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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Kraft Foods - Report on Ethical Stance

    3 star(s)

    However, when Kraft Foods were finalising the deal to take over Cadbury's many papers were publishing articles about how when the US giants take over the company it would make there Ethical rating plummet. 'Researchers at the Ethical Company Organisation said the ethical index rating of Cadbury will fall from a respectable 68 to something closer to Kraft's existing score of 44 if the takeover bid is accepted by shareholders.' Even with this huge drop in ethnicity Cadbury's refused to take the ethics into consideration with the takeover bid.

    • Word count: 2612
  2. Defining and examining management questions

    I think what a good management is the company chooses a management theory that is suit for itself and help its directors run the business well enough. 2) Describe the characteristics of management. To be different from the leadership, managers have subordinates who follow their superiors is compulsory due to the definition of management (Carron, 2012). In the first place, the characteristic of management is authoritarian and transactional style. Managers are provided with authority of a position in a company, and their subordinates work for them and do as what they are ordered.

    • Word count: 1007
  3. Analysis of my leadership. Awareness and Assessment: My Leader Self-Insights. Integrated summary of 5 (or more) Leader Self Insights-explanation/application

    doing as much less task as possible, because the more tasks I have got the more it gets complicated for me as I can`t do more than one tasks at a time. That is why I focus less on tasks which are task orientated. Communication Apprehension: (9.3) I am more of apprehensive about communication than the average person, as I do not know how to communicate with my tutors in my class very well and I always have problem communicating with my tutors in my class as most of the time they don`t understand what I am saying to them,

    • Word count: 5975
  4. Strategic Audit of Starbucks

    Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It's really about human connection. Our Stores-When our customers feel this sense of belonging, our stores become a haven, a break from the worries outside, a place where you can meet with friends. It's about enjoyment at the speed of life - sometimes slow and savored, sometimes faster. Always full of humanity. Our Neighborhood-Every store is part of a community, and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously.

    • Word count: 7782
  5. Compare the uses of both variable and activity based costing as managerial decision making tools in business providing both examples and applications. Be specific on how service products must have good cost measures to access both profit accuracy and proc

    Managers can apply TOC to make improvement for both variable and activity based costing approaches. In terms of cost measurement, profit accuracy, pricing decisions, products' variable costs are based on volumes that are relevant. In addition, flexibility of managers makes pricing and other critical decisions for variable costing approach. In contrast, for ABC approach, costs assigned to products, customers and other cost objects are only potentially relevant. Fully allocates all costs (including costs of idle capacity and organization-sustaining costs) to products, customers and other cost objects.

    • Word count: 1430
  6. Review and solve the Texas Instruments: Cost of Quality Case

    They did not counted cost of quality numbers eight months ago and they concentrated on other measures of quality. ISD's business was operated a large segment through overseas offices. The cost of quality system for ISD was designed for all offices in over the world. Therefore, managers conducted the directions differently and inconsistent measures occurred. They did not believe the numbers and they tried to reinforce their defensive attitude. Solution ISD could not retain cost of quality (COQ) system. The standardization of the measurement of COQ was different among different cost managers.

    • Word count: 811

    Tata Steel's products are targeted at the quality conscious auto sector and the burgeoning construction industry. With wire manufacturing facilities in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, the Company plans to emerge as a major global player in the wire business. Tata Steel certainly has one thing going for it as it tries to play in the global steel industry big leagues-that is, the financial firepower of the entire Tata Group. It's one of India's biggest and most powerful diversified conglomerates with interests in everything from IT outsourcing to auto manufacturing and some $36 billion in assets Key Strengths * Current

    • Word count: 6120
  8. Strategic Program Management Case Study.

    And what better way of doing that than by strategically planning for the future and seeing what's needed to keep the company going into the right direction. We will continue to look how we will develop a business case for the proposed program management plan, and also propose resources Friar Tucker will need to successfully implement your program management plan. Then we will sum up all our findings to implement the plan that we gathered from our findings in which will be entered in that will help Friar Tucker as a company to employ a more systematic approach.

    • Word count: 2570
  9. Remington Peckinpaw Davis Project Management Case Study

    Let's look at Remington Peckinpaw Davis this company know as Wall Street King and a force to be reckoned with has developed a strategic plan to implement and develop the company's entry into the on-line trading. We will look another Project Management Plan that we will look at closely. Of course in this plan we will see how a project is done from the team's standpoint and will see from behind the scenes as to what really happens with a Project Management Plan.

    • Word count: 2321
  10. Riordan Generic Benchmarking Case Study.

    BP is headquartered in London, UK and employs about 80,300 people (DataMonitor, 2010, p. 4). Companies go through numerous process development changes to achieve high performance and profitability. Riordan faces increased employees' turnovers because of increased dissatisfaction and low morale. Unlike Riordan, BP Amoco had to dismiss thousands of its employees from the firm. Like Riordan PB company underwent huge layoff. This came as a result of the merger of British Petroleum and Amoco Corp. British Petroleum Co. plc acquired Amoco Corp.

    • Word count: 2945
  11. Analysis of the Boston Consulting group Matrix

    As a result, the BCG matrix has four cells and the horizontal axis represents the relative market share with the vertical axis indicating the market growth rate meanwhile the mid-point of the relative market share is set at 1.0 (Warren, 2008:344-345). Thus, if all the SBU's are in the same industry, the average growth rate of the industry is used and if all SBU's are located in different industries the mid-point will be set at the growth rate for the economy (Warren, 2008:3344-345).

    • Word count: 1918
  12. The Balanced Scorecard. According to Kaplan and Norton (1996:75) building a scorecard can help managers link todays actions with tomorrows goals.

    With the balanced scorecard at the center of a company's management system, a company can monitor short-term results from the three additional perspectives (customers, internal business processes, learning and growth) and evaluate strategy in the light of recent performance. The Balanced scorecard therefore enables companies to modify strategies to reflect real time learning (Kaplan and Norton, 1996:77). Four Perspectives of the Balance Scorecard As mentioned earlier the scorecard presents managers with four different perspectives from which to choose measures. It complements traditional financial indicators with measures of performance for customers, internal processes, and innovation and improvement activities.

    • Word count: 2479
  13. Article analysis Burnes, Bernard. "Managing change and changing managers from ABC to XYZ." The Journal of Management Development. 22. no. 7 (2003): 627.

    Article Burnes, Bernard. "Managing change and changing managers from ABC to XYZ." The Journal of Management Development. 22. no. 7 (2003): 627. Theme Organisational Change and Management Development Article Aim & Article Summary The article presents an argument that in an age where good leaders are at a premium, and where continuous changes appears to be the order of the day, organisations need for alignment organisational change and management development so as to maintain and increase their competitiveness. This article is split into 2 main components. It is led by the discussion on organisation change projects fails which the author largely attributes it to the absence of good leadership.

    • Word count: 1288
  14. External Environment Analysis of ANZ Banking Group New Zealand Ltd

    * Wellington recorded the largest drop falling 13 points to a national low of 100.9. * Post earthquake Christchurch picking up confidence with an index higher than that in July 2010 of 117.4 Socio-Cultural: * New Zealand and its population are unquestionably environmentally conscious. Clean and green is certainly bedrock to the brand of New Zealand. * The country has countless 100% Pure New Zealand tourism campaigns. * The Government recognizes the threat and importance of climate change while encouraging the use of sustainable resources. * Parliament has passed carbon emission tax to reduce pollutants into the climate while also keeping in line with the Kyoto Protocol.

    • Word count: 2212
  15. China's Automobile Industry. The rapid growth of the automobile market in China has attracted more multinational firms to enter.

    Furthermore, the Chinese government has shaped their policy to improve their economy through growth of automobile and infrastructure industry. The rapid growth of the automobile market in China has attracted more multinational firms to enter. The Chinese government realized the lack of their vehicles and their need to modernize the industry, however they should also protect the local firms. As a result, multinational automakers must set up joint ventures or licensing deals with local firm in order to build their final assembly operations in China. It is a large project with high commitment, level of control, and need a lot of resources, and potentially create high benefits, licensing seemed to not fit the picture but rather joint venture.

    • Word count: 777
  16. Reducing world's energy demand : Positive aftereffects and future implications. Term paper in Environmental Economics and Energy Finance

    In China the life expectancy is now declining again due to air and water pollution (Borland et al., 2011). And moreover "less dependence upon fossil fuels would help ameliorate this major source of global conflict and instability that seems to be undermining the peace and understanding necessary for sustainable societies (Daniels, 2005). One first step towards achieving the goal for sustainability for the coming generations would be reducing the energy demand throughout the world. This can be achieved by endorsing, supporting and fostering renewable energy supply.

    • Word count: 6231
  17. Ethical issues in an intercultural context: Environmentalism and international companies

    Chiquita, www.chiquita.com, accessed 24 March 2004 CSR [is] the proposition that companies are responsible not only for maximizing profits, but also for recognizing the needs of such stakeholders as employees, customers, demographic groups and even the regions they serve. PricewaterhouseCoopers, www.pwcglobal.com, accessed 24 March 2004 CSR requires companies to acknowledge that they should be publicly accountable not only for their financial performance but also for their social and environmental record. Confederation of British Industry, 2001 [CSR is] a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

    • Word count: 7840
  18. Gunns Australia Business Report

    Post-GFC, the Japanese market in particular was showing signs of recovery, an important revelation due to the position of Japan as the largest export market for Gunns, accounting for 60% of volume of export sales (Gunns Limited 2011a). However, the March occurrence of a large-scale earthquake in Japan offset this positive development. The operations of two large Japanese customers were adversely affected, decreasing the potential for export revenue for Gunns (Denslow, Longid and Sam Cho 2011, Gunns Limited 2011a, RISI 2011).

    • Word count: 4688
  19. Management Theory or Style Adopted By Manchester United Football Club

    Theory X, which Mullins (2007 p.444) believes is a "control" and "authority" form of direction. The Michael Grant extract can be associated with Theory X which supports the idea that "Most people must be coerced, controlled, directed and threatened with punishments if the organisation is to achieve its objectives". (Mullins 2007 p.444) This is similar to Likert's (1961 cited in Mullins 2007 p451) System 1; Exploitive authoritative management system which says "Decisions are imposed on staff and motivation is based on threats." (Mullins 2007 p451) This can be seen as there is a threat for the players/employees of the team to lose their place in the squad or job if they don't perform as suggested by the Michael Grant statement.

    • Word count: 1882
  20. Strategic Management Case study: GENERAL ELECTRIC- ROMANIAN BRANCH

    These are separate businesses and separate entities that rarely communicate with each other, but they have the same mother company, which is situated in Nevada, USA. With more than 2000 employees in Romania, GE's businesses here have seen accelerated growth in recent years. GE continually invests in its businesses and in innovative technology that can meet the needs of its customers and society, particularly in the energy, water, healthcare, industrial, real estate and financial services' sectors. The Romanian infrastructure businesses are helping build the energy, health, transportation, and technology infrastructure of the new century.

    • Word count: 3994
  21. CSR case study - Honda Vietnam.

    With the wish of "Becoming a Company that the society wants to exist", Honda Vietnam keeps delivering Vietnamese customers with high-quality and reasonable-price products and actively taking part in social activities. Honda Vietnam has been recognized as a good corporate citizen for its outstanding efforts. The following chapters shall discuss on Honda Vietnam performance in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. II. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AUDIT 1. CSR OBJECTIVES STRIVING TO BE A COMPANY SOCIETY WANTS TO EXIST BY CONTINUING CREATE TECHNOLOGIES AND PRODUCTS WITH NEW VALUES (Takanobu Ito - Honda President & CEO)

    • Word count: 4615
  22. Legrand Company Analysis. Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

    and MDS (India) - Launch of LEXIC, a range of protection products for the European market. * 1997 Acquisition of the Emergency Lighting and Alarm Systems Division of Saft (France, Spain, Australia). * 1998 Acquisition of Ortronics (United States), specialist in prewiring for data, telephone and video networks. * 1999 Ceb (Italy) and Anam (South Koread) join the Group. European launch of new ranges of wiring accessories conforming to German standards in Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Hungary and Austria. * 2000 Acquisition of Quintela and Tegui in Spain, and The Wiremold Company and Horton Controls in the United States.

    • Word count: 4765
  23. Vodafone: Strategic and Operational Performance Assessment

    PROCESS MANAGEMENT Vodafone is a British multinational mobile network operator headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is known as the world's largest mobile telecommunication network company, based on revenue, and has a market value of about �71.2 billion (November 2009), currently operating in 31 countries and developing partnerships in a further 40 countries. The name Vodafone comes from "voice data fone", chosen by the company to "reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones". As of 2009[update], Vodafone has an estimated 303 million customers in 31 markets across 5 continents, being the second largest mobile telecom group in the world behind China Mobile.

    • Word count: 3435
  24. Organisational culture and leadership. Some key concepts such as culture, structure, leadership styles, management theories, and employees behaviour are the key concepts which will be described

    The most common organisational structures are: flat, tall, matrix and virtual. Flat: less organisational layers, less employees' supervision, decentralised decision-making, higher interaction amongst employees, empowerment, and wider span of control are a few characteristics of this type of structure which is usually used by smaller companies (i.e. Babbo Group, London). Tall: many levels of hierarchy, narrow span of control, long lines of communications, centralised decision-making, strict departmentalisation and specific job roles, higher control over employees, and unresponsive to change are a few of its characteristics. This structure is usually used by larger, older companies (i.e.

    • Word count: 2454
  25. It is only necessary for a good man to do nothing for evil to triumph [Edmund Burke 18thc English political philosopher]. Discuss this statement in term of global corporate governance.

    "Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin"-Aesop Some people may think that little white lies are normal in our daily life. It can take place anywhere, anytime and it is acceptable. But the latest Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth may change their mindset. The report indicates an increase in lying, cheating and stealing among youth since 2006, when it was first published. According to that report, 42 % of those surveyed said they recently lied for financial gain, 64% of the sample said they cheated on a test during the past year.

    • Word count: 2861

"If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just."

-Anita Roddick

Business and administrative studies is an incredibly broad discipline; from management studies and HR to economics and finance, a great many careers will findthemselves beneath its generous umbrella. So if you're ambitious and career focused, one of the field's many specialties could be a good choice for your university degree.

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  • "Discuss what you consider to be the most important qualities of a modern organisational leader and to what extent you agree with the assertation that effective leadership is now critical to organisational success.

    "In conclusion there are certain qualities and skills both personal and non-personal which leaders must possess in order to be a leader.. They are usually learned and along with the knowledge of knowing when and where to use them. Different leaders will have different styles depending on the organisation they operate in, the task or company objective and types of followers they enlist. History has shown us undeniable proof of what can result from good and bad leadership. Keith Grint sums up a leader as someone who " causes others to act " . With regards to the positive effects of good leadership this is encapsulated in a statement from Daniel Dafoe when he says that " An army of lions led by a sheep is no match for an army of sheep led by a Lion ! " ( Grint, 1995 )"

  • "Information technology vitally assists in overcoming barriers to entry to competition in most industries." Critically discuss this statement stating whether you agree or disagree.

    "Conclusion Although a firm can enter in the market quickly with the help of IT, but it will not sustain in the market without 'right' model or competitive strategy. If a firm is not armed with right competitive strategy to counter the threats of five forces , then "IT doesn't matter" (Carr 2003)."

  • "The business of family business in Asia is the family." Discuss

    "In conclusion, this essay has examined the case that CFBs main concern is the family and not of business prosperity and profits. This was evident as CFBs have many structures and methods of doing business that did not lend itself to maximising the success of the business. However, CFBs dominate the corporate world of Asia and so a paradox was created in how a business model that did not place success or profits as its main concern or motive has managed to become so successful and dominate the Asian markets. This was examined and argued that focusing on the family and traditional Confucius values led to extremely successful businesses. The family was a tool for business success and therefore CFBs did not place family above profit but used it as a mechanism for profit gains and therefore they went hand-in-hand. However, the essay concludes that in today's modern, global market, CFBs that wish to stay competitive and enter the increasingly Westernised and standardised business practices must move away from the CFB model. This is apparent and so concluding that CFBs do not place family above profit as when it comes down to it, CFBs are gradually converging to western practices for the reason of business success and profits."

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