Tristan Miles

Persuasive Speech

Leader. What qualities do you need to become a successful leader? Each letter in the word leader gives us a clue to what these might be. L is for learning from others. E is for empathy, feeling for others. A is for affection for others. D is for dedication to do one’s best. E is for enthusiasm to do one’s best. And R is for responsibility for one’s actions. These are some of the qualities a leader should possess.

So what are these qualities about? By learning from other people’s experiences, we can see the way to move forward. Leaders feel for their people by having empathy and can lead them into the direction needed. Having affection for one’s people will help people work as a team. A leader must be able to dedicate themselves to their people so they can move in the right direction. Enthusiasm to lead will make leading more enjoyable and will result in better productivity. Responsibility is when a leader accepts what they have done, either right or wrong, and will move productively afterwards.

The Ancient Greeks believed that it wasn’t the mistakes that happen during someone’s life, but how they rectified the situation was what mattered. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they are only new at what they are doing; like giving someone the wrong change when working at a fast-food shop. We still have to deal with the problem productively and not give up because of a few bumps in the road.

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Probably the greatest of Ancient Greek tragedies, King Oedipus, is a play by Sophocles about the King of Thebes. He had a prophecy bestowed on him at birth that stated that he had to kill his father and marry his mother. This did not stop him from having many great qualities that should be possessed by a leader. Perhaps his best quality was that he empathised with his people. He did not wait for his people to ask him to help them when their town was suffering; he already knew and had taken steps toward solving the problem. Another ...

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