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Relationship Marketing as Sustainable Competence a case study of Wateen Pakistan(Dissertation)

Extracts from this document...


Dissertation Relationship Marketing as Sustainable Competence: a case study of Wateen Pakistan 5/30/2011 LONDON COLLEGE OF COMPUTING AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES BY Abeer Fatima (MBA) TO Dr. Merry Ann ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ABSTRACT 5 CHAPTER -1 INTRODUCTION 6 1.1 BROADBAND INDUSTRY IN PAKISTAN 7 1.1.1 Technology Wise Net Addition in Subscribers 7 1.1.2 Company Wise Market Share of Broadband Subscribers 7 1.2 ALL ABOUT WATEEN 8 1.2.1 Vision : "To be the top wireless broadband player in Pakistan in terms of market share 2012." 8 1.2.2 Background 8 1.2.3 Ideology behind its enterprise 9 1.2.4 Target market 10 1.2.5 Branding in itself 10 1.2.6 Naming strategy 10 1.2.7 Colour 10 1.3 PROBLEM DEFINITION 10 1.4 RESEARCH AIMS / OBJECTIVES 11 CHAPTER 2- LITERATURE REVIEW 12 2.1 BRAND COMMUNICATION 12 2.2 RELATIONSHIP MARKETING 12 2.2.1 Relationship Marketing - A channel to 'Moments of Truth' 13 2.2.2 Relationship Marketing - Improves profitability 14 2.2.3 Relationship Marketing - A fabrication of partnership 14 2.2.4 Relationships are all around us - A buy in of Customer Attention. 15 2.2.5 Protect Emotional well being 15 2.2.6 Build Trust with Customer 15 2.3 SERVICE QUALITY ASPECTS 15 2.3.1 Organisation culture that cares for its customers 16 2.3.2 Market orientation - focusing on and assessing customer needs 16 2.3.3 Service quality - showing the customer that you care 16 2.3.4 Market orientation - leading to better service quality 16 Summary 16 CHAPTER-3 RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY - AN INTRODUCTION 18 3.1 RESEARCH METHODLOGY 18 3.2 RESEARCH APPROACH 18 3.3 RESEARCH STRATEGY 19 3.4 SECONDARY RESEARCH 19 3.5 RESEARCH IN AN ORGANIZATION 19 3.5.1 Primary Research 19 3.5.2 Primary Data Collection 19 3.5.3 Sampling 20 3.5.4 Defining the Target Population 20 3.5.5 Sampling Technique 20 3.5.6 Sample Size 20 3.6 QUESTIONNAIRES 20 3.6.1 Questionnaire Design 20 3.6.2 Why Questionnaires 21 3.7 INTERVIEWS 21 3.7.1 Why Interviews 21 3.8 VALIDITY, RELIABILITY, GENERALISABILITY 21 3.8.1 Validity: 21 3.8.2 Reliability: 21 3.8.3 Generalisability: 21 3.9 IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH 22 3.10 ETHICAL ISSUES, CONSENT AND ACCESS 22 3.10.1 Ethical Consideration ...read more.


This approach increases the understanding of the case studied since it can penetrate deeper into each case (Rott 2000). Methodological triangulation, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data, avoids using just these extremes. I will conduct a triangulation approach on both qualitative and quantitative sources. 3.2 RESEARCH APPROACH As depicted in the Saunders' Research Onion there are two approaches namely deductive and inductive. Deductive approach is connected to quantitative and positivist research. It answers questions of what, when and how. Follows a predetermined design, establishes causality and confirms theory. It develops theory and tests the hypothesis through empirical observation (Lancaster, 2005). Inductive on the other hand is associated with interpretative, qualitative studies. It collects data and analyse that data and develop a theory, model or explanation. It can answer why and how. Follows a flexible research design, explains causality and develops a theory (Jones, 2004). The reason for conducting an inductive research is to develop a theory on the basis of empirical observations. 3.3 RESEARCH STRATEGY As decided following an inductive approach, an exploratory research would be conducted as it is an initial research which analyzes the data and explores the possibility of obtaining as many relationships as possible between different variables used in research. The research work that would be performed would be creating as many relationships between various variable that would be found during the research. Case studies are appropriate to answer "how and why" questions, when the focus is on a contemporary phenomenon with a real life context (Yin 1999). My dissertation would start by using structured interview with the management of the company and would assemble data on their customer behaviour, buying patterns and customer groups as well as practises which the company uses. 3.4 SECONDARY RESEARCH The secondary data collection involves less time, effort and costs. Such data can be collected from internal and external sources of information. Most of the data that would be used in this research would be from internal source being the churn analysis figures, the customer satisfaction surveys and feedbacks. ...read more.


It is assumed that in the competitive market where consumers have the right in comparison and selection would enjoy the value of services. In such an environment, economic equity that adds value stems from delivering need fulfillment to customers and earning a net economic (cash) return that exceeds the cost of capital (Richard et al., 1999). By enhancing its service and providing value the service provider can measure the returns it can yield. In competitive environments it needs to recognize that customers do not buy a service just because it is nice instead; they buy because the quality related to service is perceived as the best value to resource choice available. And the above findings definitely prove this in terms if Wateen' performance in every aspect. The major aspects of company existence has been very well handled by the organisation however there is always a room of improvement specially with regards to changing technological world. Based on the above findings and analysis the following are my recommendations: 1) Wateen might need to continuously monitor its customer switching cost as competitors are quite strong and would be definitely aligning their strategy to bring competitive edge. 2) The analysis of its customer survey reflected few regions which are still struggling towards improvement track; they need to be worked upon to bring the world class in all aspects. (See. App. C) 3) The issues like billing, sms requires a back up in case of downturn customer has to be facilitated about their concern. 4) Although issues discussed in the gap analysis have been looked upon, they need to be continuously monitored and evaluated to overcome the deviations on timely basis. As per the discussion the Head of Customer Services, in its course of action, Wateen is already working on every single aspect from employee satisfaction to buy in of customer attention and development of mutual exchange relationship with them. The network coverage has already met its target of smooth operations as per the statistics discussed above the continuous monitoring would be the long term objective keeping in mind the expansion. ...read more.

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