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Media Evaluation.

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Media Evaluation In our group we decided to use 3 contexts for our production posters, radio and TV. We decided that our television adverts go out on channels which teenagers will watch such as trouble, nickelodeon and ITV. We have chosen the time of 4:15 to 6:30 because this is the time when the average teenager will get home and watch television. At 8 to 10 o'clock we thought that this was the best time to show our radio adverts we have chosen this time slot because this is when they listen to there favourite music or DJs. We can also attract a wider audience with this time slot because at this time there is a lot of people listening to pop shows, charts and interviews. ...read more.


I think that our product will not really appeal to a wider audience because we have focused our product on teenager's interests. We saw, as our main purpose of production was to attract a lot of teenagers to buy our drink, because of this we spent a great deal of time on the computer designing posters and drawing can designs. We tried to use neutral colours such as green blue, red, yellow and purple so to attract teenage girls and boys. We decided to keep the price low so even someone with a little money can buy it and that we could sell more. I think that it fulfils our purpose because our product is very colourful and will stand out amongst other products and even the teenager on a budget could by it. ...read more.


I would also add various freebees to the product so you could have a chance to win prizes. I think I worked effectively on our production I had a hand in planning what we going to do for our product, designing posters and I wrote the radio script. I don't think I have acquired any skills but I feel that I have developed some, such as my designing using the computer, most of the designs I did on computer before were quite dull but if have seen our poster my designing skills has come a long way. I enjoyed working with others because we could see how different parts of the project was getting along, we had much more input therefore more ideas and we finished quicker. By James Grant 1OW ...read more.

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