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Orientation of a the Apple Company

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141 HRM Coursework 1 Employee resorting is mainly involved with making sure that the organisation obtains and retains the human capital, which the organisation needs and uses it in a productive way. Furthermore it is involved with other aspects of employment, in which there is no alternative and this is important in the Human Resources Management (HRM) process. The HRM process is involved with putting together similar human resources to the strategic and operational needs of the organization and further making full use of the resources available. Not only is it occupied0 With obtaining and keeping the number and right quality of staff required, but also in selecting and promoting people who are suitable for the culture and strategic requirement of the organisations. HRM places a greater emphasis on employing or placing current employees whose attitudes and behaviours are what the management needs for the companies success. In the case of RPS supermarket, in order to employee the staff more cost effectively through the downturn in current business the organisation needs to employ non conformist employees who can kick start the system, as the supermarket is innovative and adaptive. ...read more.


In order to improve the director must examine the internal supply of human resources, this includes figures of turnover, skill base, retirement and maternity leave, as this is influential in the figures of the business, as often the company has to employ new staff to cover this. Employee resourcing strategy plays a part in both a formulation and implementation of a strategy. The managing director must consider this. Within formulation of a business strategy the managing director must make the best use of the existing human resources system, this may involve restrictions including skill shortages and high recruitment training and employment costs, this may affect the implementation of proposed business plans. If using an implementation strategy the managing director must consider the following strategies: * Acquisition strategies, resources essential to meet the forecast needs. * Retention strategies, how the managing director aims to retain the employees it requires * Development strategies, what the managing director as well as the other managers need to do to extend and increase the skills so as to make employees have a greater responsibility * Utilization strategies, intentions to improve productivity and cost effectiveness * Flexibility strategies, organizations can develop more flexible work arrangements. ...read more.


A ratio trend analysis takes place whilst studying past ratios, through studying the number of direct and indirect workers, and considering the number of direct and indirect workers needed to work alongside each other. Work-study techniques can be used to analyze the number of people required to for the level of work that the supermarket requires. Modeling makes use of the mathematical requirements that the supermarket requires in order to ensure the right supply of employees meets the demand. The manager should also analyze existing human resources strategies, and look at the ways in which the supermarket had the least number of employee turnover. As a high level of changes in staff, means that there will be constant changes in the way the staff are managed and the ways in which they can be boosted. For example promotions would mean that the employees would have more motivation to work. In conclusion there are many ways in which RPS may boost its employees, and this would ensure that the employees would work best for the organization. Furthermore it is essential that it is up to management within the organization to handle any new situations and furthermore any quality management, this would help the organization to improve. ...read more.

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