impact on host communities The travel and tourism industry can be divided into two groups: Commercial (private sector), Non-Commercial (Public and Voluntary Sector). These organisations differs in terms of 1. Defining and meeting objectives 2. Funding and revenue generation 3. ...read more.


Jobs can be found at career services, libraries job centres, employment agencies, professional associations and talking to people whom are already employed in the job. Description and details of one job that best match my aspirations, skills and abilities My chosen job is a Resort representative. This job matches my circumstances at the moment apart from my age. I am studying for my advanced level Travel and Tourism, which include a topic on Resort Representatives and we have to work and learn on it. I will list my skills and qualities and say why I am the best candidate for this job. Skills * I pay attention to details * I am a computer literate * I can communicate clearly * I have the ability to work with people * I am a good team player and have an outgoing personality * I am patient, friendly and like solving problems * I like meeting new people Qualities * Customer care skills * Willingness to work long hours when needed * I have knowledge of travel geography * Customer service experience * I have selling skills experience The job I chose specify qualities and skills needed such as dealing directly with the public, being friendly, and experience in the travel industry, an outgoing person a passionate about working in the travel industry. As you can see from my skills and qualifications above, I feel that I am the right person for the job and qualify for the job specification. This matches my circumstances, as soon as I finish my AVCE Travel and Tourism two year course. I hope to continue to complete my university degree then move up the ladder. I would have had ample experience in the industry. Chain of distribution in the Travel and Tourism Industry When the supply structure or chain of distribution is formed, the relationship is formed between producers, wholesalers and retailers. ...read more.

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