News article critique - Cows are stressed and produce less milk due to climate change.

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Cows are stressed and produce less milk due to climate change.


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Summary of the news

Change in climate in southern part of US has stressed out cows. Cows are producing less milk than usual. The humidity, hot nights, and hot weather have made southeast part of US to be the least friendly place in the country for dairy cows to live.

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By using detailed climate data, scientists have discovered that, dairy cows suffer more in Tillamook and Oregon which are humid and does not have any huge change in temperature at night time compared with Arizona which is more humid and dry. Dairy cows in Tillamook and Oregon produce less milk than dairy cows in Arizona. Less productive dairy cows in southern US have brought daily loss to firms about 50%. The impacts also felt by other barnyard animals such as pigs, and impacts on mortality rate that rise temperature might have on cows.

In 2080, it is predicted that there ...

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