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Marketing plan - S.Luca Ice Cream. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will ta

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Matriculation number: 08001190 1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Background and context of current position S. Luca of Musselburgh Ltd is a long-established family-orientated company that's main headquarters resides in the Musselburgh area of East Lothian, Scotland. There is another branch which is situated in the well-known area of Edinburgh - Morningside. Each branch impresses another type of consumer because the surrounding areas have different residential profiles and consumer needs. The company aims to provide customers with great quality fresh dairy ice cream at a reasonable price and wants to develop and expand through time. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will take place. By examining the internal and external environment of the ice cream market in the UK and internationally, this report is able to place S. Luca in a position that could further the development of the organisation through marketing and through extending the menu to cover the winter months, where there is a decrease in the sales of ice cream units. The company has many strengths, some weaknesses but a lot of potential. If this plan goes ahead, it could give S. Luca what it needs in order to gain competitive advantage over other companies and expand nationally, and hopefully in the future, internationally. When implementing this plan, it is highly necessary to monitor the process throughout, to make any changes along the way. By having pre and post analysis of the marketing plan, it will be obvious then, the success and how much more the business has expanding. In the future, it is then possible to expand and delve in to and develop other aspects of the business in order to increase profit and client business. 1.2 Identification of the key issue/basis for plan Although the company in hand has great potential, it is important to understand the nature of the plan. ...read more.


5.5.7 Process The process will stay exactly the same as it is sitting at currently. 6.0 Implementation and control 6.1 Timing, responsibilities and budgets The budget comes to a total of �8500, which is realistic based on the company size, and promotion needed at this time. (See appendix 7.15). See appendix 7.15 for responsibility and activity tables. 6.2 Monitoring and control The monitoring of the successes of the implementation of this plan will be carried out throughout the 12 months, allowing for any changes that need to be inputted in to the plan. The plan will be analysed throughout by the director of retail (Yolanda Luca) and the director of wholesale (Michael Luca), each inspecting their areas of control - the caf� and wholesale units respectively. The plan will also be overlooked by the office-based employees, by monitoring financial and non-financial objectives, and ensuring that all activities are being carried out effectively. In particular, un-planned events must be dealt with accordingly, with the examination of external influences, however these are mostly undetectable, therefore contingency planning must be adhered to in case of unforeseen events. 7.0 Appendices Appendix 7.1 Because there are two separate shops in different areas of Edinburgh, the demographics are slightly different for each one, however, an overlook of the demographics can be seen in are broken down in section 5.3. Appendix 7.1.1 According to the 2001 Scottish Census, it states that the population of Edinburgh has increased between 1991 and 2001. By assuming that this is a trend, it could be argued that this amount is still increasing. The census states that the number of school children in Edinburgh is rising, giving S. Luca a chance to increase awareness and sales. It also declares that the over 32% of Edinburgh's residents are between the ages of 25 and 44, and generally live in the surrounding area (Marchmont, Dalry and Fountain Park) ...read more.


has proved through studying no less than 200 companies and their link between market orientation and marketing planning , and if used within a business, show an increase in business performance which leads to business sustainability. This is hugely important in a country which has a current economic recession, such as the UK. Kyriakopoulos discusses the idea that modern practices are being influenced by different forces under the PESTEL framework: policies are adapting, technology is advancing, and major competitors are creeping up from dust in order to gain competitive advantage over many smaller businesses. Compton (2000) believes it is highly important to connect with your customers by planning ahead and marketing directly to your target profile. It is especially imperative during the current economic downfall to plan ahead and look in to the future to decide what is best for your company, (Italy Country Report, 2009) as it is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to things like loan-repayments, (ibid). In this world of sometimes overwhelming change, it is essential for businesses to plan ahead. Although many authors and academics agree that marketing planning in the modern world, it is suggested by Constantinides, (2005) that although marketing can be beneficial on a company, he states that it is the other aspects of a company that really keep the business sustainable, and the chief of marketing within an organisation cannot be relied upon to keep the business going. It is therefore hugely important for a business to excel on other departments and units in the organisation in order to become a long-term business that generates high profits. In conclusion, this essay provides a basic insight in to the modern marketing practices and how important they are in a world that is full on continuous change. Many authors such as Porter are constantly developing ideas to help businesses understand their environment and give information on how to adapt to these changes. Marketing is hugely beneficial to businesses in order to make the business sustainable, can provide competitive advantage and allows for the identification of goals and aims, and gives direction for a company. ...read more.

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