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My Personal Swot Analysis.

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Strength: * I have a good understanding of range of performance practices, both from practical and critical standpoint. * I have good analytical and creative mind * Attention to details * Able to take initiatives * Honest * reliable Opportunities: * Gain experience of dealing with people * Get experience of the world of work * Work in a team * Possible promotion and pay rise Threats: The purpose of this task to write a reflective paper that includes critic of my own Personal Development Plan (PDP) and PDP activities. In my honest opinion, this assignment is the hardest part to complete. Having an economy degree from Turkish university I have never been asked before to write reflective paper about me which I will be first time criticising for my personality in order to accomplished the task. WHAT IS MY CURRENT STATE? How do I plan my work? Every morning I do prioritise my workload by dividing into several categories. * Urgent work / email / telephone queries * None urgent work / email, telephone queries Urgent work includes; personal changes forms such as leavers, starters, contract changes, bank details and issues logs from the offshore team, emails which requires urgent actions (recalling leavers salary in order to prevent overpayment), and provide telephone assistance to the customers. ...read more.


I will always look for new opportunities rather than walk the common path and able to influence others and decision made because I show great confidence. * Enhancing workplace morale within the colleagues. * I hope to spend more time with my colleagues and have some fun rather than just work. * Improving my grammar. To improve my grammar I need to read more books and also accept help from my friends who is willing to offer their help. Why do I want to achieve that? What does it give me? * I want to be in management side who decides critical decisions rather than being follower. * Improving my English in writing will give me more confidence in order to moving up within my career. * What are my short term goals? * To finish my 3rd year within the year and also attend diploma ceremony at London. * To seek opportunities that may help me to get more senior role. This can be either within the company or elsewhere. (preferably within the company) What are my long term goals? * Become a manager * Also study towards CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) ...read more.


Courses attended: Dates: Leading Teams and dealing with conflicts November 2010 Main achievements / experiences: This course gave me confidence of dealing with possible conflict either with customers or colleagues. Step -4) your job Briefly describe your job (include key relationships): I am an administrator for the last 4,5 years. My key responsibilities are to ensure employees are received salary accurately and on time. Key performance areas/targets: Specific objectives: * Communicate with offshore team daily and to ensure that all the issue logs have been resolved. * Provide support to the BOL to ensure consistency carries on. * Provide support to the Non-Store when necessary. Recent achievements: * The BOL accuracy has been increased from 72 % to 92 % within the first month and next month it has been increased from 92% to 94% * Received positive compliment from the customer which has been sent to the manager. Step -5) Skills and abilities checklist: The following are included as a guide to help you think about your existing skills and abilities. Tick the box if you think you need development in order to improve. ...read more.

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