Managing Strategic Change (MBA work ). In this report ,I will be discussing one of the change which company (DG Private Hire ) is going through to make itself a market leader in the region and strategies adopted ,factors which are influencing or may influence the company in future .

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An analysis of organization change situation (Growth through acquisition), a

theoretical approach with answer to three  particular questions as below:

1. Elements of the environment which have most influence on the change within     organisation

2. How realistic it is for managers to try and change organisational culture

3. Some advantages and disadvantages of change situation

Table of Contents

Introduction of change management


Company Introduction

  • Core business of the organization

Theory of strategic management

A brief llok on the history

Concept of strategic management

Pupose of strategiv management


  • Types of environment

Strategic management process

Advantages of change


Manager’s role in the change of culture of the organisation



Every organization exist for some purposes either to contribute to the society, or to maximize the profit for the stakeholders and are often forced to adapt other business by acquiring or partnering/merging in order to remain competitive or simply to grow their business. A company may merge through sale deed to a larger public company or its reciprocal. Companies restructure their operations, assets and relationships with the stockholders in search of higher growth, expansion, technology adoption and greater revenues. Organizational change can be referred to as organizational development and organizational transformation (Cummings and Worley, 2005; Newhouse and Chapman, 1996)

Mergers or acquisitions, and  transformation is form of change strategy which often enable a private company to develop a competitive advantage by increasing services through growth in the market, greater share in the market profit and shareholders value. A very common motive more or less is the strategic growth, talent growth, a uniqueness in services and products, and aiming to become market leader

when two private companies from the same business class or market enter into a merger agreement it is known as horizontal merger, the merged private companies benefit from economies of scale and increase total market share by consolidating facilities, combining operations, increasing working capital, reducing competition, or reducing advertisement costs, etc

In this report ,I will  try discussing one of the change  which  company (DG Private Hire ) is going through to make itself a market leader in the region and strategies adopted ,factors which are influencing  or may influence the company in future . The advantages and some disadvantages of acquisition (Change) and how should the responsible mangers take action to make the culture in favour of this change or changes the company will be going through the growth process.


DG Private Hire ( a private Taxi company) has been trading for over 35 years and is one of the most established companies in the East Midlands, runs as a family business, has grown from 12 to over 700 (2013) fleet of vehicles, prides itself on customer care and reliability.


Having started the company from a porter cabin to current name DG Private Hire company providing the taxi services to local and regional customers, has done a great progress in term of growth.  .

Javaid family (the current owner) made the acquisition of DG Cars in 2001. For the last 10 years company have invested a lot of capital through acquisition of other small firms and seen the fleet grow to its present day size nearly 700 vehicles. In 2009 the main core of the business moved to its present day premises in Colwick, DG House  a purposed designed call centre accommodating over 70 full and part-time staff including Mr Ian Pole, who started with the company in 1983 have over 18 years experience delivering customer service, backed by  valued call centre team .

Three areas in development include:


Booking software, 90% of immediate booking requests are met on average within 7 minutes.

Despatch software, capacity to despatch seven bookings per second

GPS Tracking in all vehicles, automated response to locate the vehicle

Call recording

Latest Avaya phone system


Eclipse mobile data unit

CCTV cameras in every vehicle

Fare meter

Satellite navigation, built in on the data unit


Call back

Automated booking system

Automated   response.

iPhone app

The company also prides itself on environmental issues having just been awarded the ISO 14001 .

Since Amjid (CEO) and family took over the business sponsorship within the local community has seen the company name supporting various causes including NHS and Cancer Research, local cricket league (Nottingham Alliance) and major sponsor of the Nottingham Racecourse.

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Reliability and customer care as seen the company develop into Nottingham’s largest and newest fleet using the most advanced booking and dispatch technology. The company strategy is  to continue investment in training, technology, expansion(through acquisition of more businesses) and more importantly service to  valued customers.

Source: company website:


No doubt change is an inevitable in life-cycle of everything on this planet (Earth),whether it is a human ,a system, a product or an organization. It is one of the complex issues, a hot topic of today’s turbulent world .if we look around our world we see that ...

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