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Researching a job role and recruitment

Extracts from this document...


Task 1: 1. Describe clearly which different skills you look for when you recruit new staff. I've started a company for a couple of months now so I don't have a lot of money to put advertisements in the newspapers. My company sells safety clothes, shoes, glasses, suites etc. Of course I have an own website of my company so that customers can see what for company I have and I can put advertisements on my website than. And if people are interested to work at my company than they can give me their curriculum vitae and an application letter. I can buy posters and put it in different places so all people can see the advertising. The costs of the posters aren't very much, the costs are � 350, 00 for 1000 posters so that isn't very expensive and a company can afford that (information from www.druksnel.nl). I have a company that is specialized in protect clothing, so I need people who must work in the warehouse and somebody who can lead the warehouse. So first I want somebody who have worked in a warehouse and knows everything of it. I put that in the advertisement to and than people will come who have work experience in a company. If I have somebody who can lead the warehouse he becomes the leader of the warehouse than so he can employ a couple more people. The other persons who wants to work in my company must like to work in a company so they don't have to work in my company if they only want money. Because if they don't like to work in a company the atmosphere isn't good in the warehouse so they must like to work in mine company. I need people who can patch logos on the clothes. Because one of my customers is Roteb and if they want 200 overalls their logos must be on the overalls. ...read more.


An interview is an example. Face to Face is best being used in the following situations: if you have an interview you must talk face to face, or if you want to talk about something you can talk with people so there are different situations. Report (a formal reply to a task that has been set or investigation that an employee has undertaken). A report would be a helpful source of information if you want to send almost all your information to the company where you apply. There are different steps: 1.0 Terms of reference, 2.0 Procedure, 3.0 Findings, 4.0 Conclusions, and 5.0 Recommendations. A report is best being used in the following situations: if you want put things in different steps, what things you have searched and how and what is your conclusion? That kind of questions and a report is good if you want to apply something because the manager of the company know almost everything about you than and that is good. Memorandum (an internal form of communication and is intended for relatively short messages between members of staff). Memorandum would be a helpful source of information if you want to send a small message to one of your employees. Or is the chef want to give an introductory talk to the new staff or something. So the memorandum is special for the small messages. Memorandum is best being used in the following situations: if you want to send small messages to you employees you can use the Memorandum. Methods Do's Don'ts E-mail (a system for sending messages electronically over a computer network) When you want information of a company you can send an E-mail because that is easier than a letter. When you send an apply because there is a chance that the manager don't read the E-mail so you can send a letter to make sure that the manager read you apply. ...read more.


(the most people said a answer like this. 15. (67 % said Yes and 33% said No) Why do you want that? Because it is ugly if you have a pink mp3 player with an green shirt I think, so I need an mp3 player with more colors, or that the icons are different colors, or just black or wite. (the most people said a answer like this). 16. Why? Because it is easier if you want to put some new music in the mp3 player and you are by somebody else, you don't need a cable or something than, that's why an attached mp3 player is easier. (the most people said a answer like this) 17. Why do you like that? Because I can send pictures and songs to friends and you don't need to use the computer than because you can send it to each other. (the most people said a answer like this) 18. As you can see the most peole use the mp3 player when they are going to school, so we need a simple mp3 player that is specialized in music, because the most people don't use different functions but they listen only to music. 19. Why do you like that? Because if I want more memory I can but it in the stores, so I don't have to remove songs or pictures but I can buy more memory. So that is very handy for the people. (the most people said a answer like this) 20. There isn't a lot of difference because it is an unknown brand for them, but this mp3 player have Bluetooth and external memory so the most people will but it, and if it is good Sound Blaster PLC can be a rival to the Apple iPod. c- An leaflet containing the highlights of the data you have collected 1. Introduction 2. Goal of the presentation 3. Contents of the presentation 4. Planning of the research 5. Outcomes CBS 6. Outcomes Questionnaire 7. Outcomes Packard Bell 8. New features/Ideas 9. Conclusion/Recommendation ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Human Resource Management section.

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