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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Kraft Foods - Report on Ethical Stance

    3 star(s)

    However, when Kraft Foods were finalising the deal to take over Cadbury's many papers were publishing articles about how when the US giants take over the company it would make there Ethical rating plummet. 'Researchers at the Ethical Company Organisation said the ethical index rating of Cadbury will fall from a respectable 68 to something closer to Kraft's existing score of 44 if the takeover bid is accepted by shareholders.' Even with this huge drop in ethnicity Cadbury's refused to take the ethics into consideration with the takeover bid.

    • Word count: 2612
  2. Discuss the theoretical bases for the New Public Management (NPM) model and evaluate whether it is better than the traditional public administration model to manage the public sector. Support your position with real-life examples.

    Instead of being motivated by the public interest, bureaucrats are like anybody else who are assumed to be motivated by their own interest. As a result, bureaucratic failure exists as bureaucrats are regarded as to maximize their own utility at the cost of their agency; maximizing their own welfare and neglect the public interest. In general, the best outcome would be a maximum role for market forces and a minimal role for government. In economic view, if the role of government in goods and services supplying could be reduced and run by the natural market, the economy would benefit.

    • Word count: 2050
  3. Analysis of the Australian wine industry. This report is about contextual analysis of the Australian competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the wine industry.

    Being a large continent with various land and climate, Australia is one of a few who can produce almost all kinds of grapes and process them into wine under one country. 3. Part 1 : Contextual Analysis 3.1 Porter's National Diamond: Below are the reports for country specific analysis using Porter's National Diamond. 3.1.1 Factor Conditions: Australia's vineyards are mostly focus on southern part of the continent such as South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia, where climates are more suitable for planting grapes compare to the tropical climate on the north.

    • Word count: 2910
  4. Choose any Indian company that has adopted or is planning to adopt sustainable business practices. Evaluate the challenges that can arise in the process & suggest strategies that a practicing manager should implement to overcome the identified challenges.

    The companies should incorporate sustainable business practices with their regular activities. Sustainable development contributes to shareholder value in a variety of ways-not only through tangible contribution such as risk reduction and profitability improvement, but also through intangible asset creation such as brand equity, human capital, etc. Operating Corporate by pursuing the sustainable development path strengthens an organization's intangible assets in a number of ways that in turn leads to tangible shareholder value creation. A growing number of companies believe that sustainability issues will have an increasingly important bearing on the way in which economic activities are organized and run in the future.

    • Word count: 2705
  5. I will discuss two theoretical perspectives, modernist and postmodernist theories of power, control and resistance in organisations,

    I will discuss two theoretical perspectives, modernist and postmodernist theories of power, control and resistance in organisations, and I will present each perspective's understanding of power, control and resistance in organisations and how those contribute to different ideas about organisational structure and organisational culture. Modern perspective Organisations use multiple perspectives, because different perspectives can make organisations in different theorizing ways. Modern perspective can be defined by Hatch and Cunliffe (2006, P.15), they wrote 'to take a modernist perspective, you must commit to limiting what you count as knowledge to what you can know through your fives senses'.

    • Word count: 2244
  6. Why the Triple Bottom Line should be viewed as a new goal for businesses

    In order to better explain the triple bottom line, a firm emphasis on every aspect it covers must be done. Elkington (2004) mentioned that the development of the 3P formulation was closely related to sustainability and the triple bottom line. The three P's which is associated to TBL as mentioned earlier stand for People, Planet and Profit. The default nature of this principle is extremely useful and practical for any businesses that intend to be more environmental friendly yet maintain its financial status.

    • Word count: 2592
  7. TQM and Continuous Improvement render BPR unneccessary

    As Oakland explained in his book, total quality management (TQM) is considered an approach to further improve an organization in terms of effectiveness and flexibility by reorganizing and involving the whole organization at any and every level to cooperate with one another and move as a collective unit for it to be truly effective (Oakland, 2003). TQM first came to light when a group of authors such as Deming (1982, 1986) highlighted the application of statistical techniques for quality control and also suggested fourteen principles which he believed will further improve quality in organizations.

    • Word count: 2215
  8. The paper will introduce and define the principles of New Public Management (NPM), outline the aim of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and show the relationship between these principles and current working practices within the MOD. By doing this it will bec

    Blair clarified this further, saying 'A clear focus on outcomes allows us to give freedoms back to public service workers - if a service can be accountable for what it achieves, we need worry far less about how it achieves it. Accountability for outcomes allows us to give freedom over means.' (Blair, 2002). Quite simply, it is about getting things done better. Although focuses on outcomes are not NPM in its entirety, they are a key factor and have required a cultural change in order to introduce them; the old culture being aptly summarised by Derek Lewis: 'The top priority was a change in attitude towards performance.

    • Word count: 2539
  9. SPC case study. The Company decided to implement Total Quality Management tools to identify the problems associated with the quality of goods. One of these tools is Statistical Process Control.

    Attribute Data............................................................................10 Setting control limits for c-chart...............................................................10 Solution Control limits for c-chart...................................................................10 c-chart.........................................................................................11 Is the process in our control or not?.............................................................................12-13 DISCUSSION & RECOMMENDATION APPENDIXES Appendix 1...........................................................................................17 Appendix 2...........................................................................................18 Appendix 3...........................................................................................19 INTRODUCTION & PROBLEM DESCRIPTION In the recent weeks, we have received high number of customer returns. The problem is associated with the size, and the surface quality of the steel roots in the hydraulic products, which have caused them to leak. The resolution of this issue is extremely important for a whole of the organisation, due to high competition from Chinese and India manufactures.

    • Word count: 2452
  10. An Ethical Corporate Culture Will Guarantee Ethical Behavior Within A Business. Discuss

    John Dewey- the famous educational reformer- describes the purpose of business ethics as "to detect the element of obligation in conduct, to examine conduct to see what gives its worth". A more specific definition of ethics in business would be, "ethics is the branch of philosophy which investigates that which is good, bad, wrong, morally approved or disapproved within groups or cultures" (Seigel 2000, p. 39). Ethics should not only prevail in the internal life of the organization but exist in its relations with different other organizations, trade unions, professional organizations, NGOs and consumer organizations.

    • Word count: 2197
  11. This report analyzes the strategic plan already developed for National Environment Agency (NEA) to guide the organization towards continued growth in meeting its vision and mission.

    Furthermore, an organization should carefully develop and then maintain its positioning for meeting the clearly identified target market needs (Grant, 2007). General Environment Analysis Environment scanning is the attainment and usage of information about episodes, trends, and associations in the external environment of an organization, as it provides necessary information for assisting management in planning future of an organization's course of action. Strategies of an organization refer to model of organizational deeds in relation to external environment. Peculiarity of management comprises manager's operational specialization, hierarchical degree and cognitive manner.

    • Word count: 2224
  12. Project Management. The project will construct a new tunnel (length: 1,885m, width: 7.3m) and an approach road (length: 28.17km, width: 7.3m) as an alternative route to the Kohat pass, situated between Peshawar and Kohat in the remote northwest area of Pa

    Khan, the main cities of the region, and attain to Karachi, was fetch into operation. Sheer land (maximum ascent of 8%) and sharp curves (minimum radius of 12m) persist for 9.2km on the recent road around the Kohat pass. In accumulation, large vehicles must make a long bypass since the road is too tapered (6m) to travel. Vehicles that are able to take the route must travel at slow speed, and there is also protection matter because there are not sufficient guardrails in place on the road that runs along steep cliffs.

    • Word count: 2539
  13. Problems in outsourcing. I have chosen Accenture, the worlds largest business consulting organization which will outsource the projects to different countries based upon the requirement. Being a consulting company, my company, Clear Tech business

    This theory aimed at the development of the managerial patterns in an organization based upon the different cultural environments. I have chosen Accenture, the world's largest business consulting organization which will outsource the projects to different countries based upon the requirement. Being a consulting company, my company, Clear Tech business consultants designed a model to implement in Accenture regarding the problems in the multi cultured environment. 2. Terms of Reference My company, Clear Tech business consultants, is the famous business consulting firm in the region of United Kingdom and was serving Accenture UK Plc for past many years.

    • Word count: 2540
  14. Managing Cultural Differences. The different theories developed by people like Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner have defined some standards which will reduce the cultural variations in the management styles. These theories are discussed in this document to

    These theories are discussed in this document to give a brief understanding of the management in different cultural environments. I have selected IBM as the client to implement the management theory. SWOT analysis will give a overall picture of the company and how the recommendations can be drawn from the SWOT analysis. 2. Terms of reference I'm a business consultant in Ceridian human resources, a multi-national human resources development company and want to develop a model for my client, IBM, a software giant which is having the operations across the globe and is operating amidst different cultures.

    • Word count: 2527
  15. Problems in Joint Ventures. The client, Arcellor-Mittal wants to start a joint venture with an international firm Bharti Steels of India. As a business consultant, I have to show the possible ways of overcoming the cultural constraints in the deal.

    The PESTAL analysis is used to find out the strengths and the weaknesses that describe the company's nature. Upon the inputs from the cultural theory and the PESTAL analysis, the outputs and the recommendations are drawn so as to provide better solutions to overcome the problems of the company. The client, Arcellor-Mittal wants to start a joint venture with an international firm Bharti Steels of India. As a business consultant, I have to show the possible ways of overcoming the cultural constraints in the deal.

    • Word count: 2484
  16. The aim of this report is to provide a communications strategy which articulates the Workplace Conflict Resolution Policy (WCRP) for Noble Industries Pty Ltd (NI)

    NI currently has 55 full time employees and 359 part time employees and associates and 1547 sub-contractors. The following demographics are pertinent to the report: + Recently formed company as of 2009; + 85% of NI employees have an military, security, intelligence or law enforcement background; + gender balance of 75% male to 25% female; + a broad range of religious, cultural and political backgrounds and affiliation including a large subcontracting base sourced from overseas; + excellent internal doctrine and policies on operational and administrative mission related practise but limited internal human resource related policies.

    • Word count: 2221
  17. Strategic Management: The Case of eBay

    How eBay operates despite the fierce competitive nature of online auctioning business will also be addressed. 2.0 Company Background Founded on 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, eBay was considered a pioneer in theonline auction industry whereby people are brought together on a local, national and international basis to serve the purpose of creating a person-to-person community where ever individual could have an equal access through the same medium which is the Internet. eBay offers wide varieties of products and services for bargain hunters, hobbyists and collectors and sellers, changing the way people engage in trading hence eBay had changed the face of e-commerce from its inception.

    • Word count: 2358
  18. HP Case Study - Deskjet Printer Supply Chain.

    The Supply Chain The network of suppliers, manufacturing sites, distribution centres (DCs) dealers and customers for the DeskJet product comprised the supply chain. Manufacturing which involved two stages- Printed Circuit Assembly (PCAT) and Final Assembly and test (FAT) was done at HP in Vancouver. The components needed for the manufacturing process was sourced from other HP divisions as well as from external suppliers. Currently localisation of the printer which meant customising to the specific region was done at the factory.

    • Word count: 2061
  19. Comparative Nonprofit Sector Essay: Pakistan and Turkey. Pakistan and Turkey, as two developing, muslim oriented, trying to adapt and implement democracy have very different structure and history of the CSOs.

    Different beliefs created different ways for manifesting themselves with philanthropic institutions activities, since every religion promotes care for poor and sick and education. Hindu concepts were daana(giving) and seva (service) and those were provided in asharams. Stupas of Buddhists, Sikh gurdwaras were also religious institutions to satisfy the obligation of these beliefs. After 8th century till the colonial period, Islamic rule was on the stage in the region. Islamic practices of zakat (offering to the poor) and Khariat(charity) and haqooq-ul-bad (human rights) laid the foundation for voluntary activities. Followers of a mystic branch of Islam, the Sufis, established khanqahs (monasteries)

    • Word count: 2731
  20. Shouldice Hospital Case Solution. Problem Definition To increase the capacity of the hospital to cater to the ever increasing backlog of operations and at the same time maintain the quality of service delivered.

    and ends by 4:00 P.M. Each surgeon typically performs 3 to 4 operations each day. Training of a new surgeon in the Shouldice technique is important because the procedure cannot be varied. There is time-based rotation of teams and frequent consultations among doctors. A patient at Shouldice requires minimal post-operative care. Patients are encouraged to move about and carry on their day-to-day activities with minimal physical assistance. This allows Shouldice to operate with a much lower nurse-to-patient ratio than a typical hospital. Employees at the Shouldice have very competitive pay scales. The remuneration has both fixed and bonus components.

    • Word count: 2464
  21. The impact of the Japanese earthquake on supply chains.

    Figure 1.1 An illustration of a company's supply chain Source: Chen, IJ & Paulraj, A. (2004), Towards a theory of supply chain management: the constructs and measurements. Journal of Operations Management, 22/2: 119-150. 1.2 Supply Chain Management strategies There are number of SCM strategies, however, the major two strategies are lean strategy and agile strategy. The objective of a lean strategy is to do every operation less of each resource. Besides, it organises the efficient flow of materials to eliminate waste, give the shortest lead time, minimum stocks and total cost. (Chopra & Meindl, 2007)

    • Word count: 2266
  22. Apple is among Americas most admired companies today but this has not always been the case. Using module theory and case evidence, critically evaluate Apples strategies since 1990. Explain why Apple has been through difficult times and wh

    However Apple was able to turn the crisis of 1990's into a successful profitable venture after the brilliant leadership of Steve Jobs who was back in the company and revised the structure (Ed, 1996). The Outside-in Approach to strategy An analysis of the external environment gives an insight of the market situation of Apple and would help in the Outside-in approach to strategy. This strategy responds to changing market trends and consumer tastes based on the systematic analysis of the competitive environment (De Wit and Meyer).

    • Word count: 2145
  23. Classify and analyze THREE major issues which restraint the development of small businesses in South Africa, with respect to Dafts three organizational environment schemes, which are the general, task, and internal environment (Samson and Daft 200

    The main language of the populace is native Afrikaans, English is commonly used in public and commercial life but it is not listed as one of the primary language used (South Africa: fast facts, 2011). Generally, present day's South Africa is a developing country supplying various natural resources including minerals and mining throughout the world. However, the country is still enshrouded in problems of high unemployment rate and poverty, with 25% of the populace being unemployed (Bureau of African Affairs, 2010).

    • Word count: 2474
  24. Strategic Analysis of Travelodge.

    Travelodge achieves internal quality by: Providing employees with an in house four weeks "Sleep Tight" training program in line with its "Sleep Manifesto", covering sleep issues, noise policies and time-delivery reorganisation (www.2travlelodge.co.uk) Offering competitive salaries, benefits and development opportunities to its staff - fast track management program - (www.2travelodge.co.uk) Creating "Loco Awards", prize that rewards employee's suggestions about operational effectiveness improvement (www.2travelodge.co.uk) On the other hand, Travelodge facilities and services include standard rooms with king size beds, WiFi, tea/coffee making facilities, rooms for disables - subject to availability-, drinks and snacks vending machines, bar cafe with breakfast and evening meals such burgers and pizzas, drinks, and in few occasions meeting facilities.

    • Word count: 2644
  25. Must women adopt male characteristics in order to succeed?

    However society's measurement of achievements is money, power, and financial independence (Gideon, 2006). For this reason, this essay will focus on career success for women, and it will crucially examine whether they must adopt male characteristics in order to meet society's perception of ''success''. What is the reality for women in the workforce? Findings have shown that in any given occupation, the higher the rank, the lower the proportion of women within that role (White and Cooper, 1997). Women serving on FTSE 100 company boards represent only 12.5% (Cranfield University School of Management, 2010).

    • Word count: 2918

"If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just."

-Anita Roddick

Business and administrative studies is an incredibly broad discipline; from management studies and HR to economics and finance, a great many careers will findthemselves beneath its generous umbrella. So if you're ambitious and career focused, one of the field's many specialties could be a good choice for your university degree.

Students of these subjects should be confident communicators, and persuasive writers. If your writing needs any help, don't hesitate to tap into the riches of Marked by Teachers' collection of business and administrative studies essays. These teacher-marked essays will lead by example, teaching you to whip your own essays into shape in no time.

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  • "Discuss what you consider to be the most important qualities of a modern organisational leader and to what extent you agree with the assertation that effective leadership is now critical to organisational success.

    "In conclusion there are certain qualities and skills both personal and non-personal which leaders must possess in order to be a leader.. They are usually learned and along with the knowledge of knowing when and where to use them. Different leaders will have different styles depending on the organisation they operate in, the task or company objective and types of followers they enlist. History has shown us undeniable proof of what can result from good and bad leadership. Keith Grint sums up a leader as someone who " causes others to act " . With regards to the positive effects of good leadership this is encapsulated in a statement from Daniel Dafoe when he says that " An army of lions led by a sheep is no match for an army of sheep led by a Lion ! " ( Grint, 1995 )"

  • "Information technology vitally assists in overcoming barriers to entry to competition in most industries." Critically discuss this statement stating whether you agree or disagree.

    "Conclusion Although a firm can enter in the market quickly with the help of IT, but it will not sustain in the market without 'right' model or competitive strategy. If a firm is not armed with right competitive strategy to counter the threats of five forces , then "IT doesn't matter" (Carr 2003)."

  • "The business of family business in Asia is the family." Discuss

    "In conclusion, this essay has examined the case that CFBs main concern is the family and not of business prosperity and profits. This was evident as CFBs have many structures and methods of doing business that did not lend itself to maximising the success of the business. However, CFBs dominate the corporate world of Asia and so a paradox was created in how a business model that did not place success or profits as its main concern or motive has managed to become so successful and dominate the Asian markets. This was examined and argued that focusing on the family and traditional Confucius values led to extremely successful businesses. The family was a tool for business success and therefore CFBs did not place family above profit but used it as a mechanism for profit gains and therefore they went hand-in-hand. However, the essay concludes that in today's modern, global market, CFBs that wish to stay competitive and enter the increasingly Westernised and standardised business practices must move away from the CFB model. This is apparent and so concluding that CFBs do not place family above profit as when it comes down to it, CFBs are gradually converging to western practices for the reason of business success and profits."

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