Performance Appraisal


Managers don't do different things! They do things differently! (Source: "You can win" by Shiv Khera). Every individual according to me has a particular role to perform in the society. Society comprises of people from different cultures having different ethnics & values. To cope with the expectations of the society for an individual is a responsible task. By saying this, I mean it should be understood that unless an individual does not perform his best, it is difficult for him to achieve his desire results. The prime objective of every organization is to make profits & these profits could be achieved by the role every employee plays in their respective work profile. It is the contribution of the employees and the management that can help the organization to prosper. However it is the key responsibility of the management to guide and monitor their employees so as to get optimum performance from them. To ensure that all the employees put their wise efforts in uplifting the organization, it is very important that the employees are motivated and rewarded as and when required in the management's perspective. Human resource management is a sensitive department in an organization which has to balance the organizations goal and the employee's satisfaction. Organization should evaluate the employee's performance on timely basis then be it a small scale organization or a large scale organization, appraising performance is a good idea for the organization. Performance appraisal deals with managing, monitoring and motivating the employees in an organization. According to me, job satisfaction and performance appraisal is interlinked as it should be understood by the employers that unless and until the employees are not satisfied with their work profile and the work environment, they would hardly perform up to the employers expectations. Hence, it is the sole responsibility of the organization to assess & fulfill these expectations. For example, early motivational researchers were aware that different people with roughly equal work abilities could be paid the same amount of money and yet have quite different levels of motivation and performance. The human inclination to judge can create serious motivational, ethical and legal problems in the workplace. Without a structured appraisal system, there is little chance of ensuring that the judgments made will be lawful, fair, defensible and accurate.

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Different approaches to measure performance appraisal:-

There are several techniques and approaches that the organization has to take into account in appraising performance of their employees. Comparative approach deals in comparison of one individual employee to the other in the organization or to the team working together. The manager rates the employee's performance comparing to the other employee's performance deciding who is best and who is worst in performing the given work task. However, as this approach could help the organization to eliminate the problems of leniency & strictness, on the other hand it could demoralize the ...

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