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Marketing Super Powder Clothes Washing Powder in Malaysia.

Extracts from this document...


PRODUCTS TOP DayFresh Super Powder (Clothes Washing Powder) MKT 203 THE MARKETING CHALLENGE INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT SESSION AUGUST 2011 Name: Yen Zhuo Sheng Student's ID: I11008652 Program: BMAUH B.A (HONS) IN MARKETING, UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE Section: 8K1 Lecturer: Wong Choon Fah Contents at a Glance 1. Executive Summary 2. Situational Analysis 3. Marketing Objectives 4. Targeting and Positioning 5. Marketing Strategy 6. Implementation and Control 7. Conclusion 8. References 1.0 Executive Summary In view of the current keen competition in the market, a product must be distinguished enough so that it could appeal to the customers and survive in the competitive market. Customers nowadays tend to be very choosy when come to purchasing a product as there are variety of choices and substitutes available in the market. Through this individual task, scholars are given the opportunity to bring themselves into the virtual world of business where they are required to introduce a new household care product to the consumers. There are three crucial steps that one has to know before launching a product, namely, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Segmentation is a process where people divide market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, wants, characteristics/ behaviour and demand for benefits. Market targeting on the other hand, is a process where people evaluate attractiveness of each market segment and select one or more of the market segment to enter. In this particular process, they choose the market segment they want to serve. ...read more.


Let say if Colgate Palmolive Company introduces a product with a very low price in the market, then we have to carry out investigation and conduct adjustment on our own price. 2. Taxation is introduced on our product of service. - The new costs, taxes and compliance rules introduced by the Malaysia government are sapping the will of our shareholders to believe that they should risk, invest and remain confident in their businesses. 3.0 Marketing Objectives It is always advisable to make our marketing objectives SMART. If we don't make your objective SMART, it will be too vague and will not be realized. Remember that the rest of the plan hinges on the objective. If it is not correct, our marketing plan may fail. 1) To achieve high market share of 60% by March 2012 2) 5 million units of sales all over Malaysia before March 2012. 3) Receive total revenue or sales values at RM60,000,000.00 by March 2012. 4.0 Targeting & Positioning Target Market Generally, we would like to practise the undifferentiated marketing strategy. For our new formulated product, TOP DayFresh Super Powder, we would like to ignore market segment differences and go after the whole market with one offer. Through this strategy, a very large market will be reached and significant economies of scale can be achieved, leading to cost leadership. Because there is a very definite message and a very focused branding effort, the brand image is reinforced in the mind of the public. ...read more.


6.0 Implementation and Control Marketing programme Task Description Person responsible Completion date a) Discuss with the marketing team and plan an effective integrated communications of marketing programme. All marketing department staffs 1/11/2011 b) Advertise the new product on television during prime time. Few Famous TV channels are chosen, such as 8TV, NTV 7, ASTRO and etc. Jensen Chan 12/11/2011 c) Advertise the new product on newspaper for 3 days per week, which are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Major newspaper companies are selected such as The Star, Berita Harian, Sin Chew Daily & China Press Newspaper. Nelson Ting 12/12/2011 d) Advertise new product on Radio daily. Johnson Yen 12/12/2011 e) Sponsor badminton tournament. Frank Lampard 2/1/2012 f) Execute the road show for two month James Kong 8/1/2012 Budget allocated Activity Budget (RM) Advertising Campaign - Television ( TV 1, TV 2, TV 3, 8TV, NTV 7, Astro ) - Radio - Newspaper (The Star, Berita Harian, Sin Chew Daily, China Press) RM 400,000 RM 100,000 RM 20,000 RM 50,000 Public Relation - Sponsorship RM 10,000 Sales Promotion - Road show RM 70,000 Total RM 650,000 7.0 Conclusion To conclude, before launching TOP DayFresh Super Powder into the market, research and analysis should be done in detail to help gain competitive advantage for our company while competing with our rivals. The objectives play the important role in the whole marketing plan. Having known well the objectives, workers in the company will be able to carry out targeting and positioning in a more effective ways. They will also be able to carry out strong strategies to implement the market. They will be more dedicated and determined to move forward. 8. ...read more.

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