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University Degree: Marketing

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    The UB group is also into manufacture of fertilizers. The group company has Mangalor chemicals and fertilizers have a factory at districts of Karnataka. UB Engineering Limited is the group's engineering business arm. It undertakes EPC Projects, Infrastructure, on-site fabrication of structures, installation, testing and commissioning of Electrical etc. The company was initially established as Western India Erectors in 1963 and came under the UB Group in 1988. As per the companies latest plans it wants to enter the non-alcoholic beverage segment in the Indian Market.

    • Word count: 3261
  2. Discuss FIVE (5) factors for Wal-Mart from a marketing perspective that has contributed to the companys success.

    Wal-Mart will "everyday low" sales philosophy through the shop introduced to Europe, Asia, Latin America, has been widely accepted. "Always low prices" philosophy is for the retail sale of the overwhelming majority of consumers, that middle-income and low-income stratum. (Erenber, 2010) In a marketing perspective way to read Wal-Mart, the price is the always measurement criteria within most customers, which brings Wal-Mart profit and success. 1.2 The Product In Michael Bergdahl and Rob Walton's (2007) said that as Sam Walton wanted to exceed his customer's expectations of an ever changing mix of products and prevented customers from the thinking of the bargains were too good to be true, he tried to keep all merchandise in humongous quantities so as to ensure they were never out of stock.

    • Word count: 4065
  3. Blue Nile pestel analysis. Blue Nile is a publicly traded company. The company was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA and is one of leading online retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry.

    By increasing the exposure of the Blue Nile brand, the company can achieve a higher customer base and increased revenues. Through increased advertising in magazines, posters and billboards consumers will be more familiar with the Blue Nile brand and what the company has to offer. Currently, most of its international sales come from its English speaking websites, but by making its websites more user-friendly for international customers, the company can reach a broader market. We recommend that the company outsource the creative advertising and creation of a marketing campaign to BBDO.

    • Word count: 26188
  4. The purpose of this paper is to examine on the University of East London (UEL) students perspective towards the future of university education and their reason for such. The two methods that had been used to carry out this study are focus group and survey

    According to Arthur (1989), university education is defined as teaching, research and social services activities, and it includes both the undergraduate level which can be referred to as tertiary education and the graduate or postgraduate level.Despite the increasing pressure on universities to ensure that graduate employability forms part of their learning strategy, a review of the current literature indicates that there is much confusion over what career is and the best way of helping students develop their future career by developing several skills (Harvey et al., 2004). Career is defined as a 'sequence of life experiences over time' (Arthur, 1989).

    • Word count: 5927
  5. Boost Blobal marketing assignment. This report aims to analyse the market in India for the international expansion of Boost Juice. The research sources are mainly conducted by Secondary data of document and relevant articles and other internet sources.

    The first Boost Juice bar opened in South Australia in 2000 by Janine Allis, who recognised a 'hole in the Australian market for a healthy fast food alternative'. The brand commenced franchising in 2001 in Australia and international expansion plan in 2004 since it has 124 stores in Australia. It has become a well known brand in the world, and there are 200 stores in over 10 countries throughout the world which include South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South Africa today.

    • Word count: 6735
  6. Marketing plan - S.Luca Ice Cream. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will ta

    It has come to the attention of the owners of S. Luca that during the winter months, the sales compared to the summer, are extremely low. Sales are proving to be 60% lower in the winter months, especially through take-away and sit-in ice creams. Understandably it is because of the Scottish weather sales are taking a huge knock, and so a plan must be undertaken to ensure rise in sales of ice cream, as this is the key product made, distributed and sold throughout East Lothian and Edinburgh.

    • Word count: 6305
  7. Marketing plan - Spotify. Overall it can be seen in Spotifys strategic position and organisational strategy that the company has clear mission, vision, goals and values however it appears that Spotify has a lack of communication with its target a

    range 30 7.4 Spotify on Nokia Express and Android 31 7.5 Spotify on Iphone 32 7.6 Spotify Product Price range differences 33 7.7 Spotify Player 35 REFERENCE LIST 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background and context of current position Spotify was launched in October 2008 in Sweden as a music streaming service. It offers a wide variety of music, working in conjunction with working with a wide variety of music labels. Presently it only operates in parts of Europe, however there is the potential for expansion as outlined in this Marketing Plan.

    • Word count: 8462
  8. International Marketing - Potential Market entry Strategies for ASDA-WALMART

    Diversification Some companies go international to diversify. Selling products and services in multiple countries reduces the company's exposure to possible economic and political instability in a single country Benefits that Organisations gain from International Development: * Taking advantage of international trade technology. * Increase in sales and profits. * Extend sales potential of the existing products and gain global market share * It helps in capturing economies of scale by sharing the knowledge gained * Stronger economic growth in emerging economies helps in gaining good return on investment * Easy to reach the international customers and grow the customer base

    • Word count: 9161
  9. Industry and Competitor Analysis of Australian Group Buying Sites

    Although some other popular GB sites work in Australian GB market with high competitive advantage, but entering Facebook Deals and Google Offers may create more fierce completion in the market. Competitors in GB market explained in this report in detail. Google Offers should employ its resources and capabilities to achieve superior competitive advantage. Google Offers must act carefully about deal personalization, execution, design, brand, operations, logistics, flexibility and adaptability to gain competitive advantage in Australian market. This report recommended some critical success factors that Group Buying sites should follow to succeed in the Australian Group Buying industry.

    • Word count: 4798
  10. Marketing Rockstar Energy Drink

    �620,000 has been allocated to the UK marketing budget in 2012. Company Profile: A Rockstar is Born Rockstar was introduced into the market in 2001 and is manufactured and distributed by Rockstar Inc, a private company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that was founded by Russell Weiner in 1998. Rockstar is currently distributed by Coca-Cola (Rockstar 2009) Market Situation Rockstar energy drink currently holds an 11% market share of the steadily growing energy drink category, a category worth an estimated $4.8 billion, which accounts for about 5% of all non-alcoholic beverage sales.

    • Word count: 4571
  11. MARKETING IN TOURISM. This is a marketing report for the boutique hotel chain Hotel du Vin (HdV). After analysing the current market situation and customer segments served by HdV, the report notes the strength of HdV's food and beverage operation, identif

    HdV operates in the boutique hotel sector which has seen significant growth over the last decade (Aggett, 2007). Other key players in this market include Firmdale Hotels, Red Carnation, Abode and numerous independent boutique hotels. HdV depends mainly on the leisure market but is seeing an increasing number of business customers during the week. 1.1 Current Market Situation The past 18 months have been challenging for HdV as the economic downturn has put pressure on room rates and levels of expenditure. Management has attempted to adapt to difficult market conditions by focusing on reducing its costs while maintaining high quality service (HdV Annual Report, 2009).

    • Word count: 4998
  12. Marketing Report for Target. Founded in 1962 by the Dayton Company, Target, a Minneapolis-based discount merchandiser, launched its first of many discount chain stores, now found across the nation.

    To support our mission, we are guided by our commitments to great value, the community, diversity and the environment. " -Greg Steinhafel Greg Steinhafel discusses that its vision, mission, and values are sustained through six strategic priorities: growth, profitability, expense productivity and capital deployment, superior store experience, organizational effectiveness, and reputation management (Gaines 2009). Of these strategies, this marketing report focuses primarily on superior store experience, organizational effectiveness, and reputation management. By providing its guests with the superior store experience and the convenience of one-stop shopping, whether it pertains to home goods or groceries, Target can effectively generate incremental sales within its store locations and the Internet.

    • Word count: 4762
  13. International Marketing Report for Pinkberry. This International Marketing Report establishes the plan for the expansion of Pinkberry into the UK marketplace. Market analysis, entry strategies, marketing objectives and the implementation of Pinkberry

    This report aims to: > Demonstrate the feasibility and potential for Pinkberry's franchising expansion into the UK, with in-depth analysis of the external, internal environment and the industry itself. > Detail the extended marketing mix as to show how the different elements of Pinkberry will contribute to the overall success of the company's presence in the new market > Layout the time-scale of the project and include methods of control to ensure a smooth expansion of the company Pinkberry will be penetrating into an existing frozen yogurt market in the UK.

    • Word count: 5507
  14. In this situation, I am a marketing executive in Canon, Vietnam. I have been approached by my Sales Director and requested to write a detail report on marketing programme which covers all the elements of marketing mix to help successfully launch these exc

    Differences between business to business and consumer..............................32 4c. Explain how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing......33 4c.1. Benefits and risks of entering into international marketing............................33 4c.2. The differences in International marketing environment...............................34 4c.3. The differences in elements of Marketing mix in International marketing...........37 Conclusion...........................................................................................39 References...........................................................................................40 Appendix.............................................................................................43 Executive Summary In this situation, I am a marketing executive in Canon, Vietnam. I have been approached by my Sales Director and requested to write a detail report on marketing programme which covers all the elements of marketing mix to help successfully launch these exciting new products in Vietnam. First of all, I will describe how products (both SELPHY and LASER PRINTER)

    • Word count: 11650
  15. Dell's Marketing Strategy

    Enterprise solutions include servers, storage, and related services, software and peripherals. Client includes mobility, desktop products, and also related services, software and peripherals. The Company's services include a broad range of configurable IT and business services, including infrastructure technology, consulting and applications, and business process services. One of other Dell's offers is a full suite of solutions for customers who desire outsourcing of some or all of their IT management and operations. Its consulting services include IT consulting, strategy consulting, enterprise consulting, the implementation of prepackaged software applications, and research. Speaking of this huge company we cannot be ignorant about their wide range of other products that they offer, like Dell-branded

    • Word count: 4948
  16. iPhone - A global perspective. The report is designed to comprehensively document the efforts to market Apples iPhone. It will analyze the international marketing environments, Political, Legal, Economic, Technological, Socio-Cultural, Geographic

    Organization of Report Organization of the Report was broken down into sections according the various environments that effect global marketing strategies. The first four sections, often referred to as PEST - Political (and Legal), Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological, provide a framework to evaluate the opportunities or threats that Apple may face and can loosely be said to be outside their totally control. Normally a PEST analysis is an in depth study of these areas and should be done prior to entry and per country or region as a marketing/business strategy tool.

    • Word count: 18975
  17. Marketing Research Report. The data results showed us the motivations for subscribing to Netflix would be new releases and better selection. This was also one of the reasons people were discouraged from subscribing to Netflix.

    They are ready to take this already successful company to the next level. Through our research and analysis, we believe Netflix will then have a better understanding of how to reach their new market. Company Profile Netflix, Inc. (Netflix) is an Internet subscription service streaming television shows and movies. The Company's subscribers can watch unlimited television shows and movies streamed over the Internet to their televisions, computers and mobile devices and in the United States, subscribers can also receive digital versatile discs (DVDs)

    • Word count: 4194
  18. Chapter Notes on Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 10th Edition

    * No Demand: Target consumers may be unaware of or uninterested in the product. Ex. College students may not be interested in foreign language courses. Marketing should look for ways to benefit others with their product and of course thus sell their product * Latent demand: Market feels strong needs for some products like harmless cigarettes. Marketer needs to measure size of this market and develop such goods * Declining demand: Market for product declines. Then marketer need to know the causes and rectify * Irregular demand: Demand of many products and services are seasonal.

    • Word count: 64880
  19. Marketing Management. Viettien which is a famous brand in Vietnamese textile industry was chosen for this. Specifically, the paper will analyze how Viettien has oriented its target market.

    TABLE OF CONTENT page 1. Introduction 1 1.1. Background of the report 1 1.2. Aims 1 2. Market orientation 1 2.1. Market orientation theories 1 2.2. Role of market orientation 2 3. Viettien and market orientation 4 3.1. Overview Viettien 4 3.2. Market orientation 5 3.2.1. Customer orientation 5 3.2.2. Inter-functional coordination 6 3.2.3. Competitor orientation 6 4. Recommendations 7 5. Conclusion 7 References 9 1. Introduction 1.1. Background of the report During the past decades, while business environment is increasing competition, the number of researches about market orientation are also rising.

    • Word count: 3974
  20. Marketing Assignment - advising the managers of Tammy on their marketing research and strategy.

    Tammy's use of mystery shopping is a way of investigating a busy fast-paced environment of another competitor and to analyse their ranges of clothing and footwear and also it gives them an advantage to identify the company's weakness by finding out what retailers their products are not selling well at, so there could be a room for improvement. They also can copy their competitors and sell it at a lower price, this could be referred to Primark copying other quality retailers' products e.g.

    • Word count: 3451
  21. Kraft Tiger Market Analysis - how Kraft Tiger uses market segmentation in Singapore.

    Kraft Tiger also come with extra services for its consumers, such as the plastic bag carrier given by the retailer, consumers could then re-use the plastic bag for other purposes. The plastic tray inside the product could also be recycled for other purposes if consumers wish it. Consumers are the primary user of Kraft Tiger, consumers refers to individuals or households who purchase goods and services for personal uses (Kotler et al. 2009, 35). There is a high number of competitors dealing with similar products, consumers are inclined to spent little time and make low efforts in finding Kraft Tiger, since generally they would simply look for substitutes.

    • Word count: 3857
  22. Heineken Final Report. What marketing strategy should Heineken undertake to standardize its brand image and advertising worldwide?

    It through the leadership of Gerard, Henry and Alfred Heineken that Heineken N.V. is one of the world's leading brewing groups. Today, Heineken has a strong international presence, selling in over 170 countries and the Heineken brand is acknowledged as a lighter beer of superior quality presented in attractive packaging. However, despite this brand image, which cuts across all markets, Heineken is being marketed differently per country, depending on how it is perceived in a particular country or region. Managers became concerned that Heineken's brand image was not being consistently projected in the brand's communication around the world.

    • Word count: 4690
  23. New product development - Wrigey's Vita-gum

    Thus, enabling the company in some degree to fend off competitor attacks. It also shows why Wrigley's would be an excellent choice to launch Vita-gum largely because it will deposit a strong brand equity bringing value to the customer's purchase. In 2008 Wrigley was incorporated by Mars. 'The �11.5 billion deal meant Wrigley has access to the extensive worldwide resources of Mars' (Times online, 2008). The merge was dubbed 'the world's leading confectionary company displacing companies Cadbury and Nestl�' (FoodProductiondaily.com, 2008).

    • Word count: 3683
  24. Branding and Marketing at LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)

    Brand names benefit producers and distributors, as they facilitate advertising and building up a reputation for a product or range of products. Branding may benefit consumers where it is difficult or impossible to discover the quality of a good by inspection before actual purchase. If the maker is easily identified, then a good, which fails to give satisfaction in use, will not be bought again. Producers and distributors know this, and have a strong incentive to maintain quality, and to make amends if they have failed; this incentive is weaker with unbranded.

    • Word count: 15723
  25. The following marketing plan is for Swords Wines' launch into an international market, Shanghai in China, and is thus relatively detailed in its analysis and action plans.

    Marketing plan: Swords Wines Pty Ltd Executive summary This export marketing plan examines the launch of Swords Wines into Shanghai's imported wine market. Swords is a Melbourne-based SME with the ability to purchase, store, bottle and label Australian wines. Encouraging trends have been identified through primary and secondary research in Shanghai's imported wine market segment. Since 2001, Shanghai's demand for Australian wine has increased on average by 50 per cent each year. Other economic indicators such as GDP are increasing (by an average of 10 per cent per year), and Shanghai has China's highest level of personal disposable income.

    • Word count: 6152

"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing."

-Tom Fishburne

A good marketing department is the engine of any business. If you're ambitious, inclined towards the business world, and enjoy learning about other people's motivations, a university degree in marketing might be perfect for you. You can study marketing on its own, or joint with another subject like management.

Writing is crucial to success in a marketing degree. Persuasive, snappy prose will go a long way towards showing your professors that you understand the subject. To refine your writing, consult Marked by Teachers' collection of marketing essays. Benchmark your essays against our teacher-marked examples, and you'll quickly learn how to edit and structure your work. At the end of the day, you'll see great ROI in the form of higher marks.

Some degrees will be more focused on business, while others will emphasise media and communications. Regardless of the specialty, a marketing degree will give you a better understanding of consumer behaviour and branding, and leave you ready to pursue a wide range of careers in business.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • "Every diversification decision is an entry decision" - Discuss this statement in terms of its implications for the success of new business diversification.

    "In conclusion, every diversification decision is indeed an entry decision. The new ventures have to continuously and consistently demonstrate their executions on growth and innovations and build up barriers preventing competitors from imitating, and have to accumulate more competitive advantage while developing better dynamic capability during the course of industry evolution."

  • Look closely at the club 18-30, Superfamily and forever young brochure pages. Analyse how language, layout and other features are used to target specific audiences.

    "target audiences too. To conclude with I will be comparing the three adverts and how they differ from each other. The 'Club 18-30' adverts starts of with very clear chatty language, this appeals most to younger people as they are less mature and prone to using such slang language. The 'superfamily' advert is a much more formal approach using normal informative language about the range of services they can provide. Finally the forever young advert focuses more on the geographical features of the island to push forward its services. The layout of the adverts also differ, the club 18-30 advert is quite plain but uses sub-headings to structure its text. Superfamily uses small paragraphs and bullet points to clearly separate its factual information into suitable categories for all of the family to be able to read. Forever young has two paragraphs of information about the surroundings of its hotel, with the same idea as Superfamily to list the available resources that can be used at the hotel. By changing and altering the way the text is implemented to the reader we can change the type of target audience, by the type of language used. Companies use this depending on which type of audience they are trying to target ."

  • Home ownership is " a form of housing provision characterised by unevenness and inequality rather than homogeneity and uniformity of benefit and experience" Discuss

    "In conclusion it can be seen that homeownership does promote inequalities. Inequalities are created between homeowners, those who rent and those who live in council houses. There is unevenness within homeownership as it is seen as a status symbol. For instance a private home in Newlands in Glasgow is looked upon differently to one in Easterhouse. A house in London costs more than it would in Glasgow. You can pay a lot of money for a small house in London, and the same amount of money would get a much larger house in Scotland. This is an example of the unevenness throughout the private sector. There is also social exclusion for those who don't own their own houses, although the government is trying to combat this inequality. There are inequalities and unevenness throughout the housing market but also throughout the private sector itself. There is no homogeneity as is suggested by Forrest, Murie and Williams's only inequality. There is certainly no benefit of experience as more and more people are getting into mortgage arrears and having their homes repossessed because of money being lent out too eagerly. The "benefit of experience" would suggest that we learn from mistakes but just now it seems to be the opposite with still too few taking out insurance against repossession and mortgage arrears."

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