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University Degree: Management Studies

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  1. Selling Strategies Case Study - As an OEM manufacturer in China for many years, our niche is not only manufacturing quality garments but also stable graphic printing.

    We set internally our target customers (for men & ladies) in the range of 18-24 ages. We think that this age group is willing to spend money for new-style garment. The graphic pattern would tend to be colorful, funny and innovative. As an OEM manufacturer in China for many years, our niche is not only manufacturing quality garments but also stable graphic printing. We set the price range of approximately US$20-30 per piece for summer/spring series and US$50-70per piece for autumn/winter series.

    • Word count: 2151
  2. Analysis of South West Airlines Organisation and Finances

    With a fleet of 547 Boeing 737 aircrafts, they operate more than 3400 flights daily, which amount to over 100 million passengers a year to 66 cities across the U.S. on high-density routes. The idea behind their success apart from the fact they operate a low-cost business model is to capitalizing by satisfy their customers' basic air travel needs and in bulk in order to maximize their profit. SWA brands themselves as a fun and caring airline, which can be determined by their logo, a heart with wings, as well as their stock name "LUV" and take pride in

    • Word count: 1650
  3. Business Management SCIM case study. This paper attempts to provide an analysis of the activity, structure and management strategy of a construction company called SC SCIM SA based in Constanta. Its purpose is to establish the main function

    We also like to live in a beautiful city with modern leisure centers and iconic buildings. For having all these, companies competent in building and installing have to exist. One of these companies is SC SCIM SA (Constructions, Installations and Assembling Company), founded in Constanta, Romania. This is one of the major constructing enterprises in the area and handles significant projects. It is a medium sized company, having 110 employees. According to the CAEN Code No. 4322, the basic activity of S.C. SCIM S.A. Constanta is classified as "Sanitary, heating and air conditioning installations". The company also deals with civil and industrial buildings, hydrotechnical constructions, electrical installations, commerce and other special activities concerning constructions, foundations and drillings.

    • Word count: 5527
  4. Management functions case study. This paper aims to present S.C. DECO PLAST S.R.L., a company based in Bucharest, having as main activity the production of PVC carpentry. Its purpose is to identify how the four functions of management are applied at the o

    A young, dynamic and earnest team tries to fulfill the dreams and demands of their customers. Through this intention, they sustain the idea that windows and doors make a great influence on the perception of a building. Combining comfort with functionality and safety, all products are manufactured in a high quality management, with modern machinery and professional people. 2. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION 2.1.History of the company SC DECO PLAST SRL (PVC Carpentry, Accessories and Blinds) is a fully privately owned company.

    • Word count: 5086
  5. Purdue Farms Case Analysis. Perdue Farms sought not to just provide quality chicken to their customers, but to exceed their customers expectations.

    44). Employees were expected to do what the jobs they were assigned and do them well. As the industry grew though so did Perdue Farms. After considerable expansion and a number of acquisitions in the 1980s the company sought to decentralize its operations by creating several business units that would be responsible for their own operations. The resulting inefficiencies caused by duplication and increased administrative costs forced the company to refocus their efforts on efficiency and improving communication throughout the company while still keeping quality as their number one goal. (p. 43) With decentralization employees began to become more involved in decision making process (p.

    • Word count: 1590
  6. Umpqua Bank Culture and Organization

    Employees are given a high level of discretion to be able to meet the different and ever changing needs of their customers, but also receive training to ensure that the decisions they make, such as reversing overdraft charges, are wisely made. Umpqua wants to be a "community centered bank" that sees beyond the bottom line and does what is right for the communities they serve (Tweel, 2008, p. 404). They take a unique approach to doing this by including things within each store that no ordinary bank would.

    • Word count: 2720
  7. E-Commerce - there are challenges for e-commerce to grow in future, it will grow but the growth will vary from country to country and affect the online market at various time periods and the main question is how fast will it grow and what will be the scop

    While a variety of definitions of the term e-commerce have been suggested this essay will use the term suggested by Cabinet Office in 1999: 'E-commerce is the exchange of information across electronic networks, at any stage in the supply chain, whether within an organization, between businesses, between businesses and consumers or between the public and private sector, whether paid or unpaid. ' To begin with, lets look at technological factors that provide infrastructure and will define future of e-commerce. Internet, digital computing, communications technology, cloud and mobile computing - the fundamental shifts in the way we communicate, are becoming stronger

    • Word count: 2128
  8. With the use of three examples discuss the usefulness of online rating systems. Rating systems are becoming increasingly influential, with more and more people making decision about purchasing of different products and services based on the others opinio

    True Quality of the product Reviews are identified as the more reliable and truth worth type of rating system that might represent true quality of the product. 58% of customers prefer sites with reviews before making a purchase5 and 98% of online shoppers stated that they do read online reviews before making purchase.6This rise of online communities and reviews pushed more researches to be undertaken in order to understand the usefulness of online reviews and at possibility of detecting opinion spam review7 8.

    • Word count: 2720
  9. E-Business Strategy. The case study is focussed on a company that manufacture, maintain, service, and support scientific equipment. The company has a well established IT infrastructure and have recently recruited an IT Director in order to further deve

    (Jelassi & Enders, 2008, p.39) The analysis detailed in the following pages will look at these factors and accordingly develop a suitable e-business strategy. Application of Analytical Tools SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis allows us to look at both "internal and external parameters" (Pahl & Richter, 2009, p.2). External parameters are considered threats and opportunities and Internal parameters are considered strengths and weaknesses. The information obtained from this analysis flows into e-business strategy formulation. The diagram shown in fig.1 depicts the relationship between 'SWOT Analysis' and 'Strategy Formulation'.

    • Word count: 4284
  10. Knowledge Management. This paper discusses how knowledge management is used within the authors organisation and the many benefits that are achievable with effective knowledge management as well as the barriers that exist.

    Robertson (2002) posits further complications suggesting a resistance to learn from shared knowledge. Goh (2002) proposes when knowledge is shared that the process of learning can take place. Colison & Parcell (2004) suggest a process of learning before, during and after activity. Argyris (1999), Collison & Parcell (2004), Pauline & Mason (2003), Riege (2005) and Sayer (1992) all remark barriers when implementing and sustaining knowledge management, many which are difficult to overcome such as changes to culture and alignment with the overall strategy of the business. The author's organisation has synergies to Collison & Parcell's model.

    • Word count: 4932
  11. Organisational structures and Behaviour - theory and examples from my employment experience.

    Unlike functional-based structure, a product- based structure is employed in an organization that has several product lines. *Figure 2 The teams are organized in a set of divisions, where each division is self-contained and corresponds to the end product or service provided by the organization. Unlike functional, the division structure is mainly decentralized because the management is more skilled on product and lesser on core technical abilities. For instance Emaar Properties (my previous employer), has many products like Emaar Properties, Healthcare, Malls and etc. Since each division is operated solely focusing on a specific product/service, the overall operation proved a great success.

    • Word count: 5431
  12. Pidilite distribution structure. Pidilite is Indias largest manufacturer of adhesive.

    Consumer and Bazaar products today account for over 65% of the company's turnover.All its brands are either No. 1 or No. 2 in their respective product segments. Fevicol, Parcol, Fevibond, Fevikwik, Pidifix, Pidivyl, Pidiseal, Acrolyte, Fevicryl, etc are some of its leading brands. The company has launched several new products in the last few years like Fevi Stik Super glue stick. Feviseal EasiMix epoxy putty, Acron art materials, Prime tape, Pidifin water proofing system and Wudfin wood polish in the consumer product segment. Consumer goods business is characterized by the two pillars of brand equity and distribution reach.

    • Word count: 4938
  13. Mark & Spencer Case Study. The aim of this essay is to discover and analyze the different sights of operations management, its evolutions and significant changes during the last decade and define what are the new objectives of OM through one sector: the

    Finding out the techniques of management that M&S uses, evaluating them and see the future operations they intend to set up. First we are going to present Marks & Spenser, the historical context of the firm, its strategy and its evolution in the field of Operation Management; then we will discuss the general evolutions in OM and study its new goals. I. HISTORICAL CONTEXT A. Presentation of Mark & Spencer Marks & Spencer is an international retailer created in 1894 in Leeds by Thomas Spencer and Michael Marks.

    • Word count: 2152
  14. Canyon Ranch Health Spa, Business Model, Strategy, and Viability

    Canyon Ranch should in fact engage in a personalization and CRM strategy. It enforces the perception of good customer support and high quality service. They need to understand their customers, their needs, and general trends. They can utilize the information they have already gathered over the years to do this. For example, since women represented about 75 percent of Canyon Ranch's customers, they can focus on offering products and services that keep women hooked. However that is not enough; they need to get closer to knowing their true customers not just their age, gender, and income level, but also their spending habits in the Spa or the Destination Spa.

    • Word count: 1604
  15. Lending institutions typically look to a potential borrowers loan proposal for evidence that your business has strong management, significant experience, and a thorough understanding of the marketplace.

    Finance Start Up resources. Here are they steps they recommend for developing your loan proposal: Step 1: Before you put pen to paper, there are four things you need to be able to clearly address in your plan: 1. Who you are (your business profile) 2. How much money do you need? 3. How Buss will used the money? 4. How you will repay the loan (projections, etc.) 5. What will happen if you can't repay the loan? There are many different formats you can use for a loan proposal.

    • Word count: 1245
  16. Faslane case study. The HM Naval Base Clyde (Faslane) submarine base transitioned from being under the direct control of the MOD (Ministry of Defence) to a private company called Babcock International. With these substantial transitions, it was necessary

    For example, in the case study we could see that the adaption change has two connections where one is national of the change and the change has taken for a five year period time, so again the five year period is the big bang change as big bang change that refers maybe overnight, so it is incremental change and another dimension is the extent of the change and from the case study we know that the law have changed the casual i.e.

    • Word count: 1796
  17. CASE STUDY The Pay-for-Performance Program among Denver Teachers Hits a Roadblock

    The school district, in order to motivate their staff decided to implement a process theory of motivation-primarily relying on a combination of expectancy and goal setting in order to determine the increases in pay. The school district, in the past, has given salary increases to teachers based on tenure and education with little focus on the teacher's actual performance. With the new program, the Denver public school system has decided to tie the salary increases to high student standardized test scores, good teacher evaluations, continuation of education and by taking challenging and difficult assignments such as teaching in impoverished areas or teaching subjects that nobody else wants.

    • Word count: 2810
  18. What are the observable artifacts, espoused values and basic assumptions associated with Ciscos culture? Explain.

    A good example of this practice is given in the case study. Senior VP Manny Rave is a member of a nine-person council that Cisco created to replace its chief development officer in 2007. Seventy percent of Ravel's compensation is based on the councils' ability to meet revenue targets and collaborate. According to Cisco's website, Cisco values and fosters diversity, development, and growth opportunities for staff through employee networks. These networks join employees to help reinforce the value of all aspects of each member's personality. Valuing the differences in each person increases individual and team performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

    • Word count: 2760
  19. Discuss the theoretical bases for the New Public Management (NPM) model and evaluate whether it is better than the traditional public administration model to manage the public sector. Support your position with real-life examples.

    Instead of being motivated by the public interest, bureaucrats are like anybody else who are assumed to be motivated by their own interest. As a result, bureaucratic failure exists as bureaucrats are regarded as to maximize their own utility at the cost of their agency; maximizing their own welfare and neglect the public interest. In general, the best outcome would be a maximum role for market forces and a minimal role for government. In economic view, if the role of government in goods and services supplying could be reduced and run by the natural market, the economy would benefit.

    • Word count: 2050
  20. Analysis of the Australian wine industry. This report is about contextual analysis of the Australian competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the wine industry.

    Being a large continent with various land and climate, Australia is one of a few who can produce almost all kinds of grapes and process them into wine under one country. 3. Part 1 : Contextual Analysis 3.1 Porter's National Diamond: Below are the reports for country specific analysis using Porter's National Diamond. 3.1.1 Factor Conditions: Australia's vineyards are mostly focus on southern part of the continent such as South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia, where climates are more suitable for planting grapes compare to the tropical climate on the north.

    • Word count: 2910
  21. Critically analyse the proposition that strategic management is a creative process through which business strategy emerges over time.

    of a company for example. What managers and organisations do can be explained by strategies (Thompson and Martin 2005). Strategy requires a good knowledge of the business, goals to reach in the future, and ways to action, as Macmillan and Tampoe (2000) state; strategy's origin come from the ancient Greek: "strategy is knowing the business you propose to carry out" (Macmillan and Tampoe 2000 p.13). Nowadays, strategy can be define as a long-term direction and scope of an organisation (Johnson et al.

    • Word count: 3342
  22. Characteristics of a selected leader and analysis of my own leadership skills.

    If we just do it and care about individual benefit we cannot complete the task well. As a result, everyone have to take responsibility on what they are doing. If we just do the job as long as we finish a working day soon, our products will be made with mistakes the buyers will reject them. Consequently, the company will ask the leader for her or his responsibility. From my observation, Teresa has strong self-confidence and she has been successful in creating its influence on us. For example, when we received boxes herbs that are not good enough in quality as what we need to provide to our high-demand customer like Coles or Safeway.

    • Word count: 3270

    The project adopted the usage of precast concrete technology which though costly ensured high quality and aesthetics. High-tech coaches were design ? Extensive measures for environment protection like conducting rainwater harvesting have been taken. Delhi Metro has also implemented efficient technologies like regenerative braking systems to reduce the overall power requirement. Execution ? Delhi and ensured that the project was implemented smoothly by dividing it into different phases. The first phase of the network comprised of 65.1 km of route length with 13 km of underground tracks called Metro corridor and 52.1 km surface or elevated tracks called Rail Corridor.

    • Word count: 3074
  24. Although Directors may consider the interests of a broad group of stakeholders, their primary legal accountability is to the companys shareholders. Discuss.

    The ethical issue here is, because generally there are people who are affected by an organisation's actions and pursuit to attain profitability, organisations must find who to cater to, and how much attention they should give them. This paper will explore different views on what the expectations and obligations of an organisation are, and how far they extend, subsequently I will put forward my view on the topic. There are many different perceptions of the term 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (CSR), but I will explore only three, a classical view that address mainly the fundamental and legal obligations organisations have, and

    • Word count: 1912
  25. Choose any Indian company that has adopted or is planning to adopt sustainable business practices. Evaluate the challenges that can arise in the process & suggest strategies that a practicing manager should implement to overcome the identified challenges.

    The companies should incorporate sustainable business practices with their regular activities. Sustainable development contributes to shareholder value in a variety of ways-not only through tangible contribution such as risk reduction and profitability improvement, but also through intangible asset creation such as brand equity, human capital, etc. Operating Corporate by pursuing the sustainable development path strengthens an organization's intangible assets in a number of ways that in turn leads to tangible shareholder value creation. A growing number of companies believe that sustainability issues will have an increasingly important bearing on the way in which economic activities are organized and run in the future.

    • Word count: 2705

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