S.W.O.T. Analysis of Dalda Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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Internship report on

DALDA Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Sales Department





Certificate of internship by

DALDA Foods Pvt. Limited.

It is certified that Mr. Ibrahim Obaid Ullah Baig of                                              Institute of Management Sciences, Hayatabad Peshawar has completed his internship in Dalda Foods Pvt. Limited as sales internee. The duration of internship was 07 weeks, starting from 30th June till 15th July, 2008.


During his internship he was found very ambitious and active in terms of creativity and innovations in order to bring in change. His performance at work place was highly appreciated by senior management as well as his colleagues.

We wish him all success in future.



National Sales Manager

                                                 Malik Safdar Ashraf


I would like to offer my sincere thanks to my project advisors,                         Mr. Ghulam Shabbir (ROM Islamabad region) and                                 Mr. Muhammad Naseer Khan (ASM Peshawar area) for their guidance and valuable suggestions, continuous support, encouragement and cooperation during the task.

I pay my deepest gratitude and deepest sense of respect to everyone who help me during this task and enable me to attain the targets and goals of my academic life.

All the above contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Table of Contents

Content                                                                        Page# Introduction to Dalda                                                        01

Target market of D.F.L.                                                         04

D.F.L’s Products                                                                 08

Dalda cooking oil                                                         08

        Dalda Banaspati                                                        09

        Dalda Planta Cooking Oil                                                10

        Manpasand                                                                11

                Manpasand Cooking Oil                                                11

                Manpasand Banaspati                                                        12

        Dalda Olive Oil                                                                13

                Benefits and attributes                                                14

        Tullo Cooking Oil                                                        15

        Tullo Banaspati                                                        16

        Tullo Gold Cooking Oil                                                        17

        Tullo Sun Flower Cooking Oil                                                18

        Tullo Pakwan Cooking Oil                                                19

        Tullo Pride Cooking Oil                                                20

        Tullo Pride Banaspati                                                        21

Sales infrastructure                                                        22

Prices of D.F.L.                                                                24

Pricing components                                                        28

S.W.O.T. Analysis                                                                29

Strengths of Dalda                                                         29

Weakness of Dalda                                                        30

Opportunities of Dalda                                                        30

Threats of Dalda                                                                31

Findings and recommendations                                                 32

Marketing aspects                                                                32

Recommendations                                                        33

H.R. aspect                                                                 34

Recommendations                                                        35

Managerial aspect                                                         36

Recommendations                                                        37

General aspect recommendations                                         38

D.S.R. daily routine                                                        39

Working in Regional office                                                40

Questionnaire                                                                42

Annexure                                                                        45

Contents                                                Page#

List of tables 

Target market of Dalda Foods in detail                                                        05

Portfolio of Dalda Foods Pvt. Ltd                                                                06

Width and Depth of D.F.L.                                                                        07

Price of MBP                                                                                        24

Price of MCO                                                                                        24

Price of DBP                                                                                        24

Price of DCO                                                                                        25

Price of Olive Oil                                                                                 25

Price of PCO                                                                                        25

Price of PCCO                                                                                        26

Price of TCO                                                                                        26

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Price of TGCO                                                                                        26

Price of TSCO                                                                                        27

Price of TBP                                                                                        27

Price of PrBP                                                                                        27

Price of PrCO                                                                                        27

Contents                                                Page #

List of Charts

Organizational structure                                                                        03

Target market of Dalda Foods.                                                                04

Sales infrastructure                                                                                22

List of graphs

Price trend                                                                                         28

List of acronyms

A.S.M.                                         Area Sales Manager

D.B.P.                                        Dalda Banaspati

D.B.R.                                        Demand Based Replenishment

D.C.O.                                        Dalda Cooking Oil

D.F.L.                                        Dalda Foods Limited

D.H.A.                                        Defense Housing Society

N.S.M.                                        National Sales Manager

P.J.P.                                         Proposed Journey Plan

R.S.M.                                         Regional Sales Manager

S.K.U.                                         Stock Keeping Units

R.O.M.                                 Regional Operational Manager

T.S.O.                                         Territory Sales Officer

T.T.S.O.                                Trainee Territory Sales Officer


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