Market for Coca cola company and its competitors.

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Executive summary 2

Introduction 3

The needs, wants and demands 4

Definition of needs 4

Definition of wants 4

Definition of demands 5

Definition of Product 5

Operations review of the company 6

Market for Coca cola company 8

Market competition/competitors of Coca cola 9

The nature and level of competition 9

Competition on the basis of promotion 10

BCG11 10

Segmentation, targeting and positioning of issues of coca cola

Company 11

Targeting 11

Positioning 12

Orientation that the company exhibits towards the market

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Conclusion 13

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Executive Summary:

Coca cola is one of the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. This summary provides the overview of the content involved. Pepsi is the major competitor to Coca cola Company in the global market and we are all aware about the global 'cola' wars between coca cola and PepsiCo which has become decidedly one sided. Coca cola outsells Pepsi 3:1 around over the world market. Pepsi was crushed many a times in the international market due to the Coca cola's in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and local community. The company spends nearly around 60% of its budget on the advertising projects. The popularity of coca cola can be summarized from the following facts:

(1) During the year 1944-45 people addressed 'coke' instead of coca cola, this revolution forced the company to introduce coca cola in the coke version and eventually it was a great success.

(2) If all the 'coca cola' ever produced were flowing over Niagara Falls at its normal rate of 1.5 million gallons per second instead of water, the falls would flow for 38 hours and 46 minutes.

(3) Coca cola's trademark was recognized by 94% of the world's population and that is the word after "OK".

Coca cola's better understanding of the local communities and the market makes the company to remain in the top position in the global market for soft drinks. Coca cola's readiness to spend heavily on the marketing effort also helps the company compete and win over the market of soft drinks world wide. Coca cola boasts four of the world's five leading soft drink brand's coca cola, diet coke, sprite and fanta. Besides this coca cola participate and sponsors different types of events as a part of its strategies. As a part of greening of management it takes care of people's health by having non-alcoholic soft drinks for example caffeine free coke and diet coke.


Coca cola was invented as a soft drink way back in 1886 by Dr. John Styth Pemberton, a pharmacist, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It was registered as a trademark in the year 1887. Since its commencement coca cola is being written in a Spenserians script on all of its products. Since then it produces more than 400 branded soft beverages and operates in over 200 countries around the world with it's headquarter in Atlanta. Apart from branded beverages coca cola used its world famous brand name 'coca cola' for 800 registered items such as toys, electronic games etc. These types of marketing strategies were by the company and eventually helped in the increase of the company's revenue.
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Coca cola believes that the heart and soul of their enterprise has always been the people or customers. It used excellent marketing strategies worldwide and became top in soft drink and beverages industry, sharing mostly half out of one in soft drink consumption around the global thirsty market. It properly understood the needs, wants and demands of the global people and framed its product to satisfy them and is almost a successful runner till date too. It is said that if the coca cola's entire produced products were poured in to the famous contour bottles and placed end ...

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