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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. In What Ways Do 'Lee' Use Market Research to Their Advantage.

    These new products include 'Originals', '101s' and 'Icons'. Evidence Defining The Problem 'Lee' constantly researches into what the consumer needs and current fashions in order to make sure that they are providing the best product. They do this using a few different techniques. These include surveys and focus groups (primary data), as well as studying secondary data colleted form other market research companies. As a result of this, 'Lee' found a changing trend in the early 1990's. 'Lee' found that in the 80's, consumers were generally willing to go along with the masses, following the trend.

    • Word count: 935
  2. "When it comes to unwanted body fat, Strobby the herbal medicine accredited by many doctors, is all you need."

    It was from here on, he discovered his first and foremost successful weight loss product, Bonsal. 'A customer made a special requested for Bonsal, however it was not currently sold in the UK market, so I offered to be an exclusive national distributor for Bonsal, I did not realise how huge the market was, and how much potential Bonsal had in the slimming industry. Halai met The Observer at an upmarket Indian restaurant near his offices in Kingsbury, north-west London. His father who formerly owned an upmarket Indian restaurant in Kenya. And Halai's measured demeanour suggests nothing less than an upbringing in keeping with traditional Indian entrepreneurs.

    • Word count: 783
  3. Discussion on "Versatility Helps Oreo Fill Gaps In Market." The New York Times (New York) 4 October 2003.

    This growth can be attributed to Kraft's line extension1 of Oreo cookies. Fig. 1 However, developing too many new products is risky, as saturating the market with one brand can hurt sales. Also, Kraft stocks are currently falling as a result of reduced cookie sales, possibly because of the rising health concerns of consumers. As a result, Kraft has recently promised to lower levels of trans fatty acids in its foods. This should result in increased stock values in the future.

    • Word count: 552
  4. Introduction to Levi's jeans.

    Real cheek. He rides bike past computer networks in office, amazing workers. High technology boring and Serious money. Predictable no Excitement in their lives. Levi Strauss Signature(tm) Brand Offers Quality Clothing for the Value Channel in UK, France and Germany Levi Strauss Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) today announced its decision to bring a new jeanswear brand for the value channel, Levi Strauss Signature(tm), to the region. The decision follows months of research that confirms Levi Strauss Signature(tm) is a viable business opportunity for Levi Strauss & Co. in Europe - one that will be welcomed by the cost-conscious consumer. Today's decision follows the company's October 2002 announcement to launch Levi Strauss Signature(tm) in the American market.

    • Word count: 680
  5. The Marketing Mix.

    Place- this must be positioned conveniently for the customer to buy the product. If gets the four P's correct then they will be successful as it will be easy for them to attract customers. The Product Payne's Poppets product will be the showing of films, bowling games and refreshment sales. Payne's will need to be able to provide viewings of newly released films, keep the furnishings maintained and employ friendly and courteous staff in the cinemas and in all other sections of the business to ensure that their customers will return. Price The prices that the products are to be sold at should be at a level which the customer will believe to

    • Word count: 675
  6. What moves should Monsanto now make? How will it meet the challenge from Du Pont?

    Monsanto is clearly a technology company and research & development (R&D) is its future. As you've stated, you "can't run a technology business on a hope and a prayer that the European situation will improve in the near-term." The European Union (EU) postponed a vote on Monday, November 10, 2003; to begin importing GM food. With public opinion in Europe largely hostile to GM foods, it would be difficult to predict the outcome of the December 2003 vote.2 In the face of the EU position on GM, a key strategy for Monsanto should be China, which needs genetic research as a way to get the most from its arable land, which is already scarce.

    • Word count: 847
  7. Using MRP to explain Demand for Labour.

    Marginal revenue product is the measure used to answer that question. The wage is the same as the marginal resource cost of labour as long as the labour market is competitive. If the labour market is competitive, then the firm takes a wage from the supply and demand conditions in the labour market. The marginal resource cost is the change in total cost/the change in labour. The firm's goal is to maximise profit. As it considers hiring one more worker, it examines the additional cost and the additional revenue from that hiring, and decides whether or not hiring the workers adds or detracts from economic profit.

    • Word count: 946
  8. Advertisements are an attempt to con into buying a product based on it's image.

    Consumers are now easily tricked by unscrupulous advertisers do not keep what they have promised in their advertisements. An example of this would be the manufacturer of Carbonic Smoke b***s. They promised in their advertisement of offering �100 to anyone-who caught influence after using their product. When a woman go and claim the �100 the company refused. Furthermore there are instances that advertisers include false claims such as saying that using a specific product it would help you to grow your hair back when you are bald. Some adverts project wrong images to the target audience such as drinking and smoking are cool or are a sign of success.

    • Word count: 579
  9. The Sportswear Industry.

    Such retailers as JJB, JD, Foot Locker and others are able to sell a large variety of clothing to the consumers. Alongside these chain stores, that have more than one store and operate in different areas, there are many other independent shops that are mainly sole traders such as Northern Runner. These sorts of retailers can have geographical monopolies as their only compition being mail orders through Internet and postal orders. The internet has also been able to break some of these geographically monopolies as the internet can give cheaper prices for same goods and can also show a larger range and variety of goods.

    • Word count: 967
  10. Competition in business terms is where there are other companies or firms in the same sector as you and they will compete with you to try and get their product to do better than yours.

    They could also differentiate on availability for example opening long or unusual hours. If they changed on price, they would set a price that will allow a good profit and good value for money, they could use pricing methods such as competitive pricing - this is when a firm looks at the prices competitors are charging and bass their prices around this. If they changed on place they would have to sell their product at the right place and at the right time If they changed on promotion, they would need to promote their product in a way so that they can get a message across to the customer so that the customer reacts by buying the products.

    • Word count: 610
  11. The importance of advertising and public relations is shown through a number of ways.

    Advertising, public relations or both achieve this. For my campaign I will hope to be using both mediums to contact potential customers. To provide customer awareness of the business and its products/services This is to attract new customers to a business and its products/services and to hopefully increase the businesses sales and profits. Through doing this business' would hope to gain customer loyalty to the company's products. Potential customers may not be aware that the business exists and that it is offering a product that may be an improvement over the customers' current choice of product, for example the quality of product or service may be higher, or the business may be offering a more competitive price.

    • Word count: 770
  12. Health and beauty partnership with Oasis.

    All their packaging has been in brown wrapping paper. Oasis is now trying to expand by setting up outlets in approved shops and it is going to up its profile. Their range of health and beauty products will be sold initially at our Exeter shop under their "Oasis" brand names, however the overall scheme will be marketed under our name. We will be monitoring this operation very closely and are aware that sales of their products might detract from our brands.

    • Word count: 488
  13. By conducting a survey and asking people in the elderly age group but of different genders I can get a good overall conclusion of the type of products that the elderly look for and reasons for why this occurs.

    I wanted to know if the elderly people were generally active as if they aren't this can make a change to the diet they need as they wont be doing anything to burn of anything like excess fat. Four-fifths of all elderly people aid that they were active so I now know that my product doesn't have to be extremely low in fat unless it is a strict dietary requirement wanted by this age group. However, I don't imagine that elderly people are likely to be as active as people of a younger age so I will have to monitor the fat content going into my product so that it is still something fairly healthy for them to eat.

    • Word count: 799
  14. Ansoff Matrix - Ansoff is Igor Ansoff developed a common tool used within marketing in 1957

    Sony has won wide acclaim from games developers for its initial proposals for PlayStation 2, which was equipped with Internet access. Sony's research has recently been focusing on a number of hi-tech gadgets for digital audio and computer memory. Market Development The organisation adopts a strategy of selling existing products to new markets. A better understanding of segmentation can do this either, i.e. who else can possibly purchase the product or selling the product to new markets overseas. Sony hopes to start a first ever-broadband distribution platform for games for its upcoming PlayStation 2.

    • Word count: 917
  15. British Airways - Background to the current strategy.

    The Business Segmentation (figure 1) of mainline business shows the drag on business created by the poor performance in economy transfer markets. More than half of the value being destroyed is accounted for by long-haul to short-haul transfer passengers. Equivalent analysis of each segment by hub also highlights the difficulty created for British Airways by its split-hub operation, which is reflected in the poor performance of the Gatwick operation. Fleet and Network Strategy The new strategy aims to reduce our exposure to unprofitable market segments - short-haul and connecting leisure passengers - while strengthening our position in profitable markets which depend heavily on business travel to/from UK.

    • Word count: 972
  16. The four p's of business.

    The product can be almost anything, like - food products, vehicles, clothes etc. anything useful to the public that they might want or need. You would want to research a product that you would make a reasonable amount of profit off and wouldn't cost you too much to produce. Having the right product for your target market requires what they need and want. Place: Distribution is about getting the products to the customer. Some examples of distribution decisions includes: * Distribution channels * Market coverage * Specific channel members * Inventory management * Warehousing * Distribution centers * Order processing * Transportation * Reverse logistics The place refers to where your products and services are sold.

    • Word count: 545
  17. Business Strategy - assessing Kwik Save's situation both with internal and external factors.

    * Their pricing strategy is just above the cost of production as they don't use any value added costs. Marketing Strategy: Products They provide a variety of brands from "No Frills" to usual supermarket brands Price They provide low prices whic is to maximise sales rather than profit. Place They have many outlets compared to rivals and are situated in town centres Promotion They use "No Frills" and other cheap products to show their discounted prices. They also use the mission statements, and a good reputation Weaknesses: * With their discounted prices Kwik Save's social status is low and this means they only attract certain classes of people.

    • Word count: 990
  18. St.Leger Harley Davidson.

    The main disadvantages of becoming a ltd is there is a lack of capital due to no share issue and there is no benefits from the economy of scale, (e.g. bulk buying, cheaper buying etc). OBJECTIVES ? 1.TO INCREASE THE MARKET SHARE. -Harley Davidson aim to increase the market share because they know that the higher their market share the more recognisable they will become (you can always identify the major market leaders)

    • Word count: 472
  19. Marketing Strategy.

    a Rolls Royce than for a Lada. On the other hand, is one product worth more than another one of its alternatives? The business must look at the price very carefully to see if they have made the right decision. Promotion The product must be promoted because potential customers need to be aware the product exists. The main aims of promotion are to persuade, inform and make people more aware of a brand, as well as improving sales figures. Advertising is the most widely used form of promotion, and can be through the media of TV, radio, journals, cinema or outdoors (billboards, posters).

    • Word count: 945
  20. In this section I have to explain how at least three functional areas of one of the chosen business work together to support the business activity.

    The three functional areas Operations, Marketing and Research and Development have to work together to achieve the above aim. Market research is a process designed to link the business to customers through information they have collected. It is used to identify opportunities and make better decisions about products which have future market potential. Cadbury Schweppes found that there was a gap in the market for a 'chocolaty snack' and this promoted them to think about developing a new bar to fill this gap. The results of the market research where then passed onto R&D department to start work on creating a new product.

    • Word count: 569
  21. Identify how one business organization achieves it's competitive advantage - Sainburys.

    Sainsburys achieves competitive advantage from using marketing strategies. Sainsburys uses Marketing (A3) as a form of competitive advantage, using advertising as a main type of marketing. Advertising makes the customer more aware of the company and keeps it in mind. The company can then use this advertising to promote particular products. The latest form of marketing for Sainsburys is using a famous chef "Jamie Oliver" to promote Sainsburys own brand products (Page 2 of appendix). This will give some customers confidence to buy the products as it is used by a "famous" person.

    • Word count: 873
  22. The Ansoff Matrix.

    In static or declining markets, a firm pursuing a market penetration strategy is likely to face competition. Existing Markets/New Products - Product Development Product development is when the firm is making substantial modifications, additions or changes to its present product range, but it operates from the security of its established customer base. In research and development industries, product development may be the main direction of strategy because product life cycles are short, and because new products may be a natural spin-off form the research and development process.

    • Word count: 772
  23. Analysis of internal and external environment through PEST.

    Also the government might intervene with the manufacturing process of my product if there is a sudden shortage of raw materials which are used to make my product which result in preserving the raw material and less manufacturing of my product. Economical Economical Factors, which could influence the success of my prodct, would be the rate of inflation because the current rate of inflation is about 2 and half percent. So if I plan to make 1million pounds in ten years time I have to take into account that 1million pounds this year might only be worth 8 hundred thousand pounds in ten years time so my goal have to be realistic and allow for inflation.

    • Word count: 727
  24. Will the withdraw of UK Air and the transfer of BA flights from Heathrow to Gatwick affect the development of Inverness airport Inverness Airport is a small organisation situated on the Black isle in the Highlands Scotland.

    Its port mainly handles bulk shipments of petroleum products, grain, timber, and coal. Inverness is an important tourist destination both in itself and as a base for visitors touring the north of Scotland. Among local landmarks are a castle built on the site of a 12th-century fortification and the nearby Craig Phadrig, the remains of a fort dating from about the 4th century. This strategically located site was the Pictish capital in the 6th century. It was here in about 565 that St Columba converted the Pictish king Brude to Christianity. By the 12th century Inverness was a thriving trading community and had a royal castle.

    • Word count: 774
  25. Method of Analysing Marketing Opportunities - PESTLE.

    The price of my product is affected by the charges from the government on export taxes. My product will not be affected by pressure groups such as "green peace" or "NSPCC" because my product doesn't and won't harm the environment, as there is no animal testing being done by my product nor any other protests. The economic element is quite a similar factor as the political. However, Unemployment is an affect on the production and sales of my product. If unemployment is high, then there is less disposable income to spend on products each week, which lead to less sales of my shampoo.

    • Word count: 721

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