Marketing plan - S.Luca Ice Cream. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will ta

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1.0 Executive Summary

         1.1  Background and context of current position

S. Luca of Musselburgh Ltd is a long-established family-orientated company that’s main headquarters resides in the Musselburgh area of East Lothian, Scotland. There is another branch which is situated in the well-known area of Edinburgh – Morningside. Each branch impresses another type of consumer because the surrounding areas have different residential profiles and consumer needs.

The company aims to provide customers with great quality fresh dairy ice cream at a reasonable price and wants to develop and expand through time. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will take place. By examining the internal and external environment of the ice cream market in the UK and internationally, this report is able to place S. Luca in a position that could further the development of the organisation through marketing and through extending the menu to cover the winter months, where there is a decrease in the sales of ice cream units.

The company has many strengths, some weaknesses but a lot of potential. If this plan goes ahead, it could give S. Luca what it needs in order to gain competitive advantage over other companies and expand nationally, and hopefully in the future, internationally.

When implementing this plan, it is highly necessary to monitor the process throughout, to make any changes along the way. By having pre and post analysis of the marketing plan, it will be obvious then, the success and how much more the business has expanding. In the future, it is then possible to expand and delve in to and develop other aspects of the business in order to increase profit and client business.

         1.2  Identification of the key issue/basis for plan

Although the company in hand has great potential, it is important to understand the nature of the plan. It has come to the attention of the owners of S. Luca that during the winter months, the sales compared to the summer, are extremely low. Sales are proving to be 60% lower in the winter months, especially through take-away and sit-in ice creams. Understandably it is because of the Scottish weather sales are taking a huge knock, and so a plan must be undertaken to ensure rise in sales of ice cream, as this is the key product made, distributed and sold throughout East Lothian and Edinburgh.

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2.0 Organisational Mission

2.1 Organisational vision, mission and strategic intent                        5

2.2 Organisational corporate objectives                                        5

2.3  Overall strategic position and organisational strategy                5


3.0 Situational Analysis: Marketing Audit        

3.1 External Audit

3.1.1 Customer analysis                                                6

3.1.2 Industry, competitor and intermediary analysis                7

3.1.3   Market drivers and trends                                        7

3.2 Internal Audit                                                                8

3.2.1 Marketing organisational structure and systems                8

3.2.2 Brands, product ranges, lines and items                                9

3.3 SWOT Analysis                                                                9

3.3.1 Strengths analysis                                                9

3.3.2 Weaknesses analysis                                        9

3.3.3 Opportunities analysis                                        9

3.3.4 Threats analysis                                                9

4.0 Marketing objectives

4.1 Strategic marketing objectives                                        9

4.2 Financial based objectives                                                10

5.0 Marketing strategy

5.1 Market segmentation analysis                                                10

5.2 Basis of competitive advantage                                        10

5.3 Target market(s) profile(s)                                                11

5.4 Alternative target market(s) strategy specification(s)                11

5.5 Marketing programme positioning and tactical /operational         objectives                                                                        11

5.5.1 Product                                                                11

5.5.2 Price                                                                12

5.5.3 Promotion                                                        12

5.5.4 Place/channel distribution                                        12

5.5.5 Physical evidence                                                12

5.5.6 People                                                                13

5.5.7 Process                                                        13

6.0 Implementation and control

6.1 Timing, responsibilities and budgets                                        13

6.2 Monitoring and control                                                        13

7.0 Appendices

Appendix 7.1                                                                         14

Appendix 7.1.1

Appendix 7.1.2

Appendix 7.2 - Competitior analysis

Appendix 7.3 – Market Drivers

Appendix 7.4 – Hierarchical Structure

Appendix 7.5 – Brand, Product, Lines, Items

Appendix 7.6 – Product Life Cycle

Appendix 7.7 - SWOT Analysis

Appendix 7.9 – S. Luca Main Target Markets

Appendix 7.10.1 – Current Target Profile

           Appendix 7.10.2 – Future Target Profile

Appendix 7.12 – Marketing Mix

Appendix 7.13 – Porter’s Cost Leadership

Appendix 7.14 – Activity Timeline

Appendix 7.15 – Activity Table

2.0 Organisational strategic position

         2.1 Organisational vision, mission and strategic intent

The company’s overall strategy is to produce and provide high quality dairy ice cream and café produce at a reasonable price in the Lothian region of Scotland with the intent of developing the company nationally.

The S. Luca mission is as follows:

“Everyone who walks through our door is family,

Quality is more important than quantity,

People are more important than things,

Family is more important than anything.”

         2.2 Organisational corporate objectives

Although S. Luca is a potentially fantastic business which huge amounts of scope, the recent downturn in sales is hoped to be temporary. From its current position, the organization hopes to achieve these short-term objectives between 2011 and 2016:

  • Maintain and develop local client base (throughout Central Scotland)
  • Maintain, develop and update all aspects of the current operation (ice cream vans, shop fittings, uniforms etc)
  • Possible opening of another local outlet
  • Increase factory capacity to develop distribution to national level
  • Secure all certifications required for large retailers (Eg. Asda, Tesco)
  • Increase sales during seasonal dips
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They also hope to achieve national distribution and increase brand awareness through national advertising in the long-term, by 2017 and beyond.

         2.3  Summary of overall strategic position and organisational strategy

S. Luca of Musselburgh is a family orientated business and has been manufacturing fresh ice cream since 1908. The company comprises of two shops (in Musselburgh and Morningside), both of which sell ice cream, café food and confectionery. The S. Luca mission is to treat all customers like family, and deliver high quality goods in a friendly atmosphere. By doing this, the company hopes ...

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