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Marketing strategy for Carling Black label lager

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Marketing strategy for Carling Black label lager From the research that I have done to assess how I should market an innovated Carling Black Label product I have decided is to use a market penetration strategy. I have chosen market penetration due to the fact that Carling Black label is a widely recognised product and it already dominates the alcoholic beverage market. Market development would not be as effective as market penetration as Carling have already targeted many market segments. As the new product is in the same market as Carling Black label lager this strategy would not work to the potential of market penetration. This strategy would be a large risk and may result in the new product being unsuccessful. Diversification is not applicable to a new Carling lager product as it involves targeting new markets. This strategy would not be successful, as the new product would be targeted towards Carling Black labels existing market, as it is an alcoholic beverage. As the market Carling lager operates within is bringing great success there is little need to move into a new market. Product development may have been applicable if there was a modification to their existing product. ...read more.


The external opportunities of the SWOT factors means a number of sales of Carling larger are from people who take part in leisure activities such as football and rugby etc. Carling have the opportunity's to invest more in marketing for other areas of the leisure industry there may be more sales that they could successfully gain. Carling black label have the chance to bring there design and image up to competitors levels so that they don't lose out in this area of sales. These opportunities show that a major input of resources into an innovated lager product would meet areas in which Carling have the chance to improve. This could be done quickly and efficiently by market penetration, as it would rapidly fix their weaknesses. The external threats of the SWOT factor means that the competitive market that Carling lager operate within they are under constant pressure to be successful. The Alcoholic beverages industry is very competitive as every brand spends millions of pounds investing in marketing and deciding how they can improve their sales figures. Therefor I think that a market penetration strategy will enable to expand their market share rapidly. There would be a risk of imputing a large amount of resources into the strategy but I think that it will take Carling black label into new areas of the lagers market. ...read more.


I believe that this marketing strategy is likely to be very successful. From the analysis of my previous research a market penetration system is not only the most applicable option but it also ensures that the success of Carling lager is upheld by targeting markets before the status of the economy changes or current patterns of consumer spending changes. Also with the previous success of Carling black label lager there is a possibility of brand loyal customers boosting the penetration strategy. This may occur as market penetration allows a large investment into the current market upon where there are existing customers. This combination of beneficial factors I believe will ensure that the marketing strategy is successful. Although a product development may have had some beneficial factors to a new lager product, I decided that due to a launch of a new Carling lager it is still the same type of product. Therefor market penetration may uphold some problems as the strategy has limits upon how far it can progress therefor-another strategy may have to be pursued in order for Carling lager to grow. In contrast to the above points due to market penetration having least risks and some promising contributions market penetration will be the most successful strategy in my opinion. ...read more.

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