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Our group assignment chooses Argos as the organisation of choice reflecting on its e-business strategy.

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´╗┐Abstract Our group assignment chooses Argos as the organisation of choice reflecting on its e-business strategy. This essay content three question parts and has been answered accordingly. Technology according to Mullins (2007) is the information or data, tools and actions that have been used to change inputs into outputs. Technology has been changing and moving rapidly. This rapid change has dramatically affected the organisation-working environment. Internet is one of the tools that have been influenced with this fast changes. The Internet was a mean for organisation to deliver information and communicate to their subordinate, their customers and shareholders. But business is giving another dimension to the Internet by making it as a market place; we are talking about E-business and E-commerce. They are a lot of organisation and customers that are connecting themselves in the online shopping business. Argos is one of the modern organisations that have also followed the changes in business environment. Richard Tompkins is the founder of Argos. He has formerly launched green shield stamp in the United Kingdom. He came up later with the idea of people buying with cash as a substitute of stamp. Argos shop and catalogue began in 1973 in Shurry Road Canterbury. (http//:www.argos.co.uk/static/staticDisplay/includeName/AboutArgos.htm/about) In March 1999, GUS acquired Argos. During this time Argos was only making business through catalogue. Argos took over Home base in 2002. The acquisition allows the company to offer more choices and opportunities of products to their customers. Argos has now 700 stores all over the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. ...read more.


and take a pick on the product Make a purchase and pay using credit cards with PayPal and choose see the options delivery or pick up Make a purchase and pay using credit cards with PayPal and see the options delivery or pick up They have to travel all the way to the shop, spend for fare or drive their car consuming gas Shop scenario, buyers queued if there are a lot of customers Products delivered and have it on hand Products delivered and have it on hand Some conditions, if products are unavailable in the shop, buyers has to go other branch of Argos Any types of purchases, customers are given chances of at least 30 days to return faulty or unwanted products. Take a long queue again and eventually have it on hand Part 2) Critically assess how the organisation has employed e-business technologies to perform its key business process Argos uses a mixture of different channels for advertising their products and services such as television, radio,mobile,website, newspapers, magazines and posters or billboards. These channels are the most effective and efficient from time to time. These all methods of buying goods seem to be very appreciated by the English people. Argos maintains a broad network of stores and distributes its catalogue to more than two-thirds of all UK households. Since its beginnings in the 1970s, Argos has been observed for its innovative use of technology. Computer systems have always had a huge impact on the way Argos functions as a retailer. ...read more.


Moreover, customer service representative should be able to speak the language and communicate properly; concisely and knows accurate translation which could pass the message to the customers in a simple manner with regards to the payment method and giving of deep discount to a certain product. For Argos to generate effectively in a target market, it would be recommended to find a local partner who understands local customers well. It is a business venture for a retailer to operate internationally but the benefits of selling far outweigh the challenges. The internet has no boundaries, getting access to reach out to international buyers. Argos website can be appealing to foreign customers by willingness to accept international orders of their product, the website has a multi-language toggle, list of products in local currency and offering clear information on shipment, costs, return policies and countries served. International customs, currencies, taxes and regulations should be understood. Beal, V. (2010). Going Global with Your Ecommerce Business.Ecommerce-Guide. 0 (1), 1. Conclusion: As time went by, various technological advances guided the evolution of ecommerce. Retail marketing is one of the ideal ways to purchase online. The creativity of e-commerce business makes life easier and accessible. The more competitions, marketplaces, faster transactions, innovative technologies make activities between customers and producers more active. The future is faster as it holds more than in the past. The e-business and e-commerce offer a great impact in the human lives, very far-reaching and prominent in the present time. Globalisation of the business arises because of the revolutionary digitalisation of technology. For organisation like Argos in the retailing industry, the competition is very tight and many people wanted to involve in online business. ...read more.

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