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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. This essay will deal with the differences and similarities of an extract from No Logo by Naomi Klein called Autumn, and the first chapter of the book Culture Jam by Kalle Lasn. The reason why to be focused on the

    As a result of this change, corporations were vastly focused on theirs brands that consequently production became secondarily. As she states, manufacturers rather buy products and "brand" them2. On the other hand, Lasn also highlights the changes on the nowadays ways of American�s lives, yet due to the media environment shaping people�s lives, "living inside the post-modern spectacle has changed people3". Consequently, there has been a break up between the new society and nature. According to Lasn people follow their mediated selves and he also states " we have gone from living in a natural world to living in a manufactured one4".

    • Word count: 2451
  2. This report is looking at the market for fish and sea foods which will include figures and information relating to fin fish and shell fish in the form of fresh or chilled fish, frozen fish and fish products

    Bird's Eye, owned by Permira, commands second place in the market share for frozen fish and fish-based (fin fish) ready meals with 21% and 19% share in the sea foods market in 2007. (Mintel 2008). Other brands only take up 5% of frozen fish and fish-based ready meals market and 3% of frozen seafood market in 2007 (Mintel 2008). Companies offering other brands are Johnson's Seafarms, Lyons Seafood and The Big Prawn Company. Estimated brand shares of frozen fish and fish-based ready meals, 2007 Mintel 2008 Estimated brand shares of frozen seafood, 2007 Mintel 2008 Of the 49% share in

    • Word count: 2867
  3. Analysis of the South African Wine Industry

    Distell's crop was 8% lower than the annual average, while SA as a whole expected a rise of 1.4% to 1.28 million tons for the year. Last year, wine production slipped by 3% and stocks continued to decline, having now dropped by 22% since 2007. Part III - International Operations Strategy After analyzing the internal and external environment, Hill provides a simple but clear framework for an international operations strategy that we can suggest for W&W to consider in their final decision making process.

    • Word count: 2707
  4. Mad Science, a children's education franchise which has a successful business around the globe. Now they want to enter new markets to expand business. This report seeks to carry out an external analysis of the Mad Science and the potential markets they

    It has successful business around the globe. Now it wants to expand its operations into the new markets. This report is mainly to address and analyze the issues facing the Mad Science as it embarks on expansion. In the first part, this report analyzes the Mad Science's external micro-environment factors and discuses the most suitable market. In the second part, it discusses the external macro-environment factors and competitive factors of the Chinese market based on the PEST analysis and Porter's Five Forces.

    • Word count: 2003
  5. Pricing Method in Marketing. Our company Huberdale Watches has selected to produce superior products. Our aim is to set appropriate price for our brand which will satisfy our customers and gain income. We expect to take control of a large p

    We believe that this is the most appropriate way to examine the problem and achieve the expected results. We have chosen and compared two pricing methods which we think are most suitable. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each method and their application for our product. Then we decided which one is better. The first method we chose is the cost-based one. It is simple to use and works by calculating the costs of the manufacturing of the product, distributed costs, research and development costs and by adding a certain percentage for the final price.

    • Word count: 2978
  6. marketing

    ϥ��,�A �00��=�PG��b81�%�1/4F�d;E. 6!�����L^��v�;�=-(r)�J...�Dӧ��)((��9fJ�B�BT�Â� #*i0�-���B��F�KV&xp��BT�D�]��"ÚI���<���Í�M H�.]�-�?é¡ji�Ë��y��E3/4_���Ð&x�Q�k1z>K���^��8�������C"�䳥�E��xTHjt t ���X 1/2D�'�p� ��'!�R&�(lb�"��F��/��(�a*s� rx �9(c)�D�� �"1а�9?4�? 3��D��i�p'(c)r'21/[email protected]�s�7:��i�c��H��"B&�(r)G�V%�e�>"�g(r)�oc��|���Ed3/4��Y �1�pÏ���G�j�\ Q�����&�p��R(c)DB(� y�:C.e(tm)��4k�("�g�1/2� �"2X*d���.H R�'3/4f0�=...�OE� �e\��iiج�s"�Ç�y0���`Yce1�<�1/4;3��(tm)C�EH1c�[�" f�q�!P�(��� -K�3/4z���� �yH0 ��ÊI�� �s��]����x\������ +Z�[email protected]��[�~!�1/4'�h��Nm-1/2��b��1�" >�fys!h�$���%ʪ-'�"sV�-"c O8)b(�{��p:PY��"�(tm)~a� 91/4�\��|��"w��L�{���$%5-�*'�U���*��ÆA�k%� �P�� Û&>@��c"�.� �L(c)�@��P"�\Q"�H3�� -�:R�����0-��oD�,�:�6*���(RGhh�%�SL��-"u��!-"�'Ö´T�U-Vs:��CP� ��D��'�w(r) ��"�c� -P*D"�b"&:(tm)G�|��uS4�"`�P��(r)�2v1"�U+G'[email protected]�uu���q�-s �V�xw'a �"�^W* BU��2��waZ?�)��(c=F����...U|S�4��zv��'K���j�'��"��Ês 0�(1 j�� �L� ���*m'���A��a^�7|Q��j1/2^O��Ţ �."�h1Å4/Z�C0��(c)lY�1/4�qä¸'�Nx3/4�Ek���01/4e��4J3Ab��J gF7�iG�U/~u�"< ��y��'V I��O1+�"_�gG�&j��nGq{t(�Ť1/2r"TÇ?!���1�Wm��% ���� ;Qyvti�3bN�C��_<m�n�# �j���'.f�P�������4��"��(tm)��1/4 | �&�gx�Ý"t��'��5N�tw�S�����X�7]����K��x"�hl���"`.(�U�"6��^1/2�l��...%�)���*��]�����V��<&��-'��)~Ds�,'�V���m�G-m��5��&Ò�!��(C��"j��Y� h����Wp"�k��}JOp���}���� Ý���o(r)�"N���ω7��(7b� ��m���r�����|1�*}l�W�O��_�t�84:"(r)��Yl�-ÏZ� �L�(tm)g �����'mV����1��j��\'z��%��"�X4�-�cIB�W�d f�:UJ1/2Q�_=,P�J"��%N"P#�\���WOT���3/4$R�(c)�$:'5B�G�1�JG�%�(tm)�...iIF� "�Qr_�6�P�>C��X�_� -æ-(c)�3/4�Ci'� ��9��=W&zv+Æ·}�W`y��t1~b�R�E�-z����A�t�h�BN>� �&�sT�1/2-m;���W��ܸ���q1/4�����~�w�1/2 Pr� '�Ïa?����+�r�Ҭ�{Gi��'[�E�� ^�'I�O�K�-(c)�((c) ��zC"I�=)��T�~��?aG��TEJ����i�)'H��(r)�p �0��*t>(c)�"�b��*�4��M��T�DJ-��h�����< MV"�"� {�ӷ�2��?�"�"� �(c)G91/4dtlsØG} �]`�-Û�a�l���b�c.i�P��}�Y�G������...� �8&�z��4� ����GB�7��"s/9[Q����-_��Wn�8�Ec~� �|�K�Ý��1/4 l=�� 'sE7%����z��� ������� ]� ��,��O�������76�>H�� (�� �ӱ�r�dŨ�+#F?��3��J{x�$l�...�S��1F�Fn��$P� �'h��R �X...B�-t�a� �X'Y� ""I'?��������k�~��'3/4�"�"��UH'�(c)Kx1/4�{~�=�^�ܪ��^�v8�%�F'�yy�m�V8� ����� g(tm)��N��O�L�*z\R��3/4�l"G�ٹ<--_߰���_�ϯ%._��U^m�:-f*�WN"�zF��4�o�� - �h�`�n1/25h$�_ �\ �{(c)yO���SDp�xdÛ F��F{��q��l��^�-_�2�3�,x�z ��=�-������ã_���G~H�{��-&e'y��*Y�GVF�[m b "i��F\�r]�Nlp,u�e�soy(r)3S��}D-�`<����� ��PxhsSC�@Fs��E�:���g����T�-m��HG��g:�#b`[email protected]��|̱��'Úµc"�"Q�"�q�-(r)Ù� "3��wu��/lP��;�>u��1/2�#x8k6.'1/2l�!� Ny91/43/4Y�b�C{�ҭ7��...��������?�"O��j*n"�"�R�x��N(c)@��E��:��_�X�3/4�I��Ǭ�j�-�9*Tj%L(r)Ë´6ò­¥ï¿½Ou�T�cd'%" �X�(r)S�Q"r���Ñ;A��e�p�U��T"�LJ '8 �4z�p��u�-PLEU(e�I������<6����H��b�"�V1/20��WK��i�Ê(�1�?�

    • Word count: 2000
  7. Evaluate the benefits and difficulties for organisations utilising integrated marketing communications?

    Kitchen et al., (2004) even state "IMC is passing through a conjectural storm as to its meaning and purpose". There is a consensus of definitions that elude to the idea of synergy (Eagle and Kitchen, 2000; Fill, 2009; Pelsmacker et al., 2010; Pickton and Broderick, 2005; Torp 2009). Whilst academics are searching for a robust and well-defined definition, the logical conclusion of IMC is the idea of synergy, which does carry a weighted argument to a clear and purposeful outcome. The foundation of IMC should, in theory, be based upon a clear structure.

    • Word count: 2374
  8. The executive group of Jones-Blair Company needs to decide where and how to deploy corporate marketing efforts among the various architectural paint coatings markets served by the company in the southwestern United States. Specifically, this area is defi

    for 2005 (Figure 6). From the expanded analysis in Figure 27, it is clear to see that Non-DFW sales have been trending up whereas DFW sales have been trending down over the last four years. In fact, 2004 had an increase in Non-DFW sales of 13.44% and a decline in DFW sales of 5.63% with respect to the previous year. These figures are hard to ignore, especially when 90% of the growing Non-DFW area sales are from DIY'ers, and Jones Blair only sees 70% of their sales in the Non-DFW area coming from DIY'ers (Figure 18).

    • Word count: 2062
  9. This report is about ITEC, an IT specialist company from Spain and its new franchise business in Spain, called portal de tu ciudad. The company wants to enter the UK market because of the success it has had in the Spanish market. The report analyzes

    In addition, Hax and Wilde (2001) reinterpret the five forces through the Delta model. Yeo and Huang (2003) explain the advantage of the five forces, which gives industries a 'complete map about the level of strategic competitiveness'. The five forces comprise of: threats of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threats of substitute products/ or services and rivalry among existing firms. ITEC should implement the Porter five forces of competition because it analyse its external competition to examine the marketplace, also the five forces shows ITEC how to be competitive in the marketplace.

    • Word count: 2115
  10. Discuss, with reference to current authors, what is meant by a marketing orientation and/or a marketing oriented company. Illustrate your answer with examples of products or brands of your choice.

    The product will vary depending on the target market i.e. the quality of a product will depend on who the target market is. Take Tesco for example, they offer their customers the choice of buying 'Tesco Value' foods which are a cheaper inferior good which act as alternative to branded normal goods. They are aimed at customers with a lower income and smaller budget. When designing a product or service a company must look to attract customers and try to offer something different, something that would make customers want to buy their goods as apposed to a similar company offering similar goods, they must try and find a unique selling point.

    • Word count: 2715
  11. Buyer Behaviour Theory - In the case of Ajzen and Fishbeins, their theory, the theory of reasoned action (TRA), has found links between general buying behaviour and particular factors that affect this.

    This will link in with strength of beliefs and evaluation of outcome as when choosing what to spend your money on, those who are addicted and who think that buying cigarettes is a necessity and very important will purchase them whereas someone who is unaffected by this example of perceived control wont. Fazio et al (1984) and Fazio and Williams (1986) introduced the speed of access theory. This states that some attitudes are near to the surface of the memory than others consequently influencing our decision on what to buy.

    • Word count: 2080
  12. The aim of this report is to provide details regarding the marketing rationale behind the television advertisement we produced.

    To achieve a postmodern approach we tried not to include a rational sequence to the scenes, common sense, monologues or discussions. On the other hand, we included brand presentation, a dynamic mission statement as well as bold, colourful pictures, motion, humour and fast-beat music. The latter four aim to create an excited mood to the consumer's psychology. All of the above showcase a modern sense of lifestyle and therefore target the appropriate market. During the commercial, a mixture of normal life and exaggerated, yet amusing, scenes are presented to show how our brand fits to various activities of different consumers.

    • Word count: 2780
  13. Social Marketing and how it can be used by the charity Action Aid.

    Price "Price" refers to what the consumer must do in order to obtain the social marketing product. This cost may be monetary, or it may instead require the consumer to give up intangibles, such as time or effort, or to risk embarrassment and disapproval. If the costs outweigh the benefits for an individual, the perceived value of the offering will be low and it will be unlikely to be adopted. However, if the benefits are perceived as greater than their costs, chances of trial and adoption of the product is much greater. Place "Place" describes the way that the product reaches the consumer.

    • Word count: 2869
  14. Analysis of the Problem How will Aussie Pooch Mobile plan and shape its future expansion?

    Interested individuals were invited to meet with a representative of the company to learn more. If they wished to proceed further, they had to complete an application form and submit a deposit of $250 to hold a particular area for maximum of four weeks, during which the applicant could further investigate the characteristics and prospects of the designated territory. * The company had set a minimum educational requirement of passing Year 10 of high school. Taylor noted that successful applicants tended to be outdoor people who shared four characteristics. These are: self-motivated, outgoing, desirable of characteristics included people skills and patience and a good telephone manner.

    • Word count: 2795
  15. Benecol see the UK market as a great opportunity to develop its products and enlarge their UK customer base. By understanding the relevant theories relating to customer behaviour and marketing strategy, this report aims to explore the methods for Benecol

    There are four main parts which present in a structural way. Firstly, introducing a brief overview about the Benecol Company; secondly, provide the main conceptual issues involved in the implementation of Means-end chain; and the associated methods in the context of Benecol company research and apply in the UK as the final part. 2. An overview of Benecol products As a Finnish innovation, Benecol is the only range of foods that contain the ingredient plant stanol ester. It works with the body to effectively reduce cholesterol levels but also improves the health and well-being of blood vessels.

    • Word count: 2482
  16. REDS of Nestle. By combing the actual identity of Nestle with the communicated identity of Nestle and the conceived identity we can find the present identity of Nestle.

    Along with advertising their products nestle sends out other communications such as sponsorships throughout the world. One example of this is "emergency sponsored by Nestle", whenever there is a disaster anywhere in the world such as a flood, hurricane or earthquake nestle puts people on the street that will distribute bottled water. Nestle also sponsors various other events such as sporting events, education events and cooking events. Nestle now also has a phone application for both Iphone users and android users. Nestle advertising campaigns aim to tell the audience that there products are of high quality and the best tasting.

    • Word count: 2751
  17. International Information and E-Business Strategy of the retailer Pets At Home

    *Pets at home act and do business with the boundaries of the laws and policies of countries the operate *A source of sales of selected pet medicines to be sold outside of veterinary practices has been made possible by a change in the law Economical *Despite the present economic downturn, there is an optimistic feel about the market. *Consumers have become more selective about their purchasing and conscious of value in this climate. *Improved online services and price savings that can be generated through the internet , may be beneficial in these market conditions Social *Consumers continue to humanise their pets and are constantly looking for better-quality and added-value products.

    • Word count: 2101
  18. This document analyses the UK shower industry, value proposition of Quartz-Aqualisa's revolutionary shower, marketing strategies employed by Aqualisa and suggests ways to make them more effective.

    These problems influenced the UK shower market and therefore shaped the consumer behaviour and the products available in the market. Market Segments The shower market can be broadly segmented in two categories - User and Non-Users. Refer Appendix Exhibit 1. USERS Premium users looked for style, performance, service and life. Standard users looked for performance, life and service of the shower. Value users looked for price, convenience and models that did not require major excavation and modifications in their bathrooms.

    • Word count: 2798
  19. Market Analysis of Mineral Water for the Romanian Market

    In the following chapters we will present information concerning the mineral water market which will provide an accurate image. Chapter 2. Market area 2.1 Geographical territory inside which the product is sold For the purpose of this study the geographical region corresponding to the geopolitical boundaries of Romania will be taken into consideration. 2.1.1. Characteristics of the geographical territory Romania is currently a developing country, with an urbanization rate of 54% , and an average net income of 1361 RON, it is therefore obvious that any market for nonessential goods would be hindered by low income and low product awareness.

    • Word count: 2135
  20. Analysis on NIKE

    Later in 1978, Blue Ribbon Sports is officially renamed to Nike, INC. (Hincker, 2008) Now, Nike has already become the world's No.1athletic shoes and sports wear equipments supplier. In the year 2007, Nike has achieved total revenue of $16 billion USD, a $1.3 billion increase from 2006. In 2008, Nike hired 30000 employees worldwide, and its rank in Fortune global 2008 has reached No. 153. (Nike, 2008) In the late 1980s, Nike decided to switch its operating system from manufacture oriented into market oriented, which has now became its core operating strategy.

    • Word count: 2955
  21. Amazon Kindle Report. After analysing the internal and external situation and position of Kindle in the market, it appears that defects of function, inadequacy of promotion and trouble with price policy are the reasons led to the decreasing of Kindles

    The trending data by the Book Industry Study Group presented at the conference shows that in November, 2009, 34% of e-book purchasers said that they were buying fewer physical books, and by December that number was at 43% (Wieckowski, 2010). That means content providers need to find new ways of satisfying readers. The publishing industry is undergoing transformation. Background E-books are more popular than ever, that is why the e-book readers market is no longer a niche market and it is now a mainstream iconic product. E-readers help book lovers to access a wide range of books, articles and magazines.

    • Word count: 2868
  22. Free essay

    Sony Ericsson Marketing Mix

    2.0 The Marketing Mix The marketing mix is a general term used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service into the market, including the product, place, promotion, and pricing strategies(ANON, The Marketing Mix and 4Ps, 1995-2009). Sony Ericsson has implemented all the four strategies, well enough to ensure that I am a loyal user of their products for the past seven years. 2.1 Product Strategies 2.1.1 Branding Branding is a very important component of a product because it distinguishes one product from another, increases sales of a new product, and increases the rate of repeat sales.

    • Word count: 2249
  23. Competitive Environment of Hypermarket Industry

    Figure 1.1 shows the relationship among the five forces. Figure 1.1 (Porter, 1998) 1.0 Porter's Five Forces Industry Analysis 2.1 Bargain Power of Buyers Porter used the term 'buyers' to describe what might also be called customers of an organization. It is one of the horizontal forces, including the bargain power of suppliers, which influence the appropriation of the value created by an industry. Buyers will have more power when buyers are concentrated, product is undifferentiated, low buyer switching cost, buyer are large and etc (Lynch, 2003).

    • Word count: 2662
  24. Free essay

    Marketing analysis of detergents in the Indian Market.

    This ad helped to create customer awareness and market incubation for a new product in a new market for a product that was in the introductory phase. Positioning through advertisement Before 1959 soap bars were used to wash clothes. Surf offered them 'better clean' with less effort. The promise of 'superlative whiteness'- connected with consumers and helped establish the brand. Surf was first national detergent brand on TV. The brand used TV to effectively educate their consumers on how to use detergent powders in a bucket for better wash.

    • Word count: 2929

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing."

-Tom Fishburne

A good marketing department is the engine of any business. If you're ambitious, inclined towards the business world, and enjoy learning about other people's motivations, a university degree in marketing might be perfect for you. You can study marketing on its own, or joint with another subject like management.

Writing is crucial to success in a marketing degree. Persuasive, snappy prose will go a long way towards showing your professors that you understand the subject. To refine your writing, consult Marked by Teachers' collection of marketing essays. Benchmark your essays against our teacher-marked examples, and you'll quickly learn how to edit and structure your work. At the end of the day, you'll see great ROI in the form of higher marks.

Some degrees will be more focused on business, while others will emphasise media and communications. Regardless of the specialty, a marketing degree will give you a better understanding of consumer behaviour and branding, and leave you ready to pursue a wide range of careers in business.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "Every diversification decision is an entry decision" - Discuss this statement in terms of its implications for the success of new business diversification.

    "In conclusion, every diversification decision is indeed an entry decision. The new ventures have to continuously and consistently demonstrate their executions on growth and innovations and build up barriers preventing competitors from imitating, and have to accumulate more competitive advantage while developing better dynamic capability during the course of industry evolution."

  • Look closely at the club 18-30, Superfamily and forever young brochure pages. Analyse how language, layout and other features are used to target specific audiences.

    "target audiences too. To conclude with I will be comparing the three adverts and how they differ from each other. The 'Club 18-30' adverts starts of with very clear chatty language, this appeals most to younger people as they are less mature and prone to using such slang language. The 'superfamily' advert is a much more formal approach using normal informative language about the range of services they can provide. Finally the forever young advert focuses more on the geographical features of the island to push forward its services. The layout of the adverts also differ, the club 18-30 advert is quite plain but uses sub-headings to structure its text. Superfamily uses small paragraphs and bullet points to clearly separate its factual information into suitable categories for all of the family to be able to read. Forever young has two paragraphs of information about the surroundings of its hotel, with the same idea as Superfamily to list the available resources that can be used at the hotel. By changing and altering the way the text is implemented to the reader we can change the type of target audience, by the type of language used. Companies use this depending on which type of audience they are trying to target ."

  • Home ownership is " a form of housing provision characterised by unevenness and inequality rather than homogeneity and uniformity of benefit and experience" Discuss

    "In conclusion it can be seen that homeownership does promote inequalities. Inequalities are created between homeowners, those who rent and those who live in council houses. There is unevenness within homeownership as it is seen as a status symbol. For instance a private home in Newlands in Glasgow is looked upon differently to one in Easterhouse. A house in London costs more than it would in Glasgow. You can pay a lot of money for a small house in London, and the same amount of money would get a much larger house in Scotland. This is an example of the unevenness throughout the private sector. There is also social exclusion for those who don't own their own houses, although the government is trying to combat this inequality. There are inequalities and unevenness throughout the housing market but also throughout the private sector itself. There is no homogeneity as is suggested by Forrest, Murie and Williams's only inequality. There is certainly no benefit of experience as more and more people are getting into mortgage arrears and having their homes repossessed because of money being lent out too eagerly. The "benefit of experience" would suggest that we learn from mistakes but just now it seems to be the opposite with still too few taking out insurance against repossession and mortgage arrears."

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