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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Creative brief - This is the first sports beverage to be endorsed by Tiger Woods and the first one to relate to the sport of Golf. Gatorade Tigers target audiences differ slightly from the usual Gatorade consumers. Their Platinum Customers (Primar

    This is a new product and consumers need to be aware that this product does exist and what it looks like. This is the first sports beverage to be endorsed by Tiger Woods and the first one to relate to the sport of Golf. Gatorade Tiger's target audiences differ slightly from the usual Gatorade consumers. Their Platinum Customers (Primary Target) would be males aged 18-35 with interest in sports, particularly golf. Most likely these would be weekend golfers who are passionate about the sport, purchase high end golf equipment, and are looking for ways to improve their game.

    • Word count: 813
  2. Costco and Sams Club are stores that sell innumerable products, so having effective websites is imperative. Comparing the two websites using these three 1-5 point scales shows that Costcos website is better.

    Costco's also has the same buttons, but also includes an additional store locations button and an order by item number button. The medium sized font is dark grey rather than light grey and the background is white, so it is very readable. Both websites have bars for item categories near the top of their homepages, but Costco's is in large black font, compared to Sam's Club's small baby blue font. Costco and Sam's Club have a hierarchy that allows looking at product categories, but Costco's is more useful.

    • Word count: 945

    Religion Three of the world's major religions originated from the Middle East. These religions include Islam, Judaism and Christianity with the majority of the people in the region practicing Islam. Judaism and Christianity while minor to Islam are mainly practiced in Israel and Lebanon. In this region, Islam is a way of life and governs politics, moral values and various aspects of behavior such as how one should dress. Islam impacts the daily lives of people differently depending on what country they are in. Communication Communication in this region is relatively indirect and relies on nonverbal cues and figurative forms of speech.

    • Word count: 948
  4. Proposed Marketing Plan for Lacher Pty Ltd Watchmakers.

    The Laco brand is most recognized for its Pilot watches having been one of the five watch making companies contracted by the German Air-force to supply precision watches for fighter pilots during World War 2. This distinction is shared by four other watch companies: IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Wempe and Stowa. 2. Product Description: We propose the company focus on the continued development of its most famous product line of Pilot Watches that will be made available and attractive to several new segments of customers.

    • Word count: 668
  5. McDonald's Marketing Mix

    Recently, McDonald's have also use penetration pricing, for its breakthrough into the coffee market. For a few hours in the early morning, customers can try a small coffee for free. Lockyer, Sarah E. Nation's Restaurant News; 8/4/2008, Vol. 42 Issue 30, p1-9, 2p, 1 Color Photograph Place: Products and services are offered in stores with seating available and drive through locations conveniently placed along highways. McDonald's is the world's largest owner of corner lots. This can be advantageous in that customers from a wider range away from the store can see it and consider dining there.

    • Word count: 989
  6. Green marketing can be regarded as the process of offering products or services to customers based on its environmental advantage whereby customers are willing to pay for the value and quality in return. The rising trend of green marketing primarily resul

    However, there was a significant rise in demand for green products appeared in the 1980s. In respond to the high demands, many manufacturers simply labeled hundreds of their new products "environ mentally friendly", by claiming that their products were biodegradable, energy efficiencies and etc. Hence, the sustainability agenda failed at the late 1980s due to numerous industries made deceitful claims for the 'green-ness' of their products. Recently, the company that claimed itself as the pioneer of green companies, The Body Shop, has found that it is not as squeaky clean as it is. As stated in the article 'The Queen Of Bubble Bath' written by Jon Entine, the founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick, who is a enviropreneur has been questioned for her unethical practices in business.

    • Word count: 911
  7. Case Study MINI BMW - 1) How could the Minis core product be translated into tangible, augmented and potential products? 2) To what extent might the planned changes to specifications and components in 2008 affect the brand image of the Mini?

    Also, its ability to be customized, a compact build but with comfortable insides and an easy handling drive. The augmented product is the extra benefit that does not necessary affect the functionality of the product but, however, adds competitive advantage and uniqueness. In this case, Mini offers a range of after-purchase services, including financing, After-sales care and insurance. Firstly, Mini financing options are: Mini Select gives you the option to buy, exchange or return your car. Mini Purchase and Lease Purchase, lets you set p fixed payments to purchase the car.

    • Word count: 927
  8. Oragnic Baby Food. Being an international company trying to export its organic baby food to the United States, Organic Baby food will use an international Promotion strategy. International promotion is a fundamental activity in an international company's

    Promotion is one division of marketing mix. Promotional events consist of advertising (media, radio, commercials, etc.) product promotion sponsorship marketing, advertising (by using different media), direct marketing, and database marketing public relations. Integrated marketing communication is integration to gain edge over competitors. Promotion policy is a key dynamic in imported trade. In addition, determining local or international promotions, the style promotion that Organic Baby food would be exhibiting the distribution systems available in the United States market. With a direct export, Organic Baby food would have to handle all the costs of the promotion, however with an indirect export; the intermediary can share in this cost and participate in the design of it.

    • Word count: 881
  9. Goodyear tyres case study. In early 1992, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company decided to reconsider the offer from Sears to sell Goodyear's Eagle brand tires.

    The major reasons that Goodyear was contemplating this offer was that Sears was replacing worn out Goodyear tires at a large amount every year. The tires Sears were changing were not from Goodyear, and customers wanted the very best tires that Sears had to offer. Also nearly 2 million worn-out Goodyear brand tires were being replaced annually at some 850 Sears Auto centers in the United States. Due to all these factors Goodyear recorded a 3.2 percent decline in market share and $38 million loss in 1990.

    • Word count: 977
  10. New Product Presentation to Management

    One way to take some steps to make our dogs healthier is to switch to natural pet care products. Many of us have already switched to natural shampoos and soaps, getting rid of all the ones with questionable chemicals. Now it is time to do the same for our dogs! Happy Paws has solutions to all of your worst canine quandaries; a wide range of all natural shampoos, sprays and eco-friendly dog products that solve common problems. From Dry Dog instant clean to tear stain removal, from dry, itchy or allergic skin to calming a nervous anxious or overactive dog.

    • Word count: 497
  11. Marketing Myopia and Market Orientation Comparison

    "Market orientation" article is offering a large number of insights such as "The Construct" where marketing concept is underling under three core themes or "pillars" pointing out what is the consumer focusing on, how the market is coordinated and profitability, all these representing a major challenge in the development of operational definitions for the marketing concept. It also explains the marketing orientation construct which border's the concept of intelligence generation, intelligence dissemination and responsiveness focused on specific activities rather then philosophical notions, simplifying the process of putting it into the marketing concept.

    • Word count: 734
  12. Online Trends

    As of 2009 the internet in the United States has an average speed of 5.1mps (US Ranks 28th, 2009). This explosion in speed over the past few years has given online users instant access, though high-speed connections, to high quality, interactive content such as social network sites, video sharing sites such as You Tube, and a much more robust shopping experience. November 2007 was the first indication that a shift was occurring. At this time online video use exceeded email use for the first. This was followed up by social networking in February 2009, also exceeding email use (Wayne, 2009).

    • Word count: 731
  13. Using at least one example and referring to at least three sources, briefly explain why organizations change the goods or services they provide.

    Increased competition acts as an incentive for change because an organization must equal or surpass other rivals in the industry to sustain a competitive advantage in efficiency, quality, innovation or customer responsiveness. Managing change is very important when competing for customers (Pham, 2009). Economic, political, and global factors influence change, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other economic unions, are significant enforcers of change. The European Union (EU) has increased to 27 countries. Production in an EU country eliminates tariffs, so Japan produces cars in England to escape foreign tariffs (Pham, 2009).

    • Word count: 728
  14. Strategies for post recession consumers

    Americans have seen a 22% decline in its collective net worth. Add this to a high unemployment rate and you have diminished consumer confidence. Consumers will adjust their spending patterns and reevaluate their priorities. A greater emphasis will be placed on affordability and functionality. Donnan states, "Indicators signal that we are entering a new era of nonconspicuous consumption... where less is more; where an emphasis on quality will replace a desire for quantity; and where the pursuit of enjoyment, purpose, and fulfillment will supersede a quest for material success and personal achievement".

    • Word count: 440
  15. Benefits Marks & Spencer derives from EC

    The Internet has emerged as a major worldwide distribution channel for goods and services. Expanding the communication framework to the internet, Marks & Spencer was able to bring their customers into value chain. If a United Kingdom customer orders their product through online, they will receive their relevant product within one day. The online shoppers are instructed to provide the Universal Product Code (UPC) of the relevant product, and then the company will provide the product to the customer as they seen in the physical store at a lower price.

    • Word count: 804
  16. Iphone repositioning

    The choices: "Matches/Lighter," "Food/Water," "Another Person," "Wireless Phone" (Rosen, 2004). Without a cell phone, how would you inform someone quickly of an emergency? And with the internet and GPS installed in these handsets, how could you find your way around a city without purchasing a map? Or find the cheapest gas in town? The iPhone represents a perfect example of how technology is making its mark on consumer behavior. With over 50,000 applications, the world is at the palm of consumer's hands.

    • Word count: 959
  17. Free essay

    Texas Hockey

    This is 583 empty seats in the arena on an average for every home game. It is important to get as close as possible or have a full house at these sporting events like this. These are teams that don't make much money and need the highest attendance possible to maximize on there profits for there team and program. To make this possible you have to come up with new ways to advertise your team to the public and attract new people and keep the same ones coming back. To attract more people to the arena for there games they have to reach out to the people of the community and get there interest in the hockey games that you are offering the people.

    • Word count: 933
  18. Is marketing responsible for Affluenza? Affluenza, which is defined as the cycle of stress, overwork and indebtedness that fosters a human drive toward materialism, has been identified as a central problem for the ethical and moral development o

    The marketing industries push the wants rather than the needs, cultivating a sense of deprivation amongst plenty. They utilize consumer psychology and building an environment where consumers demand products they otherwise would not. Marketing is involved within every business and organisation. They try to either promote their organisation or a particular product appealing to certain target groups. The marketing that is produced through the mass media is forwarding the affects of 'Affluenza' within the general public.

    • Word count: 563
  19. Edible Chips

    The chip is attached to a pill, swallowed by the patient, and then activated once it enters the patient's stomach. Once activated the chip sends signals to the patch. The patch can track data like heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and body angle. This data is then automatically uploaded via Bluetooth to an online repository and given a timestamp. Doctors can use this data to monitor whether a patient is correctly taking his or her medication or the effects of the medication from the convenience of their cell phones or personal computer.

    • Word count: 834
  20. Differences in B2B & B2C Marketing

    This paper will discuss how marketing differs on a B2C website compared to a B2B website. B2B and B2C Marketing In order for organizations to promote their products or services, organizations will need marketing. Marketing activities involves outsmarting the organizations competitors and identifying the target consumers wants and needs. Within a Business to Business (B2B), it requires an organization to understand the cost, business needs, technology, competition and trends. Business to Consumer (B2C) basic concept is to know who the organization needs to sell to, competitors, cost, the wants and needs of their target market, supply chain and distribution.

    • Word count: 789
  21. Diesel and Style lab

    Diesel Black Gold was announced in November 2007. The company has around 2,200 employees in 18 subsidiaries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its products are available in 5000 retail outlets, of which 300 are Diesel-branded stores. Annual sales were approximately �1.2 billion in 2005, and �1.3 billion in 2009. Revenue is largely derived from denim sales, but also extremely successful and influential ranges of accessories and children's wear - Diesel Kid. Production of denim jeans is based mainly in Italy Introduction of StyleLab In 1998 Diesel introduced the new brand StyleLab.

    • Word count: 640
  22. Benetton Case study

    Benetton advertising campaign revolves around promoting the company as a life style brand. They campaign focuses on social and political issues like racial integration, AIDS awareness, war poverty, child labor, death and pollution. They want to build a social conscience in the community, on the other hand transmitting that Benetton is an active member in promoting freedom by being pro-life. 2. At first, their awareness campaign succeeded in raising the brand's profile, but the strategy towards the depicting of strong shocking images, especially with the introduction of "reality advertising" (1992), eventually caused dissatisfaction among customers, retailers, government bodies and various international non-profit organization.

    • Word count: 582
  23. Dove case study

    The company developed two major groups. One was responsible for brand development (idea behind the brand) which was centralized while another team was developed, responsible for brand building around the major regions in which Unilever operated. 2. The first product developed by Dove was called a beauty bar, launched in 1957. The message claimed by the company was "Dove soap doesn't dry your skin because it's one-quarter cleansing cream". Later they changed the slogan from "cleansing cream" to "moisturizing cream".

    • Word count: 625
  24. Consumer behavior

    According to Professor Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School, the study of Consumer Behavior is one of the most important in business education, because the purpose of a business is to create and keep customers. Customers are created and maintained through marketing strategies. And the quality of marketing strategies depends on knowing, serving, and influencing consumers. In other words, the success of a business is to achieve organizational objectives, which can be done by the above two methods. In order for a business to sell its products and services as successfully as possible, they need to look at what

    • Word count: 855
  25. Sales and Non-Sales Functions

    The company relies heavily in the sales people to sell the product and to keep inventory moving. Without this step the company would have large amounts of inventory in a warehouse and would eventually have to slow or stop production of its tools and this would in turn reduce the sales dollars the company depends on to keep operating. Coordination between the sales and non sales function of Black & Decker is essential. Any lack of communication would result in unacceptable backlogs of product, the potential of accounts receivable not being collected or slow collections, slow production of product, poor customer service and eventually the loss of sales.

    • Word count: 728

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing."

-Tom Fishburne

A good marketing department is the engine of any business. If you're ambitious, inclined towards the business world, and enjoy learning about other people's motivations, a university degree in marketing might be perfect for you. You can study marketing on its own, or joint with another subject like management.

Writing is crucial to success in a marketing degree. Persuasive, snappy prose will go a long way towards showing your professors that you understand the subject. To refine your writing, consult Marked by Teachers' collection of marketing essays. Benchmark your essays against our teacher-marked examples, and you'll quickly learn how to edit and structure your work. At the end of the day, you'll see great ROI in the form of higher marks.

Some degrees will be more focused on business, while others will emphasise media and communications. Regardless of the specialty, a marketing degree will give you a better understanding of consumer behaviour and branding, and leave you ready to pursue a wide range of careers in business.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "Every diversification decision is an entry decision" - Discuss this statement in terms of its implications for the success of new business diversification.

    "In conclusion, every diversification decision is indeed an entry decision. The new ventures have to continuously and consistently demonstrate their executions on growth and innovations and build up barriers preventing competitors from imitating, and have to accumulate more competitive advantage while developing better dynamic capability during the course of industry evolution."

  • Look closely at the club 18-30, Superfamily and forever young brochure pages. Analyse how language, layout and other features are used to target specific audiences.

    "target audiences too. To conclude with I will be comparing the three adverts and how they differ from each other. The 'Club 18-30' adverts starts of with very clear chatty language, this appeals most to younger people as they are less mature and prone to using such slang language. The 'superfamily' advert is a much more formal approach using normal informative language about the range of services they can provide. Finally the forever young advert focuses more on the geographical features of the island to push forward its services. The layout of the adverts also differ, the club 18-30 advert is quite plain but uses sub-headings to structure its text. Superfamily uses small paragraphs and bullet points to clearly separate its factual information into suitable categories for all of the family to be able to read. Forever young has two paragraphs of information about the surroundings of its hotel, with the same idea as Superfamily to list the available resources that can be used at the hotel. By changing and altering the way the text is implemented to the reader we can change the type of target audience, by the type of language used. Companies use this depending on which type of audience they are trying to target ."

  • Home ownership is " a form of housing provision characterised by unevenness and inequality rather than homogeneity and uniformity of benefit and experience" Discuss

    "In conclusion it can be seen that homeownership does promote inequalities. Inequalities are created between homeowners, those who rent and those who live in council houses. There is unevenness within homeownership as it is seen as a status symbol. For instance a private home in Newlands in Glasgow is looked upon differently to one in Easterhouse. A house in London costs more than it would in Glasgow. You can pay a lot of money for a small house in London, and the same amount of money would get a much larger house in Scotland. This is an example of the unevenness throughout the private sector. There is also social exclusion for those who don't own their own houses, although the government is trying to combat this inequality. There are inequalities and unevenness throughout the housing market but also throughout the private sector itself. There is no homogeneity as is suggested by Forrest, Murie and Williams's only inequality. There is certainly no benefit of experience as more and more people are getting into mortgage arrears and having their homes repossessed because of money being lent out too eagerly. The "benefit of experience" would suggest that we learn from mistakes but just now it seems to be the opposite with still too few taking out insurance against repossession and mortgage arrears."

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