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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Starting A Small Firm

    The only proof we need to show how successful this method is, is the talent of the Brazil football team past and present for example, Pele, Zico, Rivaldo and Ronaldo. Proprietor/Director/Employees What are your own skills and experience? All of the group has plenty of past experience, in watching and playing. We all fully understand the rules of the game and have enough experience to organise this kind of business. Will you need to employ anyone to provide complementary skills?

    • Word count: 552
  2. Choice of Final Products and Ingredients.

    It created the odour of the final product and gave the appearance of the filling. Adds colour and texture to the product and providing it with a sweet odour. I chose apple as it was a popular fruit for my target group and I need to encourage them to consume more fruit. Adds a contrasting taste to the product and gives the product a better texture. Flour is used in this product to help bulk the mixture and give it texture.

    • Word count: 657
  3. Product Life Cycle

    By saying that the product offers newer technology and better designs, the customers are immediately drawn towards it. Introducing a new product to any business is expensive, and runs a risk to the company. This is because even before the new products is created; the research and development department has to research into the needs and wants of the consumers. If they fail to do this all correctly, or if another rival firm brings out a similar or better product, then all the money spent on research and even advertising would have been wasted.

    • Word count: 472
  4. Pricing Strategies

    By doing this Microsoft can maximise their profits and cover the costs of developing the X Box. When sales start to slow down Microsoft should lower the price and use a different pricing strategy. To ensure sales keep increasing half way though the growth stage Microsoft should change the pricing strategy from skimming to market orientated. This is where the price charged is based on analysis of the market and its characteristics. Market research might need to be undertaken again at this point to ensure that Microsoft knows what the customers are willing to pay.

    • Word count: 526
  5. Product Case Study : The Dyson Washing Machine

    The more global companies such as Electrolux Household Appliances Ltd, Merloni Domestic Appliances Ltd, Whirlpool (UK) Ltd and BSH Home Appliances Ltd remain the most important suppliers of household appliances in the UK market. These companies generally own a stable of brands positioned across all the major white goods sectors. They have the resources to continually develop new products and improve their ranges. The washing machines sector was the second largest in 2000. This is one of the more mature market sectors and there is inevitably a higher level of replacement purchasing as consumer's trade up.

    • Word count: 827
  6. Taking over the Marketing Department at Nestlé

    In order to work out what newly modified product would sell well and successfully, I will have to undertake some market research to see what the consumers want in an adapted version of the Kit-Kat. I will gather this information by asking current buyers of the Kit-Kat if they'd want a modification made to the Kit-Kat, and if so what minor modifications they would appreciate in their chocolate bar, such as adding an extra ingredient or changing the shape of the present bar.

    • Word count: 551
  7. Dell Computer Case Analysis

    He was the youngest CEO to guide a company to a Fortune 500 ranking. Dell can be described as shy, egotistical, and a terrible public speaker. Fortunately, under Lee Walker, Dell COO 1986-1990, Michael Dell became familiar with all parts of business, overcame his shyness, learned to control his ego, and turned into a charismatic leader. Objectives The main objective of Dell Computer can be best described by Michael Dell himself: "My vision for the Dell community is to become the best in all things we do. And the best, not just in our industry, but across all companies".

    • Word count: 953
  8. Analysis of chosen Product

    A test bed will be created to test one important aspect of the design. There is a variety of products on the market to cater for children's storage equipment, 1) Desk Tidy 2) Mobile storage units 3) Pencil/pen pots With stationary storage it is important for the marketed product to be cheap and enable the product to have economies of sale for large profits to be achieved. The easiest way to achieve large profits with such a product is to use mass production, to cut labour costs. Use the material as economically as possible to reduce wastage material.

    • Word count: 891
  9. Niche Marketing Versus Mass Marketing

    Niche marketing involves a business aiming a product at a particular, often tiny, segment of a market. It is the opposite of mass marketing, which involves products being aimed at whole markets rather than particular parts of them. Tie Rack, Knickerbox and Classic FM are all examples of attempts to exploit niche markets. Smaller firms are often able to sell niche markets which have been either overlooked or ignored by other firms. In this way, they are able to avoid competition in the short run at least. By targeting specific market segments, firms can focus on the needs of consumers in these segments. This can allow them to gain an advantage over firms targeting a wide market.

    • Word count: 564
  10. Marketing is: buyers and sellers, there are two main types of marketing.

    They need to gather information about consumers' attitudes, lifestyles and preferences, by using data directly published by other people. This also known as secondary information or secondary research. They also use field research surveying samples of the population, this is known as primary research. Businesses have to sell what they product in order to make a profit and survive, break even or make a profit. It is the role of the marketing department to increase the number of goods sold if a business wants to be successful it needs to provide products and services at a price that most people are willing to pay.

    • Word count: 523
  11. Barriers to entry into a market allow firms to make long run, supernormal profits at the expense of the consumer. With the aid of examples, explain the meaning of the term, barriers to entry?

    An example of a sunk cost is the cost of advertising. Unlike things like machinery or transport, advertising cannot be bought again and again. Another example of a sunk cost would be the cost of food. When food is eaten there is no way that you can sell it again. Competitors would think again if they thought about the sunk costs because this is all money that they give but never in the long run get back. However, for something like advertising it is in a way benefiting the company because it is increasing people's awareness of the product, which leads to more profit.

    • Word count: 922
  12. Technology : Evaluation of my Birdhouse

    Again no water got in unless you turned the birdhouse on its side. This brought me to the conclusion the if there was a very strong wind and heavy rain some of the water might get in. So in short I think that I can say that the birdhouse is weatherproof. There was one specification that I didn't meet though. This was the ability to store food. I changed this because I found that I was too pressed for time and the final product would have needed to be more complicated to incorporate a feeder as well.

    • Word count: 690
  13. Case study on Rose Toys

    This push along train will be more basic and could be produced in masses. However the owners themselves have to resolve their differences. There are two sons and a father who own the company but one son is trying to convince the other two that changes must be made before the company goes bankrupt. He suggests to them that Rose Toys should get rid of their old styled train and replace it with a cheaper more basic one. But they still believe that sales can pick up again and they seem to be trying to cling onto the idea that fad toys will die out.

    • Word count: 844
  14. Product Case Study : Carlsberg Ice Beer

    And will this product be a long lasting one or is it merely a passing fad? The formulation of the real product, the sales force, production facilities and marketing knowledge, all basic requirements were readily available. Should the company take advantage of this opportunity, or let the competition preempt this market segment? Establishing a lasting product: In order to make Carlsberg Ice Beer a long lasting product the following has to be thought about: * How to create a valid product with recognizable benefits, taste, appearance etc... * Explain the above and convince consumers through advertising and the use of Public Relations program.

    • Word count: 940
  15. Explain why oligopoly is a realistic market structure in most economies. (10)

    The example that will be used for illustrating an oligopoly is the soft drinks industry. In this industry there are three main firms competing for market share and many other small firms making up around 20% of the world market. It is these smaller firms who suffer most from barriers to entry imposed on the market. The first barrier is that of branding. These new firms will have to produce a quality product to compete against these firms which have been on the market for a significant amount of time, this time would have led to consumer loyalty becoming apparent.

    • Word count: 611
  16. The Marketing Mix

    The research and development department will look at al the leading competitors and try to offer something unique and at a lower price. There are three different types of pricing. They are: * Skimming * Competitive pricing * Introductory pricing Skimming This is used for the luxury or niche market. A niche market is a market that sells something to only a few people because only a small group of people need the products. An example of this is products for extreme sports such as skateboarding.

    • Word count: 551
  17. Web-based technique refines market research methods.

    It uses six web based methods to pinpoint customer preferences. Some tools are based on computer driven mathematical formulations that determine customer attributes for pricing for a given product. VCI source code is available free. The team surveyed hundreds of people to test the application using the case of new vehicles preferences. The system was able to predict the preferences of people surveyed. Vehicles identified as a disaster on the test have in fact been disasters in the market. A real case was the Polaroid I-Zone instant camera. Web surveys revealed a great interest in a product with interchangeable covers, but the Polaroid's development team hadn't considered this feature.

    • Word count: 777
  18. Brand me. What do people do with self-branding ideas?

    More specifically, personal branding also connects with managing your reputation, style and skill (C. Wright, 2009). 3.0 What do people do with self-branding ideas? Personal branding has already helped lots of people to tackle many complicated problems, such as setting up life aim, utilizing their own advantages, even more important, people have learnt how to redesign their image and prove their worth (D. Clark, 2011). As for me, in the past, I was able to use quite a few piece of branding skills and branded myself to be a hardworking and wise person; therefore, self-branding knowledge provide me a clear prospect.

    • Word count: 785
  19. South West Train - Customer Satisfaction 2012

    2,334 customers were polled between 28th January and 30th March 2012 on a 100-station scale. By examining 35% of the returned questionnaires on the topic of customers? satisfaction with South West Trains facilities, this report analyses the feedback of passengers in Spring 2012 and then compares with that in Spring 2011. It describes the passengers? opinions and highlights how they have changed through the year. Customers? satisfaction is ranked as: 1. satisfied or good 2. neither/nor 3. dissatisfied or poor The satisfaction of customers is considered on the basis of the percentage of people who felt satisfied or good with station facilities during peek and off-peak hours.

    • Word count: 973
  20. Think of cosmetic or personal care product that you could do without during the GFC and decreased income. Did you discontinue using products, or did you switch to a cheaper brand? Explain why or why not.

    In general, Shiseido is more like a ?masstige? brand than a luxury brand, and it strike a balance between the premium quality and appropriate price. 2. Which luxury brands do you think will survive the GFC without substantial drops in sales? In other words, which brands are crisis proof. Provide rationale and support for your recommendation. In this case, one strategy for luxury brands to survive from rough financial times is developing ?masstige? brand. Masstige brand, which combined mass and prestige, means offering the original brand at affordable price or launching a new product line under existing brand that can be more acceptable by masses(Baumann& Valentine, p62-63).

    • Word count: 786
  21. Advertisement is such an effective way of keeping commerce alive by increasing demand, creating trends and making people aware of alternatives.

    Nowadays, a dominant and alternative way to do this is advertising. It has been a part of the life of urban and modern life and we know most products we consume to day are coming from the activiy of this business channel.(p. 2) Situngkir(2006) continues pointing out that advertising is an essential way to introduce your product or to give information about it. (p. 3) Today, advertising is not only a necessity but also an effective power. This power is very influential and may lead the business to run. Power of advertisement has two important advantages which are keeping commerce alive and giving relevant information about a product.

    • Word count: 918
  22. Black & Decker case study. Background ( Product and Market) And Problem Definition

    and trails Makita, which has captured 50% of the market. Makita was able to grow rapidly in the P-T market as its dominance was aided by the rapid development of a new type of distribution channel, the Home Centers such as Home Depot, which Makita actively sought. B&D, however, was not able to grow quickly in the P-T market due to Tradesman's perception of P-T Line as a ?consumer? product, incapable for professional tasks. In some surveys, the quality of B&D P-T products often outranked those of the manufactures whose quality was perceived to be better, implying that B&D's problem is not of having bad products, but of having a bad reputation.

    • Word count: 964
  23. Store24 (A) - Managing Employee Retention

    Hence, we downloaded the Data Desk file from author?s blog and used it for in-depth analysis. Based on the data we got of all 84 stores, we tried to do multi-regression model with the expected profit as depend variable on Y-axis and all other factors (like MTenure, CTenure, Comp, Pop, Visible, PedCount, 24 hour open or not, and located in residential or industrial area) as independent variables. The findings are summarized below: Regression of Profitability with Manager & Crew Tenure Inferences: After the regression modeling in the excel sheet, we got R-square statistic as 0.63 which implies that less than half the points fit on the regression line.

    • Word count: 908
  24. Marketing an estate agency - Guide for Buying a First Home

    Simply put, your heart will Cost you money; using your head will Save it! Once you are certain that you are ready for this venture, you can follow this step by step guide for buying a home: 1. Find out how much of a mortgage you can afford. This is calculated by taking into consideration your savings, household income, current debt and expenses. You will likely need to pay 20% of the purchase price as a deposit. 2. Get your loan pre-approved from a bank or financial institution.

    • Word count: 900

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