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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. The economic impact of the telecommunications concerning Canada's gross domestic product.

    of Communications). It is therefore not surprising that Canadians are among the biggest users of telecommunications in the world. For example, in 1999, Canadians made more than three billion long-distance calls (Dept. of Communications). The importance of the information economy is increasing over time as new technology improves the communications infrastructure and as industries that provide content over that infrastructure continue to grow. Canada has one of the most developed communications infrastructure in the world: more than 98% of households have telephones; 74% have cable television service and 99% of the population can receive off-air broadcasting signals as of 1993.

    • Word count: 864
  2. SWOT analysis of the NEF

    Having a variety of clients is a strength, as less the revenue generation does not depend on one industry or type of customer. The cliental of the NEF includes: - Urban households - Small businesses and other small organisations - Farms and rural dwellings - Students and researchers - Self builders and Housing Associations * In addition to this, the NEF has quite a large product portfolio and ongoing projects which means that it is not dependent on the success of just one of the services for its revenue.

    • Word count: 870
  3. How advertising may work.

    not to induce(hervorrufen) immediate behavioural response * there has to be a series of mental effects to occur(auftreten) to fulfilment(erf�llung) before the next stage can be taken on Information processing model: * appropiate view of receiver of advertising is an information processor or cognitive(erkenntnis, wahrnehmungs) problem solver * similarities with other approaches subsume( zus.fassen) the cognitive perspective * information processing includes stage of retention (zur�ckhaltung) * marcoms messages designed to provide information for prospective when purchase decision is in the future! Difficulties with sequential models: * for long time sequential approach was accepted as model upon(an) with advertising was to be developed * questions about what actually constitutes levels of awareness, comprehension and conviction * problem to determine(ermitteln)

    • Word count: 841
  4. What makes a good website for B2C E-commerce?

    eBay does this by offering the goods at potentially very low prices. * The site's are quick to load, look professional, trustworthy and gives the customer incentive to visit and return to the site. * Merchant accounts, these allow transactions to take place with credit cards as a form of payment. There is added assurance for customers that credit card details will not be viewed by unwanted parties because of the letters 'http'. This is at the front of the URL address and indicates that the website is secure. * Navigation around the site has to be direct and easy for the customer to use, unnecessary clicking will deter the majority of customers (e.g.www.play.com and www.ebay.com)

    • Word count: 911
  5. Has The Concentration Of Media Ownership Led To A Decrease Or Expansion In Media Diversity?

    The 1982 declaration on the freedom of expression and information states the importance of an "existence of a wide range of independent media, permitting the reflection of diversity of ideas and opinions". This concentrated ownership can occur in a number of different ways and for different reasons; through mergers, acquisitions and take-overs. Presently 'traditional media' (i.e. terrestrial TV, publishing, radio) is being joined by forms of media resulting from new technologies from the telecommunications field (cable, satellite, Internet etc.). A process of market convergence is underway as broadcasting, print media and communications media combine through these mergers, acquisitions and alliances.

    • Word count: 830
  6. Does OPEC have a monopoly in the supply of oil?

    It can be argued however, that it is also a monopoly. This is due to the fact that OPEC has 60% of control over the oil that it traded internationally. Usually, a monopoly is classified as anything which has a market share of over 25%, OPEC has almost triple that which suggests it may be a monopoly. However, due to the fact it doesn't price discriminate and aims to "secure fair and stable prices for producers, and ensure an efficient and regular supply of oil", suggests it can't be a monopoly.

    • Word count: 964
  7. What is the likely magnitude of the The "balanced budget multiplier"?

    Moreover, the multiplier for the UK has to account for expenditure increases which are at market prices. As a result, these include import and fact costs which are not part of domestic product.. Thus rise in GDP will have to be calculated at factor cost, and should be related to the domestic-output content of expenditure. The MPC has been estimated at 0.9, and MPZ is 0.32, giving an import-adjusted MPC of 0.58.

    • Word count: 307
  8. The 4p's (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) Product 'Yathu's Supermarket' sells several of goods such as all groceries items, wines, alcohol, etc.

    So overall, we have to sell the products look desirable for the customers so that they will buy it. Price Price is also a major factor in determining how much sales and profit we make because customers normally look for cheap products so if we sell the products at a cheaper price then it is going to attract customers so eventually we are going to increase sales. So as we are a small business we have to lower our prices to a relatively low price than our competitors to catch customers' attention and try to persuade them to buy the product.

    • Word count: 825
  9. As a Company we have decided to sell dishwasher friendly decorated mugs. The group intends to but the mugs and decorate them with original patterns. Although mugs aren't the most exciting of products

    The Company has two main objectives: 1. To make high quality goods. 2. And to either break even or even better to make a profit. The company will make high quality goods but not only that they will be original and interesting. If these come out right it is likely that they may entice more possible customers to our stall. The company may nit be a worthwhile company to begin with, but if it was a proper shop; it is very likely that it would last, as then it would be able to sell a wide range of goods.

    • Word count: 653
  10. The new 3G technology would be a good new product for the company to introduce alongside the other wide range of mobile phones t-mobile has on offer. My advice

    The 3G phone will have wireless technology which will enable enhancements to current applications, including greater data speeds, increased capacity for voice and data and the advent of packet data networks versus today's switched networks. The new 3G mobile phones will enable users to access the internet. 2. The production processes will need to be carefully managed when manufacturing the new 3G mobile phones. There are three different types of production methods which could be used batch, flow and job production.

    • Word count: 756
  11. What have been the recent challenges to Steinway's Value Creation? CompetitionMain competitors are Yamaha - the largest piano manufacturer in the world.

    This resulted in declining sales and frequent order cancellations. The used pianos also pose an issue of how Steinway would hold well of its value creation at the customer end1. Relatively, Boston's piano introduction also further eroded Steinway's piano; a middle-range product an advance from the traditional offerings. * Competition Strong competition stem from Yamaha and other Asian brand of piano2. These new designs were built on highly automated systems and had quick assembly time than Steinways with a two year manufacturing time. * Customer relations services The competitors are better at rendering a highly valued after sales checks and feedback from their customers than Steinway.

    • Word count: 763

    Strengths- they remained #2 to Nike, which would not give them too much trouble passing over Nike. They contained World Wide distribution, which gave them a chance to try to win over customers in different countries. The best thing that they have is that they have good financial strengths. As long as they are maintaining a good financial status, they would be able to purchase more products and stay in competition with their competitors. Weakness- the weaknesses that Reebok has are; their main product is based on women's shoes, which are not a massive marketing product. Women's shoes are starting to sale because of the growth of women's sports but they will never be able to top the market of men's shoes.

    • Word count: 949
  13. Evaluation of my design and marketing for my ready to eat dessert.

    From a range of magazines I made a collage of different desserts and annotated it, I used this as a kind of brainstorm of ideas, such as the different layers and colours that could be used. The internet was a big help to my research as I used the supermarkets websites to find out prices of products and ingredients. In order to condense the range of desserts I was considering I made myself a speciation table, this stated the criteria my product should meet.

    • Word count: 755
  14. 'Act 2 Scene 1' How does Shakespeare use the conventions of a Masked ball to further the plot?

    Smooth varnished finish offers a good protection so no damage becomes of the cds Be designed and constructed with anthropremetrics in mind. It is easy for my customer to use. Have a durable finish that won't be marked or scratched easily. The finish is durable but may scratch the cds. Have rounded edges All edges were rounded off Be varnished It is varnished however some wood filler does show through Nicely shaped It is nicely shaped but Safe to use It

    • Word count: 405
  15. Competition and Regulation of Markets. A case study of BT.

    BT continued to be a state owned company up until 1984 when the Telecom Act was introduced and it was privatised. In the same year OFTEL was also created, a regulator which controlled the prices which BT set for its customers. OFTEL was set up in the interest of the customers, and focused on providing choice, value for money and quality of service for the customer via competition. As an OLIGOPOLY, BT faced little direct competition at the time. OFTEL therefore aimed to encourage more competition from other telecommunication companies by granting more and more telecoms companies licenses, it also disallowed BT to cross-subsidise its business.

    • Word count: 625
  16. The Boston Matrix

    But I would also suggest keeping some of their old lines, the more successful lines. This would lower the risk factor as the new product might not do as well as they expected and they would be ruined. They have to move into the "niche market" as the passage says that there will be no profits left. 2) Explain why it may be less of a risk for PLP to carry on with its present customers as well as forming a new "niche market" for the new product and using a different brand name.

    • Word count: 737
  17. Marketing Management

    Inadequate or no research could significantly hinder a company's growth and bankrupt a fledgling organization. How to Research There are several ways to conduct research for a product or business. No matter what approach you take, the following issues need to be considered: demographics, environment, legal, technical, and social. (Kotler 238) If a marketing plan includes information based on this list, a company will have a good idea how a product will perform. Each aspect can be divided into other subsets to help individualize the correct information required for a particular service or product. Examples of good questions are: What is the age and gender we are trying to reach?

    • Word count: 845
  18. Factors that influence an organisation on decision making

    These decision models allow the organisation to examine investment decisions to move towards a choice were the organisation would feel comfortable in reaching their objectives or goals. From this, predictions can be made on various options related to the organisations objectives. Relating to the decision model, organisations also need to know whether or not the company has any competitors, as this can bring changes to company's overall performance, relating to quality of a good or service of the company and to be superior over the competitor.

    • Word count: 719
  19. "Mini" Case Analysis for Squirrel Defense, Inc. (SDI)

    Rogers Consulting Services (hereafter, RCS) found the primary source of the problem to be in the manufacturing area of SDI's business. Upon the initial meeting and plant tour, the manufacturing facility was found to be small, cramped, dimly lit, dirty, cluttered, and unorganized. Partially assembled product was strewn all over multiple tables with no apparent purposeful order or placement. The second problem area RCS identified was with production cost. The Red Cedar Country Style feeder cost more to produce than the Town Style feeder, yet the Town Style feeder was marketed as a higher-priced item.

    • Word count: 891
  20. Glaxo report - Industry structure and key aspects

    The key point here is the amount of capital an organisation needs to enter into competition within the pharmaceutical industry.A lot of money is needed by these organisations as they are in the drug innovation `buiness', and as such the organisations need a high intellectual base to be able to conduct the lengthy amounts of research and development that is needed for prescription drugs. The high cost of bringing theses drugs through development might have also been wasted if they never see the market, due to them not being approved by the Fda (serentyde e.g)

    • Word count: 872
  21. Black & Decker Case Analysis.

    The Tradesman category was the fastest growing of the three categories in 1990. Black & Decker's product research showed that the share problem with Tradesman was not with product quality or brand awareness, rather with image. Black & Decker's move "from the garage to the house" diluted its image as a power tool company and made the brand name synonymous with household products such as Dustbuster and Spacemaker. Heavy promotion of household products served to increase power tool sales in the Consumer segment, possibly due to greater brand recognition/loyalty, while failing to increase sales in the Tradesman segment.

    • Word count: 756
  22. Hewlett-Packard: The flight of the Kittyhawk case study.

    With an enormous potential market, the development team sought out these opportunities and addressed the market needs per industry. In the development phase, faced with having to perform the team opted to go further up-market for their product introduction to PDA's. An emerging technology itself, the full needs of this market were not yet identified. When the software needed more memory the Kittyhawk team went further up market to subnotebook computers in their urgency to find a market for the product they had developed. 2. Name strength and a weakness related to the way HP structured and supported the Kittyhawk development team.

    • Word count: 717
  23. Critical evaluate "Criteria used by venture capitalists to evaluate new venture proposals" in Journal of Business Venturing

    Summaries of the journal According to the study, the most important criteria is "the quality of the entrepreneur that ultimately determines the funding decision." In the first part of the study, 24 criteria were scaled under 5 catalogs and use a survey method to examine the importance of them. The results of the study have found out that personality and experience, product and market characteristics and financial consideration are the most important criteria for venture capitalists to qualify the proposals. For personality and experience, the most important personality characteristics are evidence of staying power and an ability to handle risk.

    • Word count: 968
  24. Report for the Rainbow company - What is required to run the business properly?

    Budget- must have a budget so that they are able to have more control over their finances. I suggest zero budgeting so therefore they are aware of what they can spend before they start spending money on e.g. paper. C) Public Relations- go to different classes and explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. This may convince people to buy their product when they understand it is for a good cause. Price A) Listing Prices- Make sure that your prices are clear to see when they are presented on the table and easy and simple to understand.

    • Word count: 810
  25. Case Study: Olivia Lum - President and CEO of Hyflux Ltd

    At every sports day of Olivia's, grandma would bring along with her a big box. When asked why, grandma explained that it was meant to be filled up with the prizes that Olivia would win that day. Once, Olivia was bullied and when she came home scratched and bruised, grandma taught her a lesson of survival. She told Olivia that if she could put her mind to beat the bully, she could do it. Olivia confronted the bully again and did exactly what grandma believed she could. In another instance, Olivia was in an art competition where she had only colour pencils.

    • Word count: 949

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