Lofthouse of Fleetwood Ltd.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

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  • Imran Mansoor

Table of contents:

  1. Assignment cover sheet                                                 2        
  2. team meeting sheet                                                3
  3. Summary                                                                4        
  4. Introduction                                                        5        
  5. Market analysis:                                                        
  1. Product life cycle                                                6
  2. Boston Matrix analysis                                                6
  3. PEST or STEP analysis                                                7        
  4. SWOT analysis                                                        7
  1. Questions:
  1. STEP factors that affected Lofthouse’s _                                8

of Fleetwood marketing decisions.

6.1.1. The Socio-Cultural Factors                                8

6.1.2. Technological Factor                                        9

6.1.3. Political factor                                                10

6.1.4         Economical Factor                                        10

  1. Importance of market research.                                        11
  2. The need to reach the younger market                                12
  1. Why younger market?                                        12
  2. What the company is doing?                                12
  3. What more could be done?                                13
  1. Lofhouse,s of Fleetwood, a product or a                                13

production orientated company?

  1. Conclusion                                                                14
  2. References                                                                15
  3. Bibliography                                                        16
  4. Appendix                                                                17



Case Study

 A Friend in need is a Friend indeed


With this case study we have attempted to highlight the importance and benefits of Marketing for any company. Also, we have analyzed the different factors that affected the marketing decisions of Lofthouse of Fleetwood; the significance of market research for this company; the main marketing problems this company has been going through all these years since it became a global business and solutions to overcome these problems; and why this company is a product orientated business.

4.   Introduction

This case study is about a family owned company called Loffthhouse of Fleetwood ltd which was started in 1865 in a town of Fleetwood in Lancashire on the north west coast of England. A young pharmacist named James Lofthouse developed a warming lozenge for sea travelers, from what was branded as FISHERMAN’S FRIEND and grew its humble beginning to a global business.

Amongst the many very effective treatments and remedies that James Lofthouse created was an extremely strong liquid containing menthol and eucalyptus, which helped relieve problems experienced by fishermen in the freezing condition.

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First fisherman’s friend was packed into glass bottles (pic.1), but they did not travel well.

To make it easier to transport the liquid was made into small lozenges (pic.2). The first lozenges were packed into envelopes and distributed to local fishermen. which were much favoured by the local fishermen, who soon began referring to the miracle lozenges as their ‘Friends’ and would not leave shore without them. It was therefore these first consumers who gave the name FISHERMAN’S FRIEND


Visitors from industrial areas to the nearby costal resort soon ...

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