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"Job analysis is a fundamental HRM activity"

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"Job analysis is a fundamental HRM activity" In this essay I will discuss how job analysis is a vital fundamental part of Human Resource management activity. I will use examples in reference to the job description and person specifications I have previously invented and explained. By identifying the finer points of job analysis, as well as outlining further methods, I will prove my support for the essay statement. "Job analysis is a process of gathering, assessing and recording information. It is essential preparation for writing job descriptions-."(Rudman, 2000). Without job analysis Human Resource Managers would find it more difficult and more time consuming to figure out job descriptions and person specifications for the job is question. More importantly, with job analysis, Human Resource Managers can research the job and describe to the company the importance of the job and why the position actually exists. Job analysis does not deal with the person or persons that will be or are holding a particular job, but deals with the position in question and its characteristics. The main criteria for a job analysis and person specification includes the purpose of the position, key tasks, expected results, relationships, decision making, authority, skill, knowledge, experience, personality characteristics as well as any other relevant factors that the company may choose to comment about the position. By researching into these criteria through various means, the Human Resource Manager is able to view exactly what is needed for the position. ...read more.


The job analysis process is also fundamental in being able to work out a person specification for a given position. The person specification is important when advertising a job vacancy so that those who are in charge of employing knows what characteristics are needed from the ideal person. Without this, the process of hiring for a position can become more time consuming and in the end, the right person may not have been chosen for the job. By using a job analysis process of the position that is being advertised, the task of writing up an ideal person specification becomes a lot easier and a lot more accurate. With the use of a job analysis process the Human Resource Manager and the company is now in a better position to work out what training is needed in order for the job to be carried out to the best of the workers ability. The Human Resource Manager is now better prepared to find the necessary training by observing what the job requires and by interviewing others that work in the same or similar job. This need not only apply to new employees, but also to existing employees that are in the same line of work. The job analysis process is to give the Human Resource Manager the information needed to work out numeration packages for those who work in the position that the job analysis has covered. ...read more.


The job description is required so that everyone that intends to apply for the vacancy knows exactly what is required of them before they apply. Person Specifications can be drawn up from the information that is in the job analysis and in the job description. This information is used in order to describe who the ideal person for the vacancy is and what is required of them as an employee in that position. Carrying on from what they have decided for the job description and the person specification, person in charge of employing for the vacancy can view, correct, and give any opinions on the two. This is done because they are the ones employing the new employee and need to know what they will be advertised and what type of potential people is likely to apply. From this, a general agreement on how everything will be handled, and by whom, will ensure that the selection policies can be formalised. The next step will be to advertise the position via all the various media including newspapers and Internet, through recruitment agencies as well as internally. The type of advertising required will be to show what the job is and a basic description the person specification. The advertisement will also explain how to apply for the position and by which time. In this case, the potential employee will need to apply in writing, with an accompanying Curriculum Vitae, to the Information Systems Manager. This can be done in person, by mail, or via e-mail. ...read more.

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