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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Organizational learning and strategic renewal

    Data were incorporated into the bins and compared to corresponding archival data to develop interpretation. Finally, they summarize the key finding for the four learning processes as well as feed- forward and feedback. They conclude that it is necessary to first describe organizational learning and then assess whether the organizational learning process is appropriate for the organization, given its context. The main features of CPC's strategy formation process The CPC changed from a Canadian corporate- owned enterprise to retail- franchised postal outlets, it affects the features of the CPC's strategic renewal. Firstly, the individual envision result in an important strategic step on the path from physical to electronic delivery of mail.

    • Word count: 1565
  2. Karl Polanyi has been recognised as a prominent economic historian particularly with his work The Great Transformation written in 1944. Despite the time elapse of more

    Social relations are determined by economic relations while previous economic arrangements were 'embedded' in social relations. In his view, "the goal of a fully self-regulating market economy that is disembedded is a utopian project; it is something that cannot exist."2 He aimed to have much focus on the interaction between society, economy and politics by using the concept of 'embeddedness'. Without it, he says, "human beings would perish from the effects of social exposure; they would die as the victims of acute social dislocation through vice, perversion, crime, and starvation. Nature would be reduced to its elements.

    • Word count: 1102
  3. What is the cultural significance of advertising? The two texts given by Dallas Smythe and Raymond William

    So therefore we have helped with advertising, by using the word-of-mouth strategy. For example, fashionable things like mobile phones, we've looked at our friends new mobiles and observed the technology and quality, which have in my case influenced another to buy the same phone. However, mobiles are a good example in terms of advertising, the Sony Eriksson k700i, has radio, nevertheless, the new Sony Ericsson, has everything the k700i has but has a walkman. The public buys the new phone just because of the extra technology.

    • Word count: 1610
  4. Apple Computer, Inc. - short company overview

    Whether it is the structure of the competition or degree of differentiation, Apple must carefully evaluate each aspect. The structure of competition is more intense if there are many equally sized competitors. While Apple's presence is a considerable in the education PC market, many schools were not pleased with the Apple's education sales team changes that took place back in 2000. Not only did Apple eliminate its contracted education sales team, it made far less direct contact with schools then previously. As a result, Apple's market share had shrunk, giving competitors like Dell and Gateway opportunities to increase their presence.

    • Word count: 1078
  5. The joke within the text, " SAVE A TREE, EAT BEAVER" involves an absence, the absence being the meaning. The joke itself, and the referential system it uses to humour etc., implies what is missing, the meaning.

    The given piece of discourse exemplifies several genres at once. There is 'joke', discourse, and 'magazine' represented at once, none are mutually exclusive. But it also is the promotion of the product for sale through impersonal media. The ad is not limited to its definition by what its sells, but it is also amusing and misinforming. I chose the advert because possibly its purposes reflect my values, through humour and group or identity association, I felt I could buy into the product as I felt individualised as a consumer.

    • Word count: 1878
  6. Who is thinking differently?

    As Time claimed, "manufactures of clothing, motor cars, and other consumer products are merging into giant, cross border enterprises to take advantages of economies of scale, and to bear the ever-growing expenses of marketing and technology". The "best practice" strategy the MNEs used has worked incredibly well in the last 20 years. Best practice formalizes the seemingly intelligent idea that the company find out that does the best in the industry and then seeks to replicate it. The MNEs applied the most efficient manufacturing, marketing and even managing methods into every niche of the organisation.

    • Word count: 1191
  7. Deregulation and a Easyjet case study

    They had claimed that excessive competition was a dream without application to the structurally competitive airline industry. According to Morrison and Winston (1986), the industry after regulation has been operating more efficiently trough economic measures. The majority of firms has increased their profitability and the most operative airlines has offered more services between small and medium cities thanks to cost reduction. To conclude, the deregulation gives to consumer an important gain. 85% to 90% of passengers now travel at reduced fares within the European Union. DEREGULATION INTO THE EUROPEAN UNION During the eighties, the positive experiences with airline deregulation in the United States, the lobby of airlines and consumers in favour of deregulation, the new economic theories and the European Unification process allowed the deregulation and the unification of the European aviation market.

    • Word count: 1811
  8. MACROECONOMIC SITUATION IN POLAND NOW AND IN THE FUTURE 2.1 Demographic situation in Poland[1]Present situation

    Optimal fertility factor is 2,1-2,15 what means that there are at average 2 children per woman at age of 15-49. There is observed a constant improvement in life length of Polish nation since 90's. Without robust changes in deaths conditions of populations the anticipation of life length for boys born in 2003 is 70,5 and for girls is 78,9 years. In comparison to 1990 an average life length of men is 4 years longer and 3,4 year longer in case of women.

    • Word count: 1132
  9. Applied Marketing Research: Produce a qualitative research proposal using information gathered from the non-profit organisation

    The aims os ASH are as follows: * Banning all forms of tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion; * Raising tobacco prices through the tax system; * Tackling smuggling and the role played by tobacco companies in promoting it; * A comprehensive NHS response to nicotine addiction and support for cessation; * Major public communications programmes aimed at encouraging all smokers to quit and non-smokers not to start; * Increasing provision of smoke-free places - at work, in public places, and through persuasion and awareness-raising, in the home - with a view to eliminating all involuntary smoke exposure; * Consumer protection

    • Word count: 1264
  10. The aim of this report is to explore if Primark's current website is adding any value to their brand and why they have chosen to go online. Has Primark mirrored its offline success online?

    Mass customisation has been defined as "A web site where the content and experience are tailored to the individual user based on their established user heritage and other information..." This is practically not existent as there is nothing that could appeal to the individual user as it holds mainly corporate information. Therefore it seems that Primark's website best fits the Information/content publishing style. To evaluate whether the site has effective design, three key areas can be looked into. (E-marketing, lecture 5, 4/11/05)

    • Word count: 1544
  11. Businesses can choose where to locate. Choice of location is critical and could be a major factor in if the business is successful.

    affecting location For every potential site, the business needs to look at a combination of factors in order to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each factor. If a site is to be chosen, it will be the site that provides the best result but not necessarily the best in every category. All of the factors have to be assessed and ranked in order of importance to make a final choice for where to locate. Some of the factors are: * The need to be close to the customers * Nearness to raw materials and natural resources * Transport

    • Word count: 1076
  12. Southwest Airlines: PR Communication Process Analysis Effective communication is key to any businesses success

    Both the encoding and decoding are essential in communicating any public relations message. Once the receiver has the message, feedback is normally given. According to Seitel, one key to effective communication is feedback. "Feedback is communication that helps a source control a receiver's behaviors (Seitel). With feedback, both the sender and receiver of the message have opportunity to persuade and be persuaded. Feedback also enables a sender to evaluate his/her message by using the feedback that is received. By using this feedback, companies can make improvements to the original plan or message. Southwest Airlines has used effective communication to grow from a small Texas intrastate airline, into the fourth largest airline in the United States (Kim).

    • Word count: 1216
  13. Why do governments intervene in agricultural markets? Outline and compare the effects of price support mechanisms and income support mechanisms giving details of the effects on welfare of consumers, producers and taxpayers in both cases

    Unpredictable harvest output as a result of pests and bad weather can explain the existence of these considerable price fluctuations. However in contrast to the unpredictable supply of agricultural products, the demand remains relatively constant, since the price elasticity for food is very low. As a result of this unpredictable supply and relatively constant demand, large differences can occur between supply and demand resulting in the need for changing prices in order to form a new equilibrium. For example, following the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Europe producers received record prices for EU pork due to the supply

    • Word count: 1171
  14. State whether you consider EA is on course to become "the biggest and best entertainment company in the world", giving your reasons for and against this claim.

    Technological Broadband penetration * The Ryanair website saving money on staff costs, agents' commissions and computer reservation charges as well as the substantial extra revenue from advertising and selling ancillary services directly and commission on sales of other services. Environmental Climate Protection charge on aircraft taking off and lauding in the EU * The environmental fee would have the effect of doubling money no-frills operators' fares. EU directive on noise requirement by 1 April 2002 * 14 of Ryanair's airplanes required the installation of hushkits.

    • Word count: 1630
  15. Consider L & P is in the oligopoly market structure.

    It exists when an industry is in the hands of a single producer. There are not many examples on the current market. From the information I received from Latchford & Pickering, I compare the above situations and I would consider L & P is in the oligopoly market structure. There are three main characteristics of an oligopoly, these are: firstly there is some product differentiation, secondly there a few dominant firms and finally each of the firms are interdependent. In this tool hiring industry there are seven main firms competing for market share.

    • Word count: 1980
  16. operations management

    He feels it is a far greater risk to the unique 'Cadbury Dairy Milk' (CDM) flavour and texture. Engineering development director The concern of the engineering director when choosing between the two machines is that he feels the new technology conch offers too many advantages over the "conventional" conch. This is mainly expressed in financial terms, as the new technology conch would make considerable savings to annual cost. He is also concerned that competitors such as Mars, Rowntree-Nestle are investing heavily in new technologies in their factories and Cadbury could be left behind, which could leave them less competitive.

    • Word count: 1994
  17. The main objective of the RAN pilot project was to extend geographic coverage of broadband availability to towns in the Scottish Borders which were regarded as poor investment opportunities by the incumbent supplier (BT).

    Agreement from THUS plc who deliver the core network has been agreed informally. A project change control note will be drawn up by legal counsel to formalise this contractual agreement. There are currently 120 customers (home and business users) subscribed to the RAN service each receiving a service from one of 4 ISP's (Scotland Online, Abel Internet, Lumison and Demon). As part of the early exit from the pilot project the board of SBRB Ltd have agreed that a compensatory payment will be made to the Internet Service Provider to cover the cost of migrating the customer to the ADSL network and the cost of an ADSL modem or router.

    • Word count: 1687
  18. Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives of Ikea.

    This can be reducing all prices permanently. The Human Resources idea is 'Going down to Earth, straightforward people the possibility to grow, both as individuals and in their professional roles, so that together we are strongly committed to creating a better everyday life for our ourselves and our customers'. The vision, business idea and human resources idea has to be accomplished together, in order for IKEA to achieve their company aims and objectives and to succeed their business. VISION HUMAN BUSINESS IDEA RESOURCES IDEA Company Aims An aim represents a long-term goal of a business.

    • Word count: 1654
  19. The Vermont Teddy Bear Co. did well up until 1994. In 1995, Mr. Sorino gracefully resigned as a result of the company declining financial situation. He however supported the hiring of a new CEO that would lead the company into its future success.

    However, this tactic failed when customers grew confused. The company reverted to its original name, The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc. In the attempt to reestablish themselves, the company shifted its emphasis away from Bear-Grams to retail stores. When was not as profitable as they expected them to be, Bear -Grams once again, became their focus. Scanning the Environment The purpose of scanning is to monitor, evaluate and disseminate information in the environment, which can have an impact on the organization as a whole. Knowing your external environment makes you aware of your company's opportunities and threats.

    • Word count: 1452
  20. Identify The Body Shop's generic strategy and use the value chain to analyse to illustrate the application of the generic strategy and also as the source of the organisation's competitive advantage.

    It employs this strategy as its 'green' products are differentiated from the rest of the cosmetics market. It does not use this advantage to warrant a price premium however as this would be against company ethos. Anita Roddick wants everyone to be able to help the environment and therefore charging a reasonable price gives everyone the opportunity to do so. The Body Shop brand is used extensively to differentiate the company from the rest of the industry as identified by Porter (1985)

    • Word count: 1353
  21. Will Tesco's large business development be beneficial???

    Tesco made a lot of progress in the years of the war. Eventually the self-service stores came to Great Britain after the Second World War and the first one was opened by Cohen in St Albans in 1948. I got my information from many sources the first was from the internet; this gave me information on then background information on how the business was established and who the main people and creators are. Another source that I used was a guest speaker called Mrs Regan.

    • Word count: 1353
  22. "Change in Acquisitions - Manageable revolution or wishful thinking"

    In fact, the consulting company KPMG noticed a worldwide decrease of 56% on M's&A's in the first half of 2002. But at the same time you can see that in particular branches of business the rate is still increasing. Mergers and acquisitions of other companies have been getting easier and more attractive in a certain way than in former times. It's getting easier to overtake a company by the method of stock change as well as by a hostile over-take like the Mannesmann/Vodafon case shows us.

    • Word count: 1040
  23. "Economics is the study of how society decides what, how and for whom to produce."

    There is also the consumer's income to consider. As incomes rise the demand for certain goods will fall, (inferior goods) and the demand for other goods will rise, (superior goods). The price of those goods is not what influences the change in demand, the increase in income is. Finally there are the tastes and preferences of the consumers. Dropping the price of out of date technology, however drastic, will not increase demand. (i.e. the demand is inelastic for the duration of the trend or generation of technology.)

    • Word count: 1299
  24. "Every diversification decision is an entry decision" - Discuss this statement in terms of its implications for the success of new business diversification.

    Second, the greater financial reward would trigger firms to take on new ventures, especially these firms who foresee the growth limitation of their existing core business. Like Microsoft, it started with the OS business, and then it expanded its business into software applications, Internet Browser, database system and many, many more. Third, a favorable repositioning for the current business and a potential future overall business growth could be another force to motivate firms to consider diversification. Head Ski, after an initial success by selling premium priced Skis, expanded the product lines including poles and skiwear.

    • Word count: 1463
  25. "Identifying, developing, and delivering a superior value proposition is the true touchstone of Marketing". Discuss.

    Customers also now demand what Palmer (2000) refers to as, the augmented product. This would include, low energy usage, extended warranties, free delivery after purchase, or interest free credit. These secondary and augmented aspects of the product, amount to the overall superior value proposition given by the company to the customer. The challenge that an organisation faces, is how best to employ its scarce resources to add value to the total product or service offer, whilst meeting the demands of various stakeholders.

    • Word count: 1498

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