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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Article 1: Boycott of Arla Foods in Middle East, a Danish company seling to Muslims

    Outside Europe, the Middle East is Arla Foods' most important market, with Saudi Arabia as the largest single market. Butter, feta, processed cheese and full-cream milk powder are the core products in Middle Eastern markets. "Our challenge is to regain consumer confidence in the Middle East," Managing Director Peder Tuborgh told Arla Foods' 140 co-operative members and 10 staff representatives gathered at the Board of Representatives' meeting in Aalborg on Wednesday and Thursday. "Despite the difficult situation, we believe that Arla has a future in the Middle East," adds Peder Tuborgh.

    • Word count: 1288
  2. which supermarket is preferred

    It illustrates how most people choose cheaper goods and a vast product range over a superior quality of product and service. Product Product range is the variety of different products an organisation sells. It is what a business must think about thoroughly before they start up and will account for a lot in the future, as customers will then begin to realise the advantages of having a large variety of goods. Product range is especially important for businesses such as supermarkets because the whole aim of a supermarket is to provide a wide variety of products in one place.

    • Word count: 1778
  3. Using Porters' Five Forces theory, analyse the competitive environment of a business of your choice - Sainsbury's Plc

    The UK grocery market was valued at an estimated �103.4bn in 2001. The core business of supermarkets is food sales and expenditure on food in the UK has been growing every year for over a decade. In order to analyse the competitive environment of Sainsbury's I will use Porter five force theory model, as it is the most significant model to analyse a businesses environment. Figure 1: Source: Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors. (M.E Porter) From the above diagram we can clearly see that Porter identifies five major forces that drive competition.

    • Word count: 1908
  4. Swatch and The Global Watch IndustryIssues Facing the Swatch Company:The Swatch Watch Company recovered from near bankruptcy in the early 1980s

    As a result, the industry plunged in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Many companies and groups went bankrupt. Included were the two major groups that Hayek, together with a group of investors, bought back from Swiss creditors. In just a few years, they lifted the merged company (the Swatch Group) out of financial turmoil. Through strategic initiatives, they streamlined and rejuvenated many of the brands. These moves, as well as launching the Swatch brand, helped bring the Swiss industry back into the global game.

    • Word count: 1879
  5. Task 2 - Marketing Activities

    These are Jupiter Sports' objectives because this is new small firm coming into a market. Jupiter Sports has objectives which are obtainable. This activity is done so that company can expand; promote the company (increasing the status of the company), setting a target which can be reached, etc. Investigating what the customer wants - this is going to be done by doing research- investigate what the customers want, one possibility of doing this is by doing questionnaire where you ask the general public what they want.

    • Word count: 1135
  6. Beccel Margarine

    Despite Beccel's high level of success, Beccel now faces a declining growth rate due to a number of competitive factors. The most significant competition Beccel Margarine faces is butter. The Dairy Bureau is aggressively marketing butter as the natural, better tasting choice. The butter industry leads the category in advertising spending, with annual spending of nearly $7 million. Butter companies are adding fuel to the fire by entering the margarine business as well. Though these category extensions hold a relatively low market share, they do pose a threat to Beccel.

    • Word count: 1106
  7. The product I have chosen to study is Dairy milk which is a popular brand Cadbury's chocolate. To evaluate it I will need to look at the good and bad points of the marketing strategy. Marketing is the business activity

    something with unique selling points such as a brand name and good packaging. The price must be one which the customer thinks is good value for money. The product must be promoted well so that potential customers know that it exists i.e. by advertising on TV, radio, billboards etc. And finally the product has to be available in a place which customers find convenient i.e. phone shops, supermarkets. I will also carry out some market research on my product, analyse it and evaluate it. Methodology In order to achieve my aims I will need to carry out some market research on my product.

    • Word count: 1491
  8. Market Segmentation

    Segmenting by social class is an advantage because you can target specific wage earners so, for example if you want to sell a product is it is more suitable you target a certain earning group who might buy the product. If I was going to segment 'Jupiter Sports' by social class then I would have targeted for example people with income of �10,000 to �20,000 per year. Gender Some businesses aim their products specifically at one gender so producing a range of products for women and separate range of products for men.

    • Word count: 1424
  9. In the world of controller microprocessors for PCs, there are only two real players, Intel and AMD.

    Its revenues for 2005 were $38.8 billion. Its Fortune 500 ranking is 50th. The AMD official website (2006) provides the information of AMD, which is known as Advanced Micro Devices, Intel's biggest competitor is an American manufacturer of integrated circuits, it is the second-largest supplier of x86-compatible processor, and a leading supplier of non-volatile flash memory, it was founded in 1969 by a group of defectors. AMD is the 15th among the worldwide top 20 semiconductor sales leader with revenues in 2005 of US$3.9 billion Up until now, Intel has been able to charge a little more for its chips, while AMD has charged less.

    • Word count: 1875
  10. To identify PepsiCo strategic capability, it is important to analyse PepsiCo's resources and competences in order to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals in the market.

    To evaluate PepsiCo's strategic capabilities it is vital to analyse the value chain along with the resources and competences in order for them to gain competitive advantage. It is also important to evaluate Critical Success Factors (CSFs) that Pepsi perform to be successful and outperform its competitors. 2.2 The Value Chain Analysis For PepsiCo to achieve competitive advantage it must deliver value to customers and understand how value is created or lost. Below is a diagram of the value chain within an organisation and the keys points are followed Firm Infrastructure To build PepsiCo worlds consumer products company on convenient foods and beverages.

    • Word count: 1304
  11. Too often product placement is not seen as part of the overall long term brand strategy. The thought is to get it in and get it visible, but we know the rules have changed and the consumer is filtering out more and more messages

    The problem is when brands forget that the most effective placement is the narrative looking to them. (Stanley, 2002) Is simultaneous distribution working for Wagner? Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban are experimenting with this "day-and-date" model utilizing various independently owned media properties, with a goal of providing a new distribution channel to consumers by giving them a choice of how, when and where they wish to see a movie. (Waxman, 2006) The ideal to date has been a success so far.

    • Word count: 1089
  12. Dalbog mineral water is a business owned by a farmer who wishes to reduce his reliance on farming. He has a borehole on his land which provides a mineral water and so the farmer wishes to install a small bottling plant

    This is where the competitor's annual sales can be found as well as various other company information. Secondary research should also be used to: * Define market trends and competitive structure over the past five years * Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing suppliers of water. E.g. their prices, promotions, distribution and service * Become familiar with the main buyers of water * Identify the main buying criteria when purchasing Exhaust all aspects of secondary data as it is remarkably cheaper and less time consuming than primary data. Secondly, primary research must be used to establish the market potential and to indicate appropriate market entry strategies.

    • Word count: 1449
  13. The product that I am promoting is the Ford Sport Ka, the nature of the product is that is has many advanced features such as the car is more wider, lower and more aggressive

    This product will be positioned in 2 of the main segments which are "quality" and "value for money". This product fits into these two segments very well as it offers consumers a very high quality product at excellent value for money. This product has many unique selling points such as the car comes fitted with a Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) immobiliser as standard, a 95 PS 1.6i engine and comes with sports suspension and short throw gearshift. These unique selling points will help with selling the product as it will differentiate the product from the competitors products.

    • Word count: 1207
  14. Market Size

    Toy manufacturers also will compete with a number of "hot products" i.e. tamagochi * Threat of New Entrants The threat of new entrants is relatively high due to the continuously changing nature of the world and local trends as well as the unpredictable behaviour of the end-users. Due to customers' high brand loyalty, it will be hard for new players to enter without having a good and well-known reputation. In addition, new entrants must have build good partnerships and contacts with the major retailers.

    • Word count: 1311
  15. How does the Virgin(TM) Cola advertisement challenge the stereotype of elderly people?

    This is a good image to create when presenting the product to an American audience, as it encourages the selling of the product. The audience's attention is always fixed on the key image, whether it uses graphics or an attractive model or spokes person. The image should captivate the buyer and compel them to think about the product. Adverts also tend to subconsciously promote their products by appealing to our secret fantasies and wants such as desire, snobbery etc. For example, the Ferrero Rocher(tm)

    • Word count: 1004
  16. kotler01_OUTLINE

    Needs = A state of felt deprivation. Wants are shaped by one's society and are described in terms of objects that will satisfy needs. 2. Wants = The form taken by a human need as shaped by culture and individual personality. When backed by buying power, wants become demands. 3. Demands = Human wants that are backed by buying power. Given their wants and resources, people demand products with benefits that add up to the most value and satisfaction.

    • Word count: 1362
  17. Authentics VS Fakes in Global Industry

    According to Business Week (February 7, 2005), counterfeiting accounts for 5% to 7% of world trade. This is one of the biggest challenges in the era of globalization. Multinational companies and outsourcing companies affected by this counterfeits' problem as well. The article states that businesses outsource some activities such as production to less developed countries, for example China, which has a lower labor cost. Their aim is to export those products to sell in the foreign market. However, the same production also creates counterfeits and supplies them to both its local markets and the rest of the world.

    • Word count: 1672
  18. Marketing Myopia

    The railway industry was dying, as they were railroad oriented instead of transportation oriented. Industries that fall under the category of marketing myopia have defined their businesses too narrowly, never seeing their product or service through the eyes of customers. Hollywood claimed it was in the movie business. When Hollywood studios began to lose ground to television, executives were forced to see that they were in the entertainment business. These insights were both painful and slow to come. Organizations should concentrate on meeting customer needs rather than selling products. As in the article, chemical powerhouse DuPont kept a close watch on its customers needs and wants and deployed its technical know how to create an ever expanding array of products that appealed to customers and continuously enlarged its market.

    • Word count: 1513
  19. Project Proposal

    Most of the technology world is lamenting the death of WAP or anxiously awaiting the arrival of 3G telecommunications. This research project will give me a chance to study, evaluate various technologies, which are available in the market or are up-coming. IS/IT change management module has been a part of my course curriculum (MBA- IT), this being the only core module which makes me stand apart from other regular MBA students (Finance, Marketing) lead me to base my research on upcoming technologies and strategic changes which may get involved with these technologies, which could change face of the future.

    • Word count: 1635
  20. Set out the distinctive features of the perfectly competitive model pf the market for goods and services? What are the implications for a business strategy aimed at enhancing profitability?

    Number of Buyers and Sellers- The power of a seller to influence the market depends upon its share in the total supply. Smaller is the number of sellers, larger would be the share of each firm in total supply and, therefore, larger would be the power of the firm to influence the price. On the other hand, if the number of sellers in the market were large, the power of a seller to influence the market would be less.

    • Word count: 1871
  21. In this assignment you are asked to critically appraise the adaptation of marketing philosophies to agribusiness, using the core marketing management philosophies identified by Kotler, Fitzroy & Shaw (Reading 1, pp. 21-26) as your primary theoretical focu

    There are five philosophies under which organisation conduct their marketing activities: > Production concept > Product concept > Selling Concept > Marketing Concept > Societal Marketing Concept THE PRODUCTION CONCEPT Production concept emphasizes priority of production itself. It is considered to be one of the oldest and most applied concept that guide sellers. It is based on assumption that customer will favour products that are available and highly affordable. Manufacturers do not pay much attention to the width, depth and consistency of the production program, but concentrate on finding the ways how to increase production and distribution efficiency.

    • Word count: 1980
  22. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company

    At this time, he resigned as Chief Executive Officer of the company. He was trying to prepare the company so that a new CEO with experience in this system would be able to flourish. In 1995, Patrick Burns became the New CEO of the company. Mr. Burns and a new chief Finance Officer, Elisabeth Robert began new strategies for the company. They began to open more stores and produced an expanded catalog, at the same time they cut back on advertising for the bear grams.

    • Word count: 1472

    An economic trend with profound effects on operations of Western European confectionery companies has to do with the cost of labour. Growing wages are currently pushing production of confectionery products out to Central and Eastern Europe. In particular, the Czech Republic is emerging as new centre for European confectionery production2. Companies that do not quickly adapt to this trend will find themselves at a cost disadvantage, which will hinder their competitiveness in the industry. Changes in world demographics also have weighty sociocultural implications for the confectionery industry.

    • Word count: 1833
  24. Avon, the world largest direct seller of a beauty and beauty-related products

    Problem Statements: How Andrea Jung implemented the strategy for achieving the successes for Avon. Analysis: Andrea Jung build new vision and strategic plan for Avon that called for it to introduce highly innovative new products; build new lines of business; transform its value chain and business process; make the internet a critical link in its direct selling business model; rebuild its image; enter the retail sector; and update its direct sales model. For boost up the sales in CFT industries, product innovation is vital. Product innovation needs a strong R&D team. With strong R&D team, Avon R&D team succeed developing new product called Retroactive, an antiaging cream ,with total sales $100 million in the first year on the market.

    • Word count: 1542
  25. Marketing - Business Planning Criteria and Definitions

    Rates of economic growth, inflation, consumption patterns, income distribution and many other economic trends determine the nature of the products and services required by consumers. Influences might include: * Inflation * Unemployment * Energy prices * Price volatility Inflation would cause immense financial damage to my company, as if the money slowly becomes worthless, then my company would not be bringing in any money-thus not making any financial gain. Unemployment would also damage my company, as my product is not a necessity, there would be no demand for my product.

    • Word count: 1182

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