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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. General Management - organisation, leadership and theories.

    Upward communication. 222 4.4.9. Horizontal communication. 223 Home work I 226 Home work II 227 Bibliography 233 1. Introduction to management 1.2. The definition of management. Management mines the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources. The definition of management What do managers like Lee Iacocca. General Creech, and Kelly Johnson have in common? They get things done through their organizations. One early management scholar, Mary Parker Follett, described management as "the art of getting things done through people." Peter Drucker, a noted management theorist, says that managers give direction to their organizations, provide leadership, and decide how to use organizational resources to accomplish goals.

    • Word count: 58107
  2. Tesco's Information Systems

    Assignment Agenda * Identify information needs within different functional areas of an organisation * Compare a range of information systems * Examine the tools available to organisations for information processing * Evaluate the information systems within an organisation. Introduction to Tesco Tesco PLC is a global grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. Tesco is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues (after Wal-Mart and Carrefour) and the second-largest measured by profits after Wal-Mart. Tesco has stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America and is the grocery market leader in the UK (where it has a market share of above 30%).

    • Word count: 7021
  3. Should the U.S. Government support purchasing of electric cars

    However, manufacturing electric cars can be profitable. Historically, people have been making money out of electric vehicle for over 110 years [2], although there have also been bankruptcies in the electric vehicle business in most of those years, just like other high-technical industries at their era. As the supply of electric vehicles increases, mass production would make the cost much lower. According to Nissan, the first versions of the electric compact car LEAF won't make money, but the car will be profitable when the company begins mass-producing the battery units in 2013.

    • Word count: 1998
  4. Global Wine War Case Study - New World v. Old World Wine Producers.

    Since then, as one part of the strategic management, resource-based view of strategy came into this world and got so many studies from different aspects. In fact, one company is composed of different types of resources, such as the unique company culture and human resource, the famous brand and the fixed assets, the cash flow and other kinds of capitals. Just the combination of these different resources makes the company get the special profitability, so what is resource? According to Daft's description, companies' resources include all assets, capabilities, organizational processes, company attributes, company's business information and all the other things that is owned and controlled by the company (Daft, 1983).

    • Word count: 1689
  5. Metabical Co. Pricing policy Case Study. In order to profitably satisfy customer needs, the firm must first understand its internal and external situation. A useful framework for performing situation analysis is the 5Cs analysis. That is an environmental

    remedies to various diet and exercise plans. Various entities in the weight loss had faced safety concerns and some even have been accused for deceptive marketing claims that dampened enthusiasm for the products in this market. Listed below a quick review of the market main categories: 1. OTC Herbal remedies (No FDA approval needed) - Since Herbal remedies do not require stringent FDA approval, the complication derived from their use might only be revealed after the product is widely used. Moreover, in many cases those treatments are unsubstantiated.

    • Word count: 4531
  6. International operations management strategy of ArcelorMittal

    Strategy refers to a direction for an organization designed to give competitive advantage. An operations strategy is a long range plan or vision for the operations function which is a part of the business strategy. It consists of four interrelated elements: mission, objectives, policies and distinctive competence. Booz Allen and Hamilton (1982) use the concept of the manufacturing mission as the way a product should be sourced, manufactured and distributed. The mission must also specify the levels of process flexibility, product mix, customer service, product quality, product cost, productivity and other manufacturing requirements.

    • Word count: 2504
  7. How important is the national culture of the participants, compared to other factors, in affecting the success or failure of a merger or acquisition?

    believed that when the merger with US-based Previsor was completed in January 2011, the focus should be on achieving the target cost and revenue synergies of the combined businesses. The company expected that business will be one of the largest and most profitable in the human capital market. Over the past few decades, the positive combination effects of Mergers and Acquisitions are only measured by conventional financial indices which appeared on the balance sheets. There is a series of empirical studies to examine the financial success of M&A activity using criteria such as earnings performance measured as the return on total assets and fluctuations in share prices.

    • Word count: 2952
  8. What is CSR? To what extent is there a business case for CSR?

    Then, it will analyze how the different expectations of CSR among stakeholders of a company affect its CSR strategy. Finally it will discuss the measurement of CSR activities. CSR studies have become a trend for global companies. In its "Attaining sustainable growth through corporate social responsibility" survey, IBM surveyed more than 250 business executives worldwide. Many of them believe CSR can bring competitive differentiation, permission to enter new markets, and favorable positioning in the talent wars. The survey shows that 68% of the business leaders are now utilizing CSR as an opportunity for new revenue streams. In addition, 54% believe that their CSR activities are already giving them a competitive advantage over their top competitors.

    • Word count: 2273
  9. In this assignment, my focus will be on Malaysian low-cost airline company - AirAsia Berhad (AirAsia). First of all, I will explain about operations management and operations strategy. Then, in literature review part I will describe some OM decision area

    OM is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services (Chase et al., 2006). Basically, every organization makes a product. It can be goods, such as cars or computers, or offer intangible services, such as education or insurance. At the heart of every organization is the set of operations which makes this product. Operations management considers the way in which these central operations are designed, planned, organized and controlled.

    • Word count: 6554
  10. Power to the Edge: Command and Control in the Information Age and its relevance to the 3rd Generation Republic of Singapore Air Force

    Concurrently, the complexity of military operations is increasing as strategic, operational and tactical levels merges, as operation serve a mixture of military and civil objectives. The link between military effectiveness and policy effectiveness can no longer be assumed. Effects- based operation (EBO) changes the dimensionality of effectives and explicitly connect effect in the military arena to effect in the other arenas. This sea change in the security environment comes at a time when the Information age is emerging and transforming information from an ordinary commodity into a "golden goose".

    • Word count: 2062
  11. What does the term organisational environment mean? How do you think each of the internal and external environment affect an organisation? Relate your answer to Singapore Airlines.

    Mega environment has five major elements, political, economic, sociocultural, technological, and international element (Bartol et al.2008, 45). 2.1.1 Political Element Political element refers to governmental and legal such as pollution control and business health and safety within which organisation must function (Bartol et al.2008, 44). In 2001,Singapore Airline is dealing a heavy blow to the Indian government's privatisation programme, which make Singapore Airlines has to introvert its offer for a support in Air India (Singapore Airlines drops Air India bid 2001)

    • Word count: 1390
  12. WorldCom Business Failure

    WorldCom Failure WorldCom's failure was the company inability to integrate the 11 companies they acquired in six years. Therefore, "the complete financial integration of the acquired company must be accomplished, including an accounting of assets, debts, good will and a host of other financially important factors" (Moberg & Romar, n.d.). After the failure of WorldCom, the company declares bankruptcy in 2002 and the organization combine loss was equal to $73.7 billion (figure one depict the settlements in WorldCom's security class action suits). The organizational behaviors or the "impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations" (Robbins & Judge, 2011)

    • Word count: 1058
  13. Leadership styles. Leaders tend to occupy centre stage in organisational life and many of us use leader in attempts to make sense of organisational behaviour. There is also a strong tendency to focus the blame on the leader if the organisation fails

    Therefore, the leader will get things done through trusted influence (links to motivation). An example of this can be seen in Barack Obama's fundraising team, who made constant attempts to persuade people to buy Obama towels/t-shirts/memorial pencils in order to raise funds without no personal financial gain but help Obama get victory (BBC News, 2008). Supporters of Obama didn't actually have any concrete evidence of his leadership skills yet trusted him to lead. There are many evident reasons for this in his speeches. For example, he offered hope by saying "America, we are better than these last eight years.

    • Word count: 3864
  14. Blackberry Case Analysis. The target market of blackberry, market structure, strategies of the competitor firm, and strategies Black berry has adopt to encounter competition in the market to maintain price competitiveness

    DISCUSSION Evevry business has to formulate a strategy that ensures that its profits are kept handsome and its reputation high. An organization can attain that by way of quality products, excellent advertising, low cost pricing or other methods of marketing strategies. However, the important thing is that an organization must know as to what should be targeted and their main target markets are Business People, Students and its almost available with all the phone carriers and what portion of the marketing knowledge be employed to ensure that it achieves its goals.

    • Word count: 1769
  15. Lean construction is based on concept of lean manufacturing. It is about managing and improving the construction process to profitably deliver what the customer needs,

    The primary focus is on moving closer and closer to providing a product that customers really want, by understanding the process, identifying the waste within it, and eliminating it step by step. Production and management principles: Lean is focused on value, more than on cost, and seeks to remove all non-value adding components and (especially) processes whilst improving those that add value. It aims to define value in customer terms, identifying key points in the development and production process where that value can be added or enhanced.

    • Word count: 1867
  16. Explain the organizational change implemented by the company named Ranbaxy and how effectively they managed the change and how they met with success in achieving their objectives

    The company made a sales of 1868 million dollars in the year 2010 from the global market. It was started in the year 1961 in India. The company's main mission is to become a Research-based International Pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in developed markets (Ranbaxy, 2011). Ranbaxy has given importance to innovation and development at the change management. The company was well aware that in order to gain competitive advantage in markets they should do so. Organizational Change Each organizations' structure and the culture they follows are different so the change they should undergo also vary (McNamara, 2008).

    • Word count: 4050
  17. Critical analysis of Bolman and Deals framing of Change Management Issues.

    it was identified that there was a significant limitation in being able to track revenue and expenses into a central point due to disparate business function systems in HR, Logistics, accounting, manufacturing and customer management. The disparate number of systems was leading to significant inefficiencies that were not in line with the corporate strategy of being the best in class and global leader in the electrical industry. Wanting to be a best in class global organization the greatest concern was about efficiency of the organization as identified by Spathis & Constantinides (2003).

    • Word count: 3692
  18. A Manager's Ethical Dilemma. The Sears auto scandal brought about a multitude of ethical issues, but the number one issue is that Sears over looked their integrity, values and just focused on increasing profits. Since the goal of the company was to maxim

    At all the Sears auto centers around the world, the company introduced a productivity incentive plan. In the old plan, all mechanics were paid by the hour; now with the new incentive plan, all mechanics will be paid a base salary plus commission. All auto service advisors that were paid a salary will now be getting paid depending on how many products they sell and commissions (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). The Sears auto scandal brought about a multitude of ethical issues, but the number one issue is that Sears over looked their integrity, values and just focused on increasing profits.

    • Word count: 1081
  19. Strategic Analysis of Burberry Ltd. In this report three models will be used: PEST model, Five Forces model and Value Chain

    For this strategy to function, it has to be managed. Therefore, strategy management involves planning and control. Many definitions have been given for this concept. Campbell et al (2002:14) state that: 'Strategic management can be viewed as a set of theories, frameworks, tools and techniques designed to explain the factors underlying the performance of organisations and to assist managers in thinking, planning and acting strategically. In simple terms, it is a vehicle through which a business can review past performance and more importantly, determine future actions geared towards achieving and sustaining superior performance.'

    • Word count: 6662
  20. Organisational Behaviour and Managing Absenteeism

    Is the level of absence due to an environment that might be seen as too lax in where a human relations approach is being used to excess? This is certainly not what Elton Mayo hoped for when interpreting the results of the famous Hawthorne experiments which produced the human relations approach. Or is it due to a more classical verily scientific management style where everything is regulated and might be perceived as dictatorial by some employees who are dreaming for more independence in their working environment?

    • Word count: 3029
  21. This essay will focus on analysing Total Quality Management and Six Sigmas business management strategy. These concepts are hereby used as references to commonly used methods aimed at achieving better quality in businesses operational environment.

    The global involvement of all employees in Total Quality Management is very much derived from the Japanese culture which is famous for what misinformed Westerners would call a democratic approach. Rather than letting employees freely choose their methods of working, it is a matter of listening to their concerns and suggestions, while continuously informing them of the general goals for the business and involving them in this process. But Total Quality Management is not just about a leadership style, it has become a whole philosophy that needs to be fully embraced by management as well as all staff in order to be entirely efficient.

    • Word count: 3348
  22. Jack Welch. Welch has been the leader who embraced change all the time and who helped GE make an outstanding turnaround when it was going down.

    He did a series of things that no leaders in the business world had ever done before. He used a "fix, close or sell" strategy to get rid of unproductive segments of the business and to focus on solid and profitable parts of GE. Then he successfully cut down GE's bureaucracy by downsizing, and achieved a clean, simply and effective arrangement of human resources. In addition, he eliminated the boundaries in the corporation and made every employee have his or her own voice, thus made GE an open, informal and boundaryless company where employees felt free to move around within the company as well as to connect the outside world.

    • Word count: 1380
  23. Cran chile case study. What are the motivations and factors that influenced the foreign investment decision for Carn Chile?

    The main benefits were lower cost of production, including industry cost and human cost. Another benefit is the lack of restrictions in comparison to USA, and also the fertile and extensive land, which has not been cultivated, giving the company a huge advantages of being the first one, and because it doesn't have any competitors. QUESTION 2: Do you see any ethical problems by investing where there are no environmental restrictions, such as those that make home-country investment more difficult?

    • Word count: 948
  24. I will discuss Service Management Frameworks, what they are, how they have developed and the perceived benefits of them. I will provide an analysis of MOF with its overall ability to improve service delivery. I will also explain and evaluate MOF and its

    Software is the computer programs that interpret user inputs and tell the hardware what to do. Software includes operating systems, end-user software such as word processors, and application software related to specialized business tasks such as retrieving a simple document or, recording credit card transactions or to a CAD package for designing automobiles. As described by (LAUDON, Kenneth C. Laudon Jane P., 2012, p.234), "An information system is a system that uses information technology to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, or display information used in one or more business processes". For example, a department store's bar-code system for collecting data at the point of sale is part of a larger purchasing and distribution system that includes purchasing decisions and also physical movement of goods to the stores.

    • Word count: 2107
  25. Business Relationship Management - building effective relationships with stakeholders.

    These stakeholders require certain information to be able to maintain your organisation and buy into its culture and processes. Existing both internally and externally, these stakeholders can have competing priorities and needs. In an ideal world, organisations could ignore this for instance and go about the important business of making money, no doubt the reason for their being. No such luck. Stakeholder relationships that are unmanaged or mismanaged have a number of less than favourable consequences for the business as a whole. These include unnecessary expenses, and a lack of buy-in to processes and initiatives aimed at transforming the company.

    • Word count: 2165

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