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Online Trends

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Online Trends Eric LeSieur October 10, 2010 With the ever-continuing growth of the internet, consumers' online habits change and morph accordingly. Traditionally, e-mail and portal sites were the main focus of internet users' time. Today, the trend has shifted towards a higher use of social networking sites. This change in consumer habits has forced online retailers to reassess the ways in which they advertise and operate. Long gone are the days of signing on to AOL through a dial-up connection, listening to those garbled sounds of a modem, and connecting to the internet at a god awful speed of 56k. As of 2009 the internet in the United States has an average speed of 5.1mps (US Ranks 28th, 2009). ...read more.


This allows webmasters to create more interactive and detailed content than was ever available in the past, and quite frankly, consumers demand it. Along with this shift in internet use, comes a change in marketing strategies. Companies are now forced to create and implement a completely new marketing campaign geared toward web advertising. If consumers are spending more time on these social sites, and other niche content, businesses need to tailor their advertising campaigns towards what type of sites are being used most. While this change can allow for more targeted advertising techniques, issues will arise in the sense that many more "smaller" advertising campaigns must be created to target individual markets instead of the previous standard of one "large" campaign to target everyone. ...read more.


New York Times executive editor, Bill Keller, believes eventually online will become the main business: "But the Web audience is growing at a great clip, while print circulation is not. And online revenues are growing faster, too, albeit from a smaller base. If the trend continues, there's little doubt that - "eventually" - online becomes the main business" (Phillips, 2007). The shift of online consumers' browsing habits, and the shift of business to business advertising go hand-in-hand. Marketing and advertising have to change along with the needs of its target consumers. Businesses need to be able to adapt to change and embrace that a new revolution in advertising has begun. Accepting this change and working with it, will ultimately allow for businesses to create better, more specifically targeted, campaigns which, ideally, will generate a better revenue vs. advertising cost ratio. ...read more.

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