Marketing plan For a TGI Friday's in Morocco.

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Understanding markets





The following marketing plan is simply the analysis that will provide a clear definition of what are the firm capabilities, what markets are possible, and how to achieve a share of those target markets,it will also help analyze the environment of the area in which we wish to work, help set prices for your services and goods, So basically, The analysis allows you to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s goals(Christine M. Piotrowski,1992). In our case here our marketing plan is based on T.G.I Friday’s (often shortened to "Friday's" in most countries, and stylized "FRiDAY'S", or "T.G.I.'s" in the United Kingdom) and it’s an American  focusing on , with over 1000  in over 51 countries. The company is a unit of the . Its name is taken from the expression . The company asserts that it stands for "Thank Goodness It's Friday"”(T.G.I Friday’s)

And it takes as A mission the following:

“Our Credo

A culture of inclusion through respect, caring, fairness, and understanding by Leadership that deserves responsible, committed, positive, and trustworthy Team Members.

Our Promise

Every Guest Leaves Happy

Our Guiding Principles

Whatever we do, we do with Integrity” (TGI FRIDAY’S MISSION)

Our goal is to become the only choice in the restaurant market, while the "man" is the key to Our success, including Our customers, employees, vendors, neighbors and investors. TGI Friday's commitment is to treat these people with respect, empathy, care. Our goal is to become the world's top full service catering business. To achieve this goal, we insist in Our work: to do the best and seek to exceed the expectations of each others.

2.  Macro Environnement (SLEPT)         

Social Environment

The customers comes to T.G.I Friday’s restaurants already having an expectation of what their dining experience will be like. We plan to continue to meet and exceed those expectations. As the costumers only ask for the quality of the restaurant the professionalism of the waiter, the  restaurant will have the same novel look and it will feel as any other T.G.I Friday’s restaurant in the world that will  continue to offer that amazing and worm “American” atmosphere .

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Legal Environment

There are several requirements to open a restaurant in morocco. Like for exemple, The Department of Health has to be contacted to obtain the necessary Food Service Licenses. The licenses will only be  issued by the government after the restaurant has been fully inspected and all that requirements for a restaurant are met.

Another example is Liquor service licenses, they also have to be obtained from the government. And since Morocco does not allow restaurant to serve beer, wine and liquor to Muslims, that should be a little bit difficult ( 2011).

Economic Environment

As we all ...

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