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MetaSolv's choice of strategies.

Extracts from this document...


Graduate School of Business: MBA Programme All Levels Group Assignment Cover Sheet Course Code: DGS8SMM Course Name: Advanced Strategic Management Assignment Number: Two Due Date: 2004/04/26 Group Number: 432JGB02 Group Location: JHB Near North Group Leader - Student Number: 203517811 Group Leader - Name: Vikash Barath Group Leader - Contact E-Mail: [email protected] Declaration by Group Leader: I hereby confirm: 1. That, with the exception of any individuals listed below, all members of the group have participated in this assignment, and are therefore entitled to share equally in the mark/s awarded. 2. That, where I am certifying, below, that specific individual/s have not participated. 2.1 I have advised the individual/s that I am so certifying. 2.2 All other group members are in agreement with this certification. 2.3 All reasonable efforts have been made to resolve this matter prior to taking this action; and 2.4 I have advised the individual/s concerned to contact the Graduate School to discuss how they might submit the assignment on an individual basis. The following student/s have participated in this assignment: Student Name Student Number 1. Krishna Chetty 941345194 2. Devandren Moodley 201511185 3. Mthandazo Ncube 202524223 4. Terrence Ochse 202526941 5. Sandren Narainsamy 203513487 6. Dhavaraj Chetty 203517465 7. Vikash Barath 203517811 8. Themela Moodley 203518152 9. Kubendran Gopal 203518287 10. Shireen Aricksamy 203518307 Confirmed by Group Leader: Vikash Barath Sign Here >>> Vikash Barath Comments: Mark Awarded: Penalty: Final Mark: Executive Summary "We believe our product portfolio, our customer base, our people, and our continued investment and focus on network resource management, service provisioning and activation position us well to provide end to end service fulfillment capabilities to both leading and emerging communications service providers around the world."1 This mission statement is all encompassing and succinctly relays MetaSolv's raison d´┐Żetre. MetaSolv is a leading global provider: * Of operations support systems (OSS) software solutions that help communications service providers manage their business better; * The environment for marketing OSS software solutions to communications service providers remains challenging; * ...read more.


Marketing efforts on developing product and market strategies provide direction on target market requirements. "We base our product strategy on an analysis of market requirements, competitive offerings and projected return on investment."19 Outbound Logistics The actual transaction between the customer and MetaSolv's implementation team are initiated and specific agreements and contract terms are drawn up. There is an increase in the collaborative work between Metasolv and the customer in the rollout of the software. MetaSolv uses an extremely efficient File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server to ensure that software updates are available for downloading to customers. This expedites the process as compared to shipping CD-ROMs with software to customers around the world. Training is provided to customers to correctly use and implement the new software installed. Implementation can take between three to nine months. Marketing and Sales Extensive Sales and Marketing efforts are made. MetaSolv markets and sells their software directly through their highly qualified sales force that pursues leads generated from contacts made through telemarketing, trade shows, seminars, conferences, market research, the Web site, customers and partners. The sales force is further complemented through alliances with systems integrators. These alliance partners give the sales force a global reach and provide significant leads and referrals. These leads are followed up and intensive presentations are made to the potential customer where sales and marketing efforts are directed to potential customers. Much of the work in the sales and marketing arena is done via the internet and MetaSolv website. Service The Customer User Group maintains an active enhancement-ranking process, by which members continually establish priorities for software improvements and evaluate the enhancements that MetaSolv delivers. Product managers are active in numerous technology and industry forums. After sales service is also done through on-line support desks, e-mail and telephone facilities. If the problem cannot be solved, then field representatives go out and personally work with the customer until the problem is solved.20 Support Activities MetaSolv should access support activities that do not add value to their core competencies. ...read more.


MetaSolv's choice of strategies has favorably influenced its growth in the market. MetaSolv has pursued a focused global, growth and expansion strategy in the niche OSS market. Its acquisitions and strategic alliance partnerships have built it into a powerful force. It has developed competitive advantages that should ensure its future. Its strategies are well suited to the fast paced industry in which it operates. The environment for marketing OSS software solutions to communications service providers remains challenging. MetaSolv's acquisitions of new products, customers, personnel, and sales territories have been key factors that have resulted in its significant success. MetaSolv has been successful in the implementation of its strategies. It has implemented structures that have worked well, with leaders who have a great understanding of both the industry and the technology required to succeed. In evaluating the business strategy, the analysis indicates strength in all four areas used; Financial, Customer, Internal and Learning and Growth. To maintain its objective of remaining a leader in its chosen field, MetaSolv has:42 * Expanded its sales and distribution capabilities; * Expanded its software with new functionality; * Expanded its customer base by aggressive market penetration; * Managed to attract and retain qualified employees; * Continued to use strategic relationships to implement and sell its products; * Managed to enter and grow its operations in international markets and be profitable; * The ability to meet customer expectations by delivering quality software. In an extremely competitive telecommunications software industry, MetaSolv has shown superior resilience to market forces and the global slump in the telecommunications industry. MetaSolv's globalisation strategy has enabled it to enter new markets that were not affected by this slump and effectively pursue strong growth of its customer base. Due to its supreme product portfolio and core competencies supported by strong leadership, MetaSolv has grown its revenues. MetaSolv's strategies have enabled it to overcome threats of new competitors and not allow it to be detrimental to its business. MetaSolv has proven its tenacity in remaining an OSS leader in a dynamic industry. ...read more.

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