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Market Research Report

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Market Research Report To: Nike, Adidas and Reebok Research From: Mathieu Smith Date: Monday 21st June 1.0 As you may know your companies have approached me and asked me to carry out Market Research, design, sell and advertise a new product. The main points that I will be covering in the report are: 1) Find out what your targeted audience is. 2) Find out what is the new trend and style. 3) Find out if people are interested in Fifa World Cup produce. As we all know Nike, Adidas and Reebok are the three main leading companies in leisure wear in the competitive market. I have used this current market to build up a better knowledge of what sells better than other products. We all know that trainers sell better than leisurewear, and this is what my product is going to be, trainers. 2.0 First off we need to find out what the consumer wants and how they want it. The only way that we could do this is by Market Research. As you may of read in the introduction, Market Research mainly decides upon the success and failure of a product. ...read more.


somebody onto the streets of a town or city, where you know you are going to get a wide range of ages and idea's and this is what we wanted for our product. So from this strategy we placed 20 questionnaires with different people at different places and then asked the consumer the questions. With our results (as you may of seen) we found that we asked more under 16's than any other ages, but this was planned because we know that the most trainers are brought by under 16's who wanted to keep up with the fashion trend, we found that the average shoe size where about 6-10, this was good information for us because we could base our product around that given information. But our two main questions where: 1) What make of trainers do you prefer? 2) Would you like to have an England flag on the side of your trainers? With our first question we found that Nike, Adidas and Reebok were the most popular and demanding multinational company in the competitive market. ...read more.


I am quite positive that this product will go through the whole of it s life span without falling and that its basically going to do well. 4.0 My Recommendations My recommendation on this product is that we sell the trainers on a demand-based strategy so that we can penetrate as mush profit as possible for the first few months. Our product will be Nike mainly because the consumers wanted Nike as the make. Next is for our trainers to be between the prices of �70-�90, this is so parents and adults won't have to spend so much on trainers that the young person wants. This will hopefully prevent the sale of our product going down, but penetrate the profit. For our product to be aimed at the 16 under age group, this is because 16 under are the most people who spend their parent's money on trainers and they buy the most in a year. For our product to be made of leather, this is mainly because we like to listen to our customers and they wanted leather so we are going to make them out of leather. Mathieu Smith Business Studies ...read more.

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