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Marketing Report – Coca Cola


Coca Cola is one of the largest companies in the world today and is the leading company in the soft drinks industry worldwide.

It is estimated that Coca cola products are sold at a rate of more than 1 billion servings each day in over 200 countries.

Coca Cola was founded in 1886 by Dr. John Stith Pemberton, but was later taken over by Asa Candler after Pemberton’s death in 1888, after battling with long term illness.

The original Coca Cola flowing script logo was created by Pemberton’s bookkeeper and it was he who suggested the name.

As Coca Cola aim to conquer the estimated $30 billion U.S. cola market, it is essential that every aspect of their business operations from production, pricing, promotion through to distribution is immaculate.

This point is reinforced by a quote from the Chairman of board of directors, Douglas N. Daft, in which he says “fundamentally, the Coca Cola company is built on a deep and abiding relationship of trust between it and all its constituents: bottlers, customers, consumers, shareowners, employees, suppliers and the very community of which successful companies are an integral part. That trust must be nurtured and maintained on a daily basis”.

The quote is very representative of the way coca cola operates. As it is a very old and well established company a vast majority of its large market share is due to brand loyalty, which it has built up through years of trading with consumers building a very profitable and reliable relationship.

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The coca cola company first invaded the United Kingdom with its product in 1900 when Asa Candler’s son, Charles brought a jug of coca cola syrup to England while on vacation here. By the late 30’s there were more than 6 bottling plants, bottling the product across the U.K. and in the early 60’s the product had diversified into the canned market.

The success of the company is not just put down to the distinctive and original taste, but to the hard and innovative work of the marketing department employed at coca cola over the years.

This has been and important factor on coca cola creating and maintaining their large market share in the U.K, and also helping them grow in new untapped markets.

Innovative advertising campaigns are vital to maintaining market share and growing in new markets. Coca cola has had many memorable ad campaigns (Christmas specials) over its illustrious history, with many of its slogans becoming house hold phrases e.g. “Always Coca Cola” is one of the most famous advertising slogans to date. This is a key factor as it makes Coca Cola products the first in mind when thinking in relation to such products.

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Marketing plays a huge role in a company attaining its objectives and reaching its aims. This is why it is vital to the company that this part of their operation is as successful as its product itself, if no one knows about a product then it is hard to reach your intended audience. The term marketing has a very simple but affective definition. Marketing is a tool used by companies to create value in the consumers mind.

When looking at the market structure of a specific product it is important to look at certain aspects such as the ...

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