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New Product Presentation to Management

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Natalya Kashirina ENC 3213 Professor Trewick 18 October 2009 Happy Paws The pet industry has exploded with thousands of new pet products. This makes it harder than ever to know which product to choose for your dog. The Environmental Working Group at Johnson & Johnson took samples from dogs and discovered that the animals were polluted with many of the same chemicals that humans are which makes sense, considering our pets live in the same environments we do. One way to take some steps to make our dogs healthier is to switch to natural pet care products. ...read more.


The products are all cruelty free and use only better than human quality ingredients which make them safe, gentle and highly effective. Our herbs and botanicals are all ethically harvested and sustainably grown by a select group of independent farmers. We don't use SLS or parabens in our products and they are all safe for puppies. In addition, our bottles are recycled and we print our labels on paperless paper. No trees used! Going green is a journey and we aren't there yet but we're continuously looking for new and better ways to get there. ...read more.


Happy Paws aims to run a paperless office. And when we do use paper it is made into note pads, before ultimately being recycled. All of our products and components are made in the USA, most of them right here in South Florida to minimize transportation-related impact. Our products have been PETA certified as cruelty free. And we are happy to announce that a portion of our profits goes to Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities. We have a responsibility to ourselves and everything else that shares this planet to take care of our most precious resource. Happy Paws is dedicated to upholding the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards. ...read more.

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