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Leadership. There are many styles or ways that a leader can use to motivate people. The basic three styles of leadership are: autocratic,democratic and lassiez-faire.

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Leadership Leadership is the ability to influence a group of people toward the achievement of predetermined goals or a vision.it is basically about coping with change and leading a team.it hovers around the development of human personnel. Every leader has his own personal style of leadership. Leaders are an enabling force helping the organization and people to achieve the aim of the organization and the needs of the people. It's more about people and the concept of serving them. Good leadership demands attitudes and behavior which are humane. Followers follow their leaders because of their behavior which makers' people trust them and not due to the skills or talent they possess. Leaders make relationship with people. There are many styles or ways that a leader can use to motivate people. The basic three styles of leadership are: autocratic,democratic and lassiez-faire. Autocratic leadership: it's when the manger dominates its employees. Keeps all the power with himself. Does not consults or discuss anything with juniors while taking decisions. He likes to delegate his work. He orders and commands. He does not communicate much and has a set or predecided rewards or punishments. He neither gives many explanations nor trusts them. Democratic leadership: it's when the leader involves the employees in decision making. Sharestask with the employees. Take their advice and trust them keeps them informed about the decisions taking place. Heis highly involved with the employees and encourages them to grow. Rewards them when they show good performance. (S.P.Robbins 2009) Lassiez faire: gives full authority as well as responsibility to the employees and leaves them at their own. ...read more.


A leader along with all these knowledge of different ways,approaches,styles of leadership,his role duties must also have emotional intelligence. Now one would think how is emotional intelligence linked with leadership? Is it necessary? I say it is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is managing ones emotions, feelings, goals, thinking and behavior until a leader understands his own self and is being able to controlhimself, howwould he motivate others,to solve others problem,guide them one should be at peace. EI also helps to understand and read others feelings and behaviour.it is an important aspect in intrapersonal relationships and management of people. It reduces stress in people and helps in decreasing conflicts,bringing harmony,stability and ultimately effectiveness in work. The elements of emotional leadership are as follows: * Self-awareness * Self-management * Self-motivation * Empathy * Social skills. In this ever changing global world all the organizations are looking for a manager who shows qualities of a transformational leader. They want a person who can reflect visions of tomorrow with reservoirof strength to guide the employees of the company towards carrying out their aims. They want a leader who has extra ordinary communication skills so that he can stimulate its employees, encourages them and exhibit trustworthiness. A true leader is consistent in his performance and people also have stable perceptions about him. Transformational leadership is a leader who inspires followers to integrate their self-interest with the organizations. The leader who can foresee the future and develop leaders for tomorrow. He is the inspirational motivator and has extraordinary effect on the followers.He is charismatic,extremely powerful and facilitates change in self,others and the organization. ...read more.


They need a push and direction to get started. Coaching style: it's for those people who are capable but lack enthusiasm. They need to be directed,inspired and counseling. They are low at self-esteem, so doing something to build it. They should be made to feel that they are needed. Supporting style: these people need littlesupport. They have competency and commitment but need guidance and motivationin order to gain the confidence. Delegating style: they are competent as well as committed. They don't need much help. They like to work on their own with little support and dircetion.to them the work is just delegated. Some reasons why leaders fail are: It's hard to deal with so many people and their problems. Leaders sometimes have a fear that their actions may seem negative to others. Fear of rejection to be accepted is also there. They are unable to fulfill own expectations. Their style of communication is unable to inspire people. Misunderstandings may occur. Conclusion: The leader is the ambassador of the company for the employee. He is the spokesperson of the to the company on the behalf of employees. He is an important link between them. His job is very important. The organization expects a lot from the leader. He is under pressure to motivate employees and bring about a change. He should choose that style of leadership which comes naturally to him. The leader should always exhibit a blend of leadership styles.it majorly depends on the situation. His own background, employees' background and the organization's background. Most importantly leader should be fear of free and must do whatever he thinks will be the best for the time being. . ...read more.

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