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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Boost Blobal marketing assignment. This report aims to analyse the market in India for the international expansion of Boost Juice. The research sources are mainly conducted by Secondary data of document and relevant articles and other internet sources.

    The first Boost Juice bar opened in South Australia in 2000 by Janine Allis, who recognised a 'hole in the Australian market for a healthy fast food alternative'. The brand commenced franchising in 2001 in Australia and international expansion plan in 2004 since it has 124 stores in Australia. It has become a well known brand in the world, and there are 200 stores in over 10 countries throughout the world which include South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South Africa today.

    • Word count: 6735
  2. Costco and Sams Club are stores that sell innumerable products, so having effective websites is imperative. Comparing the two websites using these three 1-5 point scales shows that Costcos website is better.

    Costco's also has the same buttons, but also includes an additional store locations button and an order by item number button. The medium sized font is dark grey rather than light grey and the background is white, so it is very readable. Both websites have bars for item categories near the top of their homepages, but Costco's is in large black font, compared to Sam's Club's small baby blue font. Costco and Sam's Club have a hierarchy that allows looking at product categories, but Costco's is more useful.

    • Word count: 945
  3. Marketing plan - S.Luca Ice Cream. This report identifies key strategic planning issues that have come to the attention of the directors of S. Luca and plans marketing objectives for the next twelve months and the details of how the implementation will ta

    It has come to the attention of the owners of S. Luca that during the winter months, the sales compared to the summer, are extremely low. Sales are proving to be 60% lower in the winter months, especially through take-away and sit-in ice creams. Understandably it is because of the Scottish weather sales are taking a huge knock, and so a plan must be undertaken to ensure rise in sales of ice cream, as this is the key product made, distributed and sold throughout East Lothian and Edinburgh.

    • Word count: 6305
  4. Marketing plan - Spotify. Overall it can be seen in Spotifys strategic position and organisational strategy that the company has clear mission, vision, goals and values however it appears that Spotify has a lack of communication with its target a

    range 30 7.4 Spotify on Nokia Express and Android 31 7.5 Spotify on Iphone 32 7.6 Spotify Product Price range differences 33 7.7 Spotify Player 35 REFERENCE LIST 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background and context of current position Spotify was launched in October 2008 in Sweden as a music streaming service. It offers a wide variety of music, working in conjunction with working with a wide variety of music labels. Presently it only operates in parts of Europe, however there is the potential for expansion as outlined in this Marketing Plan.

    • Word count: 8462
  5. International Marketing - Potential Market entry Strategies for ASDA-WALMART

    Diversification Some companies go international to diversify. Selling products and services in multiple countries reduces the company's exposure to possible economic and political instability in a single country Benefits that Organisations gain from International Development: * Taking advantage of international trade technology. * Increase in sales and profits. * Extend sales potential of the existing products and gain global market share * It helps in capturing economies of scale by sharing the knowledge gained * Stronger economic growth in emerging economies helps in gaining good return on investment * Easy to reach the international customers and grow the customer base

    • Word count: 9161
  6. Industry and Competitor Analysis of Australian Group Buying Sites

    Although some other popular GB sites work in Australian GB market with high competitive advantage, but entering Facebook Deals and Google Offers may create more fierce completion in the market. Competitors in GB market explained in this report in detail. Google Offers should employ its resources and capabilities to achieve superior competitive advantage. Google Offers must act carefully about deal personalization, execution, design, brand, operations, logistics, flexibility and adaptability to gain competitive advantage in Australian market. This report recommended some critical success factors that Group Buying sites should follow to succeed in the Australian Group Buying industry.

    • Word count: 4798
  7. Marketing Rockstar Energy Drink

    �620,000 has been allocated to the UK marketing budget in 2012. Company Profile: A Rockstar is Born Rockstar was introduced into the market in 2001 and is manufactured and distributed by Rockstar Inc, a private company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that was founded by Russell Weiner in 1998. Rockstar is currently distributed by Coca-Cola (Rockstar 2009) Market Situation Rockstar energy drink currently holds an 11% market share of the steadily growing energy drink category, a category worth an estimated $4.8 billion, which accounts for about 5% of all non-alcoholic beverage sales.

    • Word count: 4571
  8. MARKETING IN TOURISM. This is a marketing report for the boutique hotel chain Hotel du Vin (HdV). After analysing the current market situation and customer segments served by HdV, the report notes the strength of HdV's food and beverage operation, identif

    HdV operates in the boutique hotel sector which has seen significant growth over the last decade (Aggett, 2007). Other key players in this market include Firmdale Hotels, Red Carnation, Abode and numerous independent boutique hotels. HdV depends mainly on the leisure market but is seeing an increasing number of business customers during the week. 1.1 Current Market Situation The past 18 months have been challenging for HdV as the economic downturn has put pressure on room rates and levels of expenditure. Management has attempted to adapt to difficult market conditions by focusing on reducing its costs while maintaining high quality service (HdV Annual Report, 2009).

    • Word count: 4998
  9. Marketing Report for Target. Founded in 1962 by the Dayton Company, Target, a Minneapolis-based discount merchandiser, launched its first of many discount chain stores, now found across the nation.

    To support our mission, we are guided by our commitments to great value, the community, diversity and the environment. " -Greg Steinhafel Greg Steinhafel discusses that its vision, mission, and values are sustained through six strategic priorities: growth, profitability, expense productivity and capital deployment, superior store experience, organizational effectiveness, and reputation management (Gaines 2009). Of these strategies, this marketing report focuses primarily on superior store experience, organizational effectiveness, and reputation management. By providing its guests with the superior store experience and the convenience of one-stop shopping, whether it pertains to home goods or groceries, Target can effectively generate incremental sales within its store locations and the Internet.

    • Word count: 4762
  10. This essay will deal with the differences and similarities of an extract from No Logo by Naomi Klein called Autumn, and the first chapter of the book Culture Jam by Kalle Lasn. The reason why to be focused on the

    As a result of this change, corporations were vastly focused on theirs brands that consequently production became secondarily. As she states, manufacturers rather buy products and "brand" them2. On the other hand, Lasn also highlights the changes on the nowadays ways of American�s lives, yet due to the media environment shaping people�s lives, "living inside the post-modern spectacle has changed people3". Consequently, there has been a break up between the new society and nature. According to Lasn people follow their mediated selves and he also states " we have gone from living in a natural world to living in a manufactured one4".

    • Word count: 2451
  11. The Politics and Law of the Consumer Culture. I will define the key terms and theories involved in the politics and law of consumer culture and I will also give the definition of the theory used to describe our consumer based society. I

    Law is defined as the system of rules and legislation followed by the people living in the country where these rules and regulations are made and enforced. We live in what has become defined as a "free market economy" this is where the practise of purchasing and selling is not under the government's direct control and where the consumer and seller and buy and sell with freedom. It is an economy where free markets abide and the state does not own or run most of the companies in it (www.lexicon.ft.com).

    • Word count: 1890
  12. Write a report advising Livelong how the understanding of market segmentation might help him improve his business prospects. Your report should include a discussion of appropriate segmentation criteria and provide an example of how they might be used in t

    How knowledge of market segmentation can help Mr. Livelong improve his business: If the market for health-food products is studied, we can identify several groups of people who buy cereal based health foods and snacks for different reasons. Some groups of consumers are more interested in health foods than others. If we can identify the people who are more prone to buy health foods, we could spend our resources on targeting only those people with our marketing messages and therefore increase our profitability.

    • Word count: 1039
  13. Marketing Brand Management - Birds Eye Fish Fingers

    If they don't like it, they can avoid it easily. The fish and sea food market is a market in which fresh quality and taste is very important to consumers. Consumers cannot judge taste and freshness every time they go shopping if there is no brand name to differentiate each product. They can't taste each product before buying. So once they try each brand maybe once, and decide which one they like best they can easily make their future purchase decisions without having to experiment again and again.

    • Word count: 1226
  14. This report is looking at the market for fish and sea foods which will include figures and information relating to fin fish and shell fish in the form of fresh or chilled fish, frozen fish and fish products

    Bird's Eye, owned by Permira, commands second place in the market share for frozen fish and fish-based (fin fish) ready meals with 21% and 19% share in the sea foods market in 2007. (Mintel 2008). Other brands only take up 5% of frozen fish and fish-based ready meals market and 3% of frozen seafood market in 2007 (Mintel 2008). Companies offering other brands are Johnson's Seafarms, Lyons Seafood and The Big Prawn Company. Estimated brand shares of frozen fish and fish-based ready meals, 2007 Mintel 2008 Estimated brand shares of frozen seafood, 2007 Mintel 2008 Of the 49% share in

    • Word count: 2867
  15. Kmart swot analysis

    In 1959, Harry B. Cunningham became the president of the Kresge organisation helping the company to continue to be a leader in the competitive retail environment. The first Kmart discount department store opened in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan. Seventeen other Kmart store followed that year increasing the sales to more than $483 millions. In 1966, sales in 162 Kmart and 753 Kresge stores were of $1Billion mark. In 1976, Sebastian Spering Kresge opened 271 Kmart stores in one year,this was the first time ever a retailer launched 17 million square feet of sales space in one year.

    • Word count: 1343
  16. Analysis of the South African Wine Industry

    Distell's crop was 8% lower than the annual average, while SA as a whole expected a rise of 1.4% to 1.28 million tons for the year. Last year, wine production slipped by 3% and stocks continued to decline, having now dropped by 22% since 2007. Part III - International Operations Strategy After analyzing the internal and external environment, Hill provides a simple but clear framework for an international operations strategy that we can suggest for W&W to consider in their final decision making process.

    • Word count: 2707
  17. International Marketing Report for Pinkberry. This International Marketing Report establishes the plan for the expansion of Pinkberry into the UK marketplace. Market analysis, entry strategies, marketing objectives and the implementation of Pinkberry

    This report aims to: > Demonstrate the feasibility and potential for Pinkberry's franchising expansion into the UK, with in-depth analysis of the external, internal environment and the industry itself. > Detail the extended marketing mix as to show how the different elements of Pinkberry will contribute to the overall success of the company's presence in the new market > Layout the time-scale of the project and include methods of control to ensure a smooth expansion of the company Pinkberry will be penetrating into an existing frozen yogurt market in the UK.

    • Word count: 5507
  18. In this situation, I am a marketing executive in Canon, Vietnam. I have been approached by my Sales Director and requested to write a detail report on marketing programme which covers all the elements of marketing mix to help successfully launch these exc

    Differences between business to business and consumer..............................32 4c. Explain how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing......33 4c.1. Benefits and risks of entering into international marketing............................33 4c.2. The differences in International marketing environment...............................34 4c.3. The differences in elements of Marketing mix in International marketing...........37 Conclusion...........................................................................................39 References...........................................................................................40 Appendix.............................................................................................43 Executive Summary In this situation, I am a marketing executive in Canon, Vietnam. I have been approached by my Sales Director and requested to write a detail report on marketing programme which covers all the elements of marketing mix to help successfully launch these exciting new products in Vietnam. First of all, I will describe how products (both SELPHY and LASER PRINTER)

    • Word count: 11650

    Religion Three of the world's major religions originated from the Middle East. These religions include Islam, Judaism and Christianity with the majority of the people in the region practicing Islam. Judaism and Christianity while minor to Islam are mainly practiced in Israel and Lebanon. In this region, Islam is a way of life and governs politics, moral values and various aspects of behavior such as how one should dress. Islam impacts the daily lives of people differently depending on what country they are in. Communication Communication in this region is relatively indirect and relies on nonverbal cues and figurative forms of speech.

    • Word count: 948
  20. Manza Answer

    "The world's biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman." Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC) "Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest. "Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC) "The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction." Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275 BC) "God is not present in idols.

    • Word count: 1200
  21. Dell's Marketing Strategy

    Enterprise solutions include servers, storage, and related services, software and peripherals. Client includes mobility, desktop products, and also related services, software and peripherals. The Company's services include a broad range of configurable IT and business services, including infrastructure technology, consulting and applications, and business process services. One of other Dell's offers is a full suite of solutions for customers who desire outsourcing of some or all of their IT management and operations. Its consulting services include IT consulting, strategy consulting, enterprise consulting, the implementation of prepackaged software applications, and research. Speaking of this huge company we cannot be ignorant about their wide range of other products that they offer, like Dell-branded

    • Word count: 4948
  22. Mad Science, a children's education franchise which has a successful business around the globe. Now they want to enter new markets to expand business. This report seeks to carry out an external analysis of the Mad Science and the potential markets they

    It has successful business around the globe. Now it wants to expand its operations into the new markets. This report is mainly to address and analyze the issues facing the Mad Science as it embarks on expansion. In the first part, this report analyzes the Mad Science's external micro-environment factors and discuses the most suitable market. In the second part, it discusses the external macro-environment factors and competitive factors of the Chinese market based on the PEST analysis and Porter's Five Forces.

    • Word count: 2003
  23. eBay Strategic Audit. The paper examines the diverse strategies implemented by this organization in its business processes. The paper appropriately follows the pattern adopted for strategic audit and discusses about the three types of analysis, the SFAS

    Such online commercial transactions are facilitated through many platforms, such as the traditional eBay.com platform and various other online platforms, including Kijiji, Gumtree.com, LoQUo.com, Marktplaats.nl, and mobile.de, Half.com, Shopping.com and StubHub. Other prominent services offered by this division include feedback forum, safeHarbor program, verified rights owner program, PowerSeller program, customer support and tools & services. In the Payments division, the company offers PayPal, which serves as a payment platform for availing the facility of sending and receiving payments online. The major facilities provided by this service include joining the network, verification of its PayPal's account holders, money withdrawal and trust & safety programs.

    • Word count: 1739
  24. iPhone - A global perspective. The report is designed to comprehensively document the efforts to market Apples iPhone. It will analyze the international marketing environments, Political, Legal, Economic, Technological, Socio-Cultural, Geographic

    Organization of Report Organization of the Report was broken down into sections according the various environments that effect global marketing strategies. The first four sections, often referred to as PEST - Political (and Legal), Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological, provide a framework to evaluate the opportunities or threats that Apple may face and can loosely be said to be outside their totally control. Normally a PEST analysis is an in depth study of these areas and should be done prior to entry and per country or region as a marketing/business strategy tool.

    • Word count: 18975
  25. Free essay

    Soybeans. Regarding its 5000 years of history in soybeans production, China remains one of the few countries to provide almost exclusively non-GM soybeans. The new regulations passed by the government in 2006 on labeling standards regarding GM vs. non-GM

    9.9 10.0 12.6 11.5 11.9 Paraguay 4.0 7.4 8.3 7.8 8.2 Others 13.4 14.0 14.4 14.7 15.0 Total 212.8 259.2 265.2 259.5 268.1 % change -4.4 21.8 2.3 -2.2 3.3 Sources: USDA; Economist Intelligence Unit; national statistics. While China's production of soybeans is expected to decline from 15.2 tonnes in 2010/11 to 14 tonnes in 2012/13, the expansion forecast in world consumption in the following years is still centered on a rise in Chinese domestic demand. The Economist Intelligence Unit anticipates the soybeans use in China to rise from 66 tonnes in 2010/2011 to 76.4 tonnes in 2012/2013, which leads

    • Word count: 1096

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