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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. "Most venture capitalists will focus on the viability of the concept, the size of the opportunity, and the quality of the management team ("Venture Capitalists", Bagley and Dauchy p

    PTI can approach VC's and issue equity, or PTI can approach banks and finance their work through more debt. "Companies that have debt outstanding are more likely to find themselves in a position in which they are financially weak and therefore vulnerable" ("The Financial Perspective", Sahlman p. 15), and debt financing increases the risk to which shareholders are exposed. The downside of debt financing in addition to Pathfinder's capital structure makes equity financing a necessity. PTI's 2005 round of Seed Financing is a note convertible to preferred stock. If PTI does not currently have a call option for the convertible note, PTI should renegotiate in an attempt to create a call option.

    • Word count: 844
  2. I will be making a strawberry and cream meringue. The answers to the question would help to see if my product would sell better on the market.

    7. How nutritional are your desserts usually? 8. How often would you have this luxury dessert? Questionnaire This questionnaire is aimed for working people with children or single people with busy lifestyles' who don't have time to make their own meals from scratch. I will be making a strawberry and cream meringue. The answers to the question would help to see if my product would sell better on the market. 1. How much would you pay for a strawberry and cream meringue? �0.00>�0.99 �1>�1.99 �2>�2.99 �3>�3.99 �4+ 2. What type of packaging woul Questionnaire This questionnaire is aimed for working people with children or single people with busy lifestyles' who don't have time to make their own meals from scratch.

    • Word count: 758
  3. A portfolio of products can be analysed using the Boston growth matrix. The four categories are described above.By looking at the table above I can say that my service, renting out conference rooms at Bournemouth international centre

    o High market share. o Low growth rate. o Maturity stage of PLC. o Need less investment to hold market share. o Cash "milked" to finance investment in other products. A business with a range of products has a portfolio of products. It decides how to allocate investment (e.g. in product development, promotion) across the portfolio. A portfolio of products can be analysed using the Boston growth matrix. The four categories are described above. By looking at the table above I can say that my service, renting out conference rooms at Bournemouth international centre is in the cash cows section because: o It has a large market share in a mature, slow growing industry.

    • Word count: 623
  4. Market Characteristics

    This means that it would be quite easy for new firms to enter the market. This could be because the market does not require much money to enter because the machinery used in the business doesn't cost that much, also it could be easy to enter the market because you do not need many qualifications or licences to operate under. In competitive markets, often companies will be price takers they will just take the market price. This is because if they put their prices up, because the market is so competitive they could lose a lot of sales.

    • Word count: 954
  5. Attempting to make metal-arene complexes such as [1,3,5-C6H3(CH3)3]Mo(CO)3 stemmed from the similarities of the cyclopentadiene rings

    The chemicals needed are: 2.0 g of Mo(CO)6, 10 mL mesitylene, about 50 mL of hexane, and 20 mL of dichloromethane. Quinn 2 1. Set up the apparatus (a condenser in the middle neck of the 3-necked flask with no water and stoppers on each side. One stopper must have a hole that can be covered up). 2. Weigh out 2.0 g (2.002 g) of Mo(CO)6 and put into the 250 mL 3 necked flask along with 10 mL of mesitylene and a stir bar.

    • Word count: 958
  6. EBay: Analyze eBay's innovative business model and key success factors

    with continual success. Not to be outdone by eBay, a number of new entrants had entered the online auctioning market - notably uBid, Bidz, and Yahoo! Auction. But none of which has experienced the dramatic level of success that's seen with eBay. In order to better understand how eBay has become the online auctioneering giant that it is today, we will analyze eBay's innovative business model, as well as some of the key success factors of the company. eBay's business model is still person-to-person selling through its automated trading platform, which accounts for the largest percentage of its revenue (Rouse, 2002).

    • Word count: 862
  7. Its480

    This project is a Proposal of a project management maturity model based on CMM, called the Company Maturity Model. The very first level of the Company Maturity Model is for a company that does not "provide a stable environment for developing new products (Crowe)." The company lacks stable management capabilities, and is ineffective at developing sound, stable products. There is a general lack of teamwork at the level 1 company, and much of a products success depends on the work of individuals and not the team. The process that a level one company would use to develop a new product is reaction-driven, has a lack of key disciplines, with little focus on optimizing the product they are developing through it's whole life cycles.

    • Word count: 703
  8. A recent issue of The Economist describes nanotechnology as "the next small thing

    nanotechnology and among the most important is that it can be used to produce better materials, improved medicine, lighter computers and large energy storages. Nanotechnology will enable us to make new materials that will be "stronger, lighter, and even interactive. The uses for these new materials are endless, from knives that never need sharpening to better space ships."5 In the field of medicine, where everyday new diseases are found, nanotechnology could mean the end of the disease. For example, "if you caught a cold or contracted AIDS, you'd just drink a teaspoon of liquid that contained an army of molecule-sized nanobots programmed to enter your body's cells and fight viruses.

    • Word count: 968
  9. Competitor Analysis: Masterfoods

    Galaxy, a Masterfood Block is prices slightly higher at �0.36 - �0.42. Boxes and assortments vary in price according to the place of sale and different promotional variants. Chocolate products encompassing more novelty value than other products usually tend to be sold at a higher price. Examples of this include M&M's (RRP �0.40) and Galaxy Caramel Swirls (RRP �0.42). This also applies to product variants such as Mars Miniatures and Galaxy Minstrel. When a product is diversified either by adding or changing an aspect of it, value is added by the manufacturer.

    • Word count: 866
  10. Environmental aspects affecting the automotive industry

    Hybrids cost about $6K - $14K over base models (W) 7. Major shift to hybrids poses problems for automakers who have invested heavily in large SUV segment (W) The Top 5 Performers ranked by Sales are: * General Motors Corporation * Ford Motor Company * Daimler Chrysler AG * Toyota Motor Corporation * Volkswagen AG C. Political/Regulatory 1. Stricter emission requirements have manufacturers under pressure (W) 2. Clean Air Act regulations on the release of volatile organic chemicals from vehicles (W)

    • Word count: 868
  11. Communication Analysis

    The purpose of this message is to educate their target audiences that brand and identity management is the possible solution to gain high market share and increased profit margin in the high competitive business environment. Part C: The message of this advertisement is "Brand adds margin: In a world that seems to have declared war on profitability, brand is one of the few ways to secure increased margin." The receivers of this message might be an organization that interested on improving their brand image.

    • Word count: 725
  12. Case Study Analysis: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Wal-Mart also had established international presence in eight countries and Puerto Rico (Bhatnagar, 2004). Depending on location, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates its retail business in various formats: Wal-Mart Stores, SAM'S CLUB and International. But in a time where discount retailers like Kmart and Sears are struggling year after year, Wal-Mart Stores continue to thrive with impressive sales figure. So to better understand the Company's secret to success, we must analyze Wal-Mart's marketing strategies and key success factors. While much of Wal-Mart's success can be traced back to Sam Walton's philosophy in entrepreneurship, there are a number of primary factors that help Wal-Mart to become the domestic as well as global phenomenon - emphasis on customers, strong relationships with employees, strategic expansion, and "Buy American" program.

    • Word count: 726
  13. Should Wal-mart increase their prices consumer spending would decrease in demand for their products

    Wal-Mart was at the top of the list of retailers that benefited from the surge last year in retail spending, which also helped insulated them from the impact of a weak dollar. Soft goods struggled while homegoods led the way.

    • Word count: 363
  14. Coca Cola and the Marketing Model

    They will also hopefully benefit from loyalty from the football fans and even when the sponsorship is over the fans will continue to drink coke. There are a view disadvantages with this campaign such as they have created many different versions of there logo to try and make each club feel individual but this may damage the company mage by making people not sure which symbol is correct and people may think that the coke is different or has changed.

    • Word count: 953
  15. How do adverts work?

    Advertisers use a theory called the hypodermic needle theory when making an advert. Advertisers believe that when using this theory they are injecting us with a message, hence the needle. For example, an advert for a car would be targeted at adults with a need for power and control. This advert would be shown around 9-11pm because most of the target audience will be back from work and watching T.V. However, this theory doesn't always work because we don't go and buy everything we see on T.V.

    • Word count: 848
  16. "A monopoly can control price or output but not both while a firm in perfect competition can control neither - Discuss.

    However, the differences between monopoly and perfect competition are the below: with the monopoly there is a one seller and many buyers. On the other hand, with the perfect competition there are many buyers and sellers. Another main difference between the monopoly and the perfect competition is that, with the monopoly we can have some barriers to entry and to exit, but with the perfect competition it's not happening the same. In perfect competition there are not barriers to entry and exit. Finally with the monopoly and the perfect competition there is perfect knowledge and also there is profit maximisation.

    • Word count: 958
  17. The role of Marketing as being an 'Initiator' in identifying, evaluating, recommending and implementing overall retailing strategy.

    We would develop a strategic marketing plan that will identify customer's based opportunities. The central thrust is to positioning of the company in term of its Merchandise, Services and trading environment offer such that it is clearly recognizable by the customer group to which it is directed/targeted. At the same time, the fundamental requirements of the company can be identified and established as a performance requirements which need to be meet and the critical success factor can then form a planning structure for the company strategy decision.

    • Word count: 292
  18. Organizations as Open Systems - China Star Chinese Restaurant.

    Carryout orders constitute about one half of the restaurant's total sales. Its customer base has shrunk into office workers and residents within several miles. Analysis As an open system organization, China Star's inputs are the workers, the raw food, and the facilities. Enough workers, the skill of the workers, the quality of the raw material, and the states of the facilities are all important in producing the satisfying output---fresh, delicious food and excellent service. But China Star was far from inputting enough: a)

    • Word count: 957
  19. Bromination of Stilbene.

    As the color faded, white crystalline solid precipitated. Another ~0.7mL of Br2 solution is added to the flask and the contents in the flask became orange/brown. The flask is swirled for another 3 minutes and the orange-brown color faded once again and more white crystalline crystals precipitated. For the third time, ~0.7mL of Br2 solution is added, the contents in the flask turned orange-brown. The flask is swirled once again for 3 minutes and the color faded and more crystals precipitated. Then, in ~0.1mL increments, an additional 0.3mL of Br2 solution is added and regardless of how long the flask was swirled, the bromine color persisted.

    • Word count: 682
  20. Are the Strategic Stars Aligned for Your Corporate Brand?

    Image is the perception of external entities on a company. In order to effectively generate a corporate brand, the top management, employees, and other stakeholders must develop three-way relationships to drive each other, support those elements, promote corporate values, and eliminate pitfalls and gaps between them. Certain companies are illustrated to address the misalignment issues. Corporate brand offers many benefits to a company. These benefits include marketing cost reduction, a sense of brand community, a seal of approval, and robust symbolism. Even though corporate branding seems to be the right answer for most companies, it is not applicable for some companies.

    • Word count: 592
  21. Ferragamo Case Analysis.

    External Factors Porter's Five Forces Model (Exhibit 1) shows the external environment that Ferragamo is in. The luxurious fashion industry is a highly competitive industry. There are many companies competing in the same industry. Also, in the system of external manufacturing and the quality of the product being very important, the suppliers have high bargaining power. Rivals playing in the field must create strategies to differentiate oneself from other competitiors since the customers are not very sensitive to price, but demands value-added products.

    • Word count: 590
  22. Marketing Mix.

    The product needs to be made available in sufficient quantities to satisfy customer needs. Putting the product in the customers' hands can be the factor that makes the sale. The Price facet of the marketing mix is relative to the activities associated with establishing pricing policies and determining product prices. Price is a critical component of the marketing mix because consumers are concerned about the value obtained in an exchange. Price is also an important factor when considering the competition. The Promotion variable relates to bringing information to the target customer concerning the organization and its products or services.

    • Word count: 883
  23. Case study analysis: Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

    She is now at the helm of a newly revitalized organization as perceived by clients, but highly divided and contentious on the inside. After immediately focusing first on investors and clients, Beers decided the best course for the company to take. Having decided to differentiate the company in terms of its branding capabilities, her second move was to bring together a group of insiders that would support her vision. At this point she falls neatly into the "leader-member exchange (LMX)

    • Word count: 805
  24. Swot analysis for the playstation 2.

    * The cost of the playstation 2 is reasonably price since it consists of a DVD player. The games are adequately priced compared to the other consoles because the games of the other consoles are very expensive with the cheapest prices starting at �40 per games and with playstation 2 games starting from only �20. The playstation 2 works out to be more economical in the actual long run. * Customer loyalty is probably one of the best strengths that the playstation has because the playstation 2 is made by Sony who are a multibillion pounds organisation and are known worldwide and are trusted for there quality and reliability of their products.

    • Word count: 845
  25. NIVEA skin and body care products - retaining popularity.

    Oiling of the skin was the ideal beauty treatment that resulted in a clean and smooth skin. Both men and women used a black paste known as "kohl", which is an original form of today's eye pencils. Reddish face make-up, equivalent to our present-day blusher, came from raddle, an iron hydroxide mineral. The raddle or red ochre was also used as a colour pigment for a lip colour that forms the base for modern lipstick. In course of history, times changed from a period in which beard was admired and considered "manly" to "beardless" period. During this period barber's business grew.

    • Word count: 761

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