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University Degree: Marketing

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  1. Marketing Research Questionnaire Design Objective 1: To gather information from the rural Manitoba client population to determine whether rural clients presently serviced by Citigroup's provincial subsidiary, Manitoba Banking Central, would generally be

    Objective 2: To gather information from urban Manitoba client population to determine whether urban clients presently serviced by Citigroup's provincial subsidiary, Manitoba Banking Central, would generally be supportive of a rebranding campaign which sees the provincial bank subsidiaries re-opened under the Citigroup national brand. Urban clients of Manitoba Banking Central are often not clients of the Citigroup national brand of banks. These clients may provide further valuable insight into whether Manitoba Banking Central offers value added services that may have been inadvertently overlooked, deemed financially infeasible, or viewed as being too difficult to implement for other reasons.

    • Word count: 1364
  2. Marketing Research Report. The data results showed us the motivations for subscribing to Netflix would be new releases and better selection. This was also one of the reasons people were discouraged from subscribing to Netflix.

    They are ready to take this already successful company to the next level. Through our research and analysis, we believe Netflix will then have a better understanding of how to reach their new market. Company Profile Netflix, Inc. (Netflix) is an Internet subscription service streaming television shows and movies. The Company's subscribers can watch unlimited television shows and movies streamed over the Internet to their televisions, computers and mobile devices and in the United States, subscribers can also receive digital versatile discs (DVDs)

    • Word count: 4194
  3. Marketing Research Focus Group Project - Objective 1: To better understand what factors motivate the decision to become a Winnipeg Goldeyes season ticket holder

    Objective 2: To better understand what factors motivate the decision to attend or not attend a Goldeyes game for which game tickets have been purchased for both season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders. Season ticket holders have, with their purchase of season tickets, essentially purchased a regular ticket for each Winnipeg Goldeyes home game in a particular location (section, row, seat). Viewing season ticket purchases this way allows for the comparison between season ticket and non-season ticket holder's subsequent game attendance to be made and for further probing into the motivations behind each group's decision to attend or not attend the game.

    • Word count: 1736
  4. Marketing Madonna - Describe and explain the strategy being followed by Madonna in terms of the explanation of competitive strategy given in Chapter 6. Why has she experienced sustained success over the past two decades? What might threaten th

    This strategy of differentiation is pursued by courting controversy but staying marketable enough. This was demonstrated in the 1989 video 'Like a Prayer' where, as a red-dressed 'sinner', she kissed a black saint. At this time Madonna struck a deal with Time-Warner that created her record company Maverick worth �33m. This allowed her to take full control of her image. The success of the differentiation approach is likely to be dependent on two key factors; > Identifying and understanding the strategic customer > Identifying Key competitors Madonna cleverly, marketed herself in a way that she appealed to a wide audience.

    • Word count: 1451
  5. Chapter Notes on Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 10th Edition

    * No Demand: Target consumers may be unaware of or uninterested in the product. Ex. College students may not be interested in foreign language courses. Marketing should look for ways to benefit others with their product and of course thus sell their product * Latent demand: Market feels strong needs for some products like harmless cigarettes. Marketer needs to measure size of this market and develop such goods * Declining demand: Market for product declines. Then marketer need to know the causes and rectify * Irregular demand: Demand of many products and services are seasonal.

    • Word count: 64880
  6. Pricing Method in Marketing. Our company Huberdale Watches has selected to produce superior products. Our aim is to set appropriate price for our brand which will satisfy our customers and gain income. We expect to take control of a large p

    We believe that this is the most appropriate way to examine the problem and achieve the expected results. We have chosen and compared two pricing methods which we think are most suitable. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each method and their application for our product. Then we decided which one is better. The first method we chose is the cost-based one. It is simple to use and works by calculating the costs of the manufacturing of the product, distributed costs, research and development costs and by adding a certain percentage for the final price.

    • Word count: 2978
  7. The Search industry, which accounts for the largest portion of Internet advertisement, becomes one of its most eye-catching sectors. This essay, based on the case of the industry leader----Google, analyses this issue from two angles, one from a retrospect

    x f. Correct use of citation and citation of all sources g. Correct Punctuation See comments 2 marks You have omitted your SCU Coversheet Case Study about the Search Industry 1. Introduction With a stellar growth in the number of users, Internet changes the way of advertising (Thompson, Strickland ? & Gamble 2010, p.C-259). Not a quote - see Referencing Guide The Search industry, which accounts for the largest portion of Internet advertisement, becomes one of its most eye-catching sectors. This essay, based on the case of the industry leader----Google, analyses this issue from two angles, one from a retrospective point of view, the other is looking to the future.

    • Word count: 1629
  8. Marketing Management. Viettien which is a famous brand in Vietnamese textile industry was chosen for this. Specifically, the paper will analyze how Viettien has oriented its target market.

    TABLE OF CONTENT page 1. Introduction 1 1.1. Background of the report 1 1.2. Aims 1 2. Market orientation 1 2.1. Market orientation theories 1 2.2. Role of market orientation 2 3. Viettien and market orientation 4 3.1. Overview Viettien 4 3.2. Market orientation 5 3.2.1. Customer orientation 5 3.2.2. Inter-functional coordination 6 3.2.3. Competitor orientation 6 4. Recommendations 7 5. Conclusion 7 References 9 1. Introduction 1.1. Background of the report During the past decades, while business environment is increasing competition, the number of researches about market orientation are also rising.

    • Word count: 3974
  9. Marketing Assignment - advising the managers of Tammy on their marketing research and strategy.

    Tammy's use of mystery shopping is a way of investigating a busy fast-paced environment of another competitor and to analyse their ranges of clothing and footwear and also it gives them an advantage to identify the company's weakness by finding out what retailers their products are not selling well at, so there could be a room for improvement. They also can copy their competitors and sell it at a lower price, this could be referred to Primark copying other quality retailers' products e.g.

    • Word count: 3451
  10. Kraft Tiger Market Analysis - how Kraft Tiger uses market segmentation in Singapore.

    Kraft Tiger also come with extra services for its consumers, such as the plastic bag carrier given by the retailer, consumers could then re-use the plastic bag for other purposes. The plastic tray inside the product could also be recycled for other purposes if consumers wish it. Consumers are the primary user of Kraft Tiger, consumers refers to individuals or households who purchase goods and services for personal uses (Kotler et al. 2009, 35). There is a high number of competitors dealing with similar products, consumers are inclined to spent little time and make low efforts in finding Kraft Tiger, since generally they would simply look for substitutes.

    • Word count: 3857
  11. marketing

    ϥ��,�A �00��=�PG��b81�%�1/4F�d;E. 6!�����L^��v�;�=-(r)�J...�Dӧ��)((��9fJ�B�BT�Â� #*i0�-���B��F�KV&xp��BT�D�]��"ÚI���<���Í�M H�.]�-�?é¡ji�Ë��y��E3/4_���Ð&x�Q�k1z>K���^��8�������C"�䳥�E��xTHjt t ���X 1/2D�'�p� ��'!�R&�(lb�"��F��/��(�a*s� rx �9(c)�D�� �"1а�9?4�? 3��D��i�p'(c)r'21/[email protected]�s�7:��i�c��H��"B&�(r)G�V%�e�>"�g(r)�oc��|���Ed3/4��Y �1�pÏ���G�j�\ Q�����&�p��R(c)DB(� y�:C.e(tm)��4k�("�g�1/2� �"2X*d���.H R�'3/4f0�=...�OE� �e\��iiج�s"�Ç�y0���`Yce1�<�1/4;3��(tm)C�EH1c�[�" f�q�!P�(��� -K�3/4z���� �yH0 ��ÊI�� �s��]����x\������ +Z�[email protected]��[�~!�1/4'�h��Nm-1/2��b��1�" >�fys!h�$���%ʪ-'�"sV�-"c O8)b(�{��p:PY��"�(tm)~a� 91/4�\��|��"w��L�{���$%5-�*'�U���*��ÆA�k%� �P�� Û&>@��c"�.� �L(c)�@��P"�\Q"�H3�� -�:R�����0-��oD�,�:�6*���(RGhh�%�SL��-"u��!-"�'Ö´T�U-Vs:��CP� ��D��'�w(r) ��"�c� -P*D"�b"&:(tm)G�|��uS4�"`�P��(r)�2v1"�U+G'[email protected]�uu���q�-s �V�xw'a �"�^W* BU��2��waZ?�)��(c=F����...U|S�4��zv��'K���j�'��"��Ês 0�(1 j�� �L� ���*m'���A��a^�7|Q��j1/2^O��Ţ �."�h1Å4/Z�C0��(c)lY�1/4�qä¸'�Nx3/4�Ek���01/4e��4J3Ab��J gF7�iG�U/~u�"< ��y��'V I��O1+�"_�gG�&j��nGq{t(�Ť1/2r"TÇ?!���1�Wm��% ���� ;Qyvti�3bN�C��_<m�n�# �j���'.f�P�������4��"��(tm)��1/4 | �&�gx�Ý"t��'��5N�tw�S�����X�7]����K��x"�hl���"`.(�U�"6��^1/2�l��...%�)���*��]�����V��<&��-'��)~Ds�,'�V���m�G-m��5��&Ò�!��(C��"j��Y� h����Wp"�k��}JOp���}���� Ý���o(r)�"N���ω7��(7b� ��m���r�����|1�*}l�W�O��_�t�84:"(r)��Yl�-ÏZ� �L�(tm)g �����'mV����1��j��\'z��%��"�X4�-�cIB�W�d f�:UJ1/2Q�_=,P�J"��%N"P#�\���WOT���3/4$R�(c)�$:'5B�G�1�JG�%�(tm)�...iIF� "�Qr_�6�P�>C��X�_� -æ-(c)�3/4�Ci'� ��9��=W&zv+Æ·}�W`y��t1~b�R�E�-z����A�t�h�BN>� �&�sT�1/2-m;���W��ܸ���q1/4�����~�w�1/2 Pr� '�Ïa?����+�r�Ҭ�{Gi��'[�E�� ^�'I�O�K�-(c)�((c) ��zC"I�=)��T�~��?aG��TEJ����i�)'H��(r)�p �0��*t>(c)�"�b��*�4��M��T�DJ-��h�����< MV"�"� {�ӷ�2��?�"�"� �(c)G91/4dtlsØG} �]`�-Û�a�l���b�c.i�P��}�Y�G������...� �8&�z��4� ����GB�7��"s/9[Q����-_��Wn�8�Ec~� �|�K�Ý��1/4 l=�� 'sE7%����z��� ������� ]� ��,��O�������76�>H�� (�� �ӱ�r�dŨ�+#F?��3��J{x�$l�...�S��1F�Fn��$P� �'h��R �X...B�-t�a� �X'Y� ""I'?��������k�~��'3/4�"�"��UH'�(c)Kx1/4�{~�=�^�ܪ��^�v8�%�F'�yy�m�V8� ����� g(tm)��N��O�L�*z\R��3/4�l"G�ٹ<--_߰���_�ϯ%._��U^m�:-f*�WN"�zF��4�o�� - �h�`�n1/25h$�_ �\ �{(c)yO���SDp�xdÛ F��F{��q��l��^�-_�2�3�,x�z ��=�-������ã_���G~H�{��-&e'y��*Y�GVF�[m b "i��F\�r]�Nlp,u�e�soy(r)3S��}D-�`<����� ��PxhsSC�@Fs��E�:���g����T�-m��HG��g:�#b`[email protected]��|̱��'Úµc"�"Q�"�q�-(r)Ù� "3��wu��/lP��;�>u��1/2�#x8k6.'1/2l�!� Ny91/43/4Y�b�C{�ҭ7��...��������?�"O��j*n"�"�R�x��N(c)@��E��:��_�X�3/4�I��Ǭ�j�-�9*Tj%L(r)Ë´6ò­¥ï¿½Ou�T�cd'%" �X�(r)S�Q"r���Ñ;A��e�p�U��T"�LJ '8 �4z�p��u�-PLEU(e�I������<6����H��b�"�V1/20��WK��i�Ê(�1�?�

    • Word count: 2000
  12. Heineken Final Report. What marketing strategy should Heineken undertake to standardize its brand image and advertising worldwide?

    It through the leadership of Gerard, Henry and Alfred Heineken that Heineken N.V. is one of the world's leading brewing groups. Today, Heineken has a strong international presence, selling in over 170 countries and the Heineken brand is acknowledged as a lighter beer of superior quality presented in attractive packaging. However, despite this brand image, which cuts across all markets, Heineken is being marketed differently per country, depending on how it is perceived in a particular country or region. Managers became concerned that Heineken's brand image was not being consistently projected in the brand's communication around the world.

    • Word count: 4690
  13. New product development - Wrigey's Vita-gum

    Thus, enabling the company in some degree to fend off competitor attacks. It also shows why Wrigley's would be an excellent choice to launch Vita-gum largely because it will deposit a strong brand equity bringing value to the customer's purchase. In 2008 Wrigley was incorporated by Mars. 'The �11.5 billion deal meant Wrigley has access to the extensive worldwide resources of Mars' (Times online, 2008). The merge was dubbed 'the world's leading confectionary company displacing companies Cadbury and Nestl�' (FoodProductiondaily.com, 2008).

    • Word count: 3683
  14. Branding and Marketing at LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy)

    Brand names benefit producers and distributors, as they facilitate advertising and building up a reputation for a product or range of products. Branding may benefit consumers where it is difficult or impossible to discover the quality of a good by inspection before actual purchase. If the maker is easily identified, then a good, which fails to give satisfaction in use, will not be bought again. Producers and distributors know this, and have a strong incentive to maintain quality, and to make amends if they have failed; this incentive is weaker with unbranded.

    • Word count: 15723
  15. The following marketing plan is for Swords Wines' launch into an international market, Shanghai in China, and is thus relatively detailed in its analysis and action plans.

    Marketing plan: Swords Wines Pty Ltd Executive summary This export marketing plan examines the launch of Swords Wines into Shanghai's imported wine market. Swords is a Melbourne-based SME with the ability to purchase, store, bottle and label Australian wines. Encouraging trends have been identified through primary and secondary research in Shanghai's imported wine market segment. Since 2001, Shanghai's demand for Australian wine has increased on average by 50 per cent each year. Other economic indicators such as GDP are increasing (by an average of 10 per cent per year), and Shanghai has China's highest level of personal disposable income.

    • Word count: 6152
  16. Proposed Marketing Plan for Lacher Pty Ltd Watchmakers.

    The Laco brand is most recognized for its Pilot watches having been one of the five watch making companies contracted by the German Air-force to supply precision watches for fighter pilots during World War 2. This distinction is shared by four other watch companies: IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Wempe and Stowa. 2. Product Description: We propose the company focus on the continued development of its most famous product line of Pilot Watches that will be made available and attractive to several new segments of customers.

    • Word count: 668
  17. The marketing campaigns of Vinamit Company. The Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips products are new and unique in Vietnam and will be easy to differentiate. Describe how your products are to develop sustainable competitive advantage in Vietnam.

    There are 70% Vietnamese working as framers. They can supply a huge amount of agriculture products. As the result, Vinamit can buy raw material with low price. Besides, the company also develops agricultural areas. Therefore, company can supply 50% raw materials by itself. So, Vinamit has big advantage when use cost leadership strategy. Threat of substitute products: "Monopoly" is a main reason of Vinamit development. Vinamit is the first and unique company specializes in production and trading of dried fruits. Especially, Beef Jerky and Lettuce & Broccoli chips are two new products, which have high quality.

    • Word count: 3323
  18. Evaluate the benefits and difficulties for organisations utilising integrated marketing communications?

    Kitchen et al., (2004) even state "IMC is passing through a conjectural storm as to its meaning and purpose". There is a consensus of definitions that elude to the idea of synergy (Eagle and Kitchen, 2000; Fill, 2009; Pelsmacker et al., 2010; Pickton and Broderick, 2005; Torp 2009). Whilst academics are searching for a robust and well-defined definition, the logical conclusion of IMC is the idea of synergy, which does carry a weighted argument to a clear and purposeful outcome. The foundation of IMC should, in theory, be based upon a clear structure.

    • Word count: 2374
  19. This five-year marketing plan for Green Field Herbal Tea, Inc which base on the present performance to achieve the goal which gain more net profit and expand the markets to not only two provinces in the Southern part of China, but also the north Part of C

    To the Company's knowledge, Green Field Herbal Tea is only premium- quality sold in those two provinces. As the company grow larger and larger, more and more people knows the important of Chinese herbals, the company believes the Green field Herbal Tea can be extend to other provinces such as north part of China. Green Field Herbal Tea believes its high-quality, high-price strategy has proven successful. This marketing plan outlines how the Company will extend its geographic coverage from 2 provinces to 10 provinces by 2016. 3. Strategic focus and Plan This section covers three aspect of corporate strategy that influence the marketing plan: (1)

    • Word count: 1302
  20. Comparative analysis of Marketing Communications strategies and mix for consumer vehicle brands in the UK

    Skoda is one of the four main brands under VW group, its cars mostly developed in Germany, under the idea of Volkswagen's platform. Skoda's cars mainly focus on customers who have low or average salary, low labour cost and Germany's car technologies help Skoda establishing a cheap but good performance car (autozine, 2009). 2. BMW: Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is a German automobile company, one of the most famous cars, motorcycles and engines manufacturing company in the world, was founded in 1916 and its headquarter is based in Munich, Germany.

    • Word count: 3036
  21. This report is performed to bring a professional approach to marketing activities and, in particular, successfully launch these exciting new products in Vietnam (both SELPHY ES3 & ES30 and Laser Printer).

    to create an exchange between customer and company, it must satisfy customer needs and maximize company's profits. So, how to satisfy customer needs and maximize company's profits is exactly a good definition for marketing. The main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization for Canon Based on the definitions of Marketing, it leads to five types of organization: : the sales orientated, the marketing orientated, the production orientated, the product orientated and the societal marketing orientated. marketing orientation and sales orientation are contrast. According to Theodore Levitt, selling focuses on the needs of seller; marketing focused on the needs of buyer.

    • Word count: 6233
  22. Marketing in Vietnam - Canon case study.

    and anticipating them in the future (long-term retention). * The AMA definition serves to demonstrate useful distinctions between marketing as a thing that is done and marketing as an approach to how something is achieved. * The Marketing Mix definition, also known as the 4P's, can be seen as a method to generate the optimal response in the target market by blending four variables (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) in an optimal way. It can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of the target group of customers and other dynamics of the marketing environment.

    • Word count: 5246
  23. Make my trip

    È��J���j|��h(�K��D-���� dX�(c)iJ�Ø(��x$(� �:��;�˹!� I_�T�1/2S 1�����?E��?����� ?ZBΪm�"�U/����ǣ?�~����xY���'���y5�g&Î/����É�>��"G�M�Ge���D�����3Vq%'#q3/4����$"8��K�����)f(tm)w9:ĵ�� x}r�x����w���r�:\TZaG�*(tm)y8I�j�bR��c|X�"�ǿ1/2I u3KG�nD1�N IB�s��� ��R��u-��K>V�.EL+M2�#'�f��i ~(tm)V� �vl�{ u8"�z��H� �*"��:�(W'â ~"�J�T�e\O*�tHG1/2�HY��-}KN�P�*�3/4˦���-T�1/4�9/#*�A7�qZ...�$*c?� ��qU��n��w�N�� %�"O��i�4 =3�-P�� ����1�P�m \\9�����'���M�"�2a�D�]";Yt"\��[x'���]�}Wr1/2�|�]"�g-��� eW� �)6-r1/4�C-S�j�� i�d �DÐA1/2Μ IqbJ#xï¿½êº 6k���#��A"Sh��&Êt(Q�%��p%m��&]�caSl=�X�� ���\P�1"Mh �9�M��V(r)dDA��aV�B�(tm)[ÝfJ�íP|8� �"A�V^...�f �H �n���-� �"�d>�z��n�"Ç� ��(c)�'>�b��-&����2"�v����Ky�1/4��D:����,AGm��\nz��i��(tm)-�1/4.uχYC3/46�OMf"�3o�r��$��5...����NH...T[XF64�T,Ñ���M0�E)`#�5�XY�`�פ;�(r)%�1�U�٥m;���R>QD ����D�cp� U�' (r)&LE�/p���m���%]�����8fi"�r"S4�d 7y\�`�J�n����I� R��3U�~7+���׸#��m� q�BiD�3/4��� ���...i*�L6�9�m�Y&���i�...�HE��=(K&�N!V�.K'e"LD�Ä(c){D ����vEê¦de��NÆ��e�(�MN9ßR�1/26 ����&3(��a���/D��U�z�<�{Ë�Y��ȳ����V-��)�9�Z[��4^n�Â�5���!J�3/4 �?��Q�3�eBo�C3/4���M ���'m<�.�vp�"���IY�f�"�Z3/4Y_p�[�=al-�Y�}Nc�(tm)���Å4vfa��vl�(c)��'S��A�8�|�*u�{��-�ß0%M0�7%����<���Ò���PK!��>h"��-$word/media/image1.emfìSTW���1/4{��[email protected](M�5Ô¤H"7)� |HM�d��� 5>��4Jʱ� }Q���^`'`&��Ö�^�w���:�#d��m�h+(�(���t�[��n6��C ��eU�M�s�����k�1/2�9?������?���s����/� �<� ~R��3��� n�"l�k� �}�O��_�Ç�,���E�!����M��[~�i� b;m�����_8~��f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`�f�`-5��_�f�`�f�`�f�x� <�Z��s=� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0�3� 0S�@W ��^��*� CK"�t������3/4���!�Gd�äµï¿½ �X�7"��.Z}um�6�^!�~�+-�Y�">�js2u�������nK=uv�� b{�1/4]-�g'Ç(/��h_�O;(tm)� z���B'_n�>�g_+�F;U�x���8�����-r{�"�?�}�b�C�"���Pf�`�f��d�Dg�Þ��i�u��K!e�*8�/|� H^S {s��'��(r)w�X��~� >W�'_0�([email protected]:��{�a�,�^-�(sBq�F��(c)��AK���Q�{>�c��...���wu" 5&�n��"�O-s�+7 ��03/4+s �-��-:?�C����_(W"��(r)��@~�O��ÊP�G�.�7;���u�...Q7y_�s�� ,�}n7n��kK�"|VX�..."�D�...�[email protected]��b({}pk���"'��!�յ������"����BÝF[�j��9��'e�����S�p{t>B�6���$8RSÅp��u0-�"�G(tm)2�'N3/4�A�...(tm)�0�-�A��b�cZק�3�e�:R��H�;^��x>�:?��Q��H�YP ^F�FZ�M��??��UW�+3� 0Ì"C(r)��"�� �×�]��" cf9|}w'��V}'i�`-�3/44 i�9��X���"�zk "� Ü-r�vI�hu��V�o |W �"�g1-�I�U��:O�W���-!ÈY1/2-��oc}��q��S����,���y ï¿½Ï ï¿½...�8n�i�?;z�0kF1�U3/4�z �-�3����gB����E���n�"_,ou��m�Wß"�w����.^ �J����=M1/2��}�ls�]!t�7d�:���<�?_k)Ó2�z�N3/4�"���3�~ f�bo�S">%b.�$�w;n�l�;^��v����g��"8��c G�� ���f�`��'"S� Av|�i�<s8yL��>9�W9��/~��+1/2�L��� �3CY�e'Wm-��V-<�J3/4Y{jMB��3/4�I=V�_(r)gt~!(tm)Bo���Ó��_��A���1���/(c)M�WS_1/2����~�Q��9ص��(c)�D�I�3���/�$j� � Pr|�Ol�2#�= {�sx��S��(tm)'Q���E�R;d�

    • Word count: 5500
  24. The executive group of Jones-Blair Company needs to decide where and how to deploy corporate marketing efforts among the various architectural paint coatings markets served by the company in the southwestern United States. Specifically, this area is defi

    for 2005 (Figure 6). From the expanded analysis in Figure 27, it is clear to see that Non-DFW sales have been trending up whereas DFW sales have been trending down over the last four years. In fact, 2004 had an increase in Non-DFW sales of 13.44% and a decline in DFW sales of 5.63% with respect to the previous year. These figures are hard to ignore, especially when 90% of the growing Non-DFW area sales are from DIY'ers, and Jones Blair only sees 70% of their sales in the Non-DFW area coming from DIY'ers (Figure 18).

    • Word count: 2062
  25. Marketing Plan For Old Smithy Restaurant. The business mission of Old Smithy is to provide superior service in the restaurant industry within George by providing local entertainment and cultural education coupled with superior quality products and servic

    The business objective is to obtain a multi-faceted success in three main regions, namely, financial, educational, and entertainment. The company goals can be laid out as follows: * to attain financial success and well-being for the company within the first three years * to provide the restaurant's customers with healthy and quality foods * to provide cultural and historical information * to provide and promote local entertainment by using local drama schools and the Arts Theatre * to build trust, understanding, generosity and fairness between all levels of management and employees, as well as customers and vendors, and * to be a good corporate citizen that advocates the well-being of the environment.

    • Word count: 3245

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