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                   HADIKA plc.

Managerial Finance and Accounting



To line manager Dr. Emad Awadallah

From Ligita Kondrataviciute

Table of contents

1. Introduction                                                                                                                                                                        3.

2. Analysis                                                                                 3 – 7.

2.1 Differences and similarities between management accounting and financial accounting.                                                                                3 - 4.

2.2 The main role of the management accountant within the company, scorekeeping and attention directing.                                                                        4.

2.3 Main cost classifications and pricing policy                                        5 - 6.

2.4 Customer satisfaction                                                                7.

3. Conclusion                                                                                7.


4. References                                                                                8.


In a recently held HADIKA plc. the well known motor car manufacturer, meeting, managers were discussing a current condition of a company. As the company is currently facing a decrease in market share, because of the competition and global financial turmoil, a few decisions were made:

  1. improvement of motor cars quality;
  2. improvement of customer service;
  3. price reduction.

In the first part of the report I am going to explain a few concepts of Managerial Accounting, such as: differences and similarities between management accounting and financial accounting, the main three functions of management accountant within the company, main cost classifications.

In the second part of the report I will explain factors and approaches, which could help HADIKA plc. To increase its market share and satisfy customers.


2.1 Differences and similarities between management accounting and financial accounting.

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        In this part of the report I am going to discuss what do these two types of accounting have in common and how do they differ.


  • Both management accounting and financial accounting often rely on the same financial data.
  • The objective of both types of accounting is to provide sufficient information to meet the needs of the various users at the lowest possible cost. (Garrison & Noreen & Brewer 12thed.)


  • Type of the users. Management accounting is concerned with the provision of information to people within the organization to help ...

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