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S.W.O.T. Analysis of Dalda Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Extracts from this document...


Internship report on DALDA Foods Pvt. Ltd. Sales Department IBRAHIM OBAID ULLAH BAIG INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, HAYATABAD, PESHAWAR. AUGUST 2008 Certificate of internship by DALDA Foods Pvt. Limited. It is certified that Mr. Ibrahim Obaid Ullah Baig of Institute of Management Sciences, Hayatabad Peshawar has completed his internship in Dalda Foods Pvt. Limited as sales internee. The duration of internship was 07 weeks, starting from 30th June till 15th July, 2008. During his internship he was found very ambitious and active in terms of creativity and innovations in order to bring in change. His performance at work place was highly appreciated by senior management as well as his colleagues. We wish him all success in future. ____________________________ National Sales Manager Malik Safdar Ashraf Dated:___________________ I would like to offer my sincere thanks to my project advisors, Mr. Ghulam Shabbir (ROM Islamabad region) and Mr. Muhammad Naseer Khan (ASM Peshawar area) for their guidance and valuable suggestions, continuous support, encouragement and cooperation during the task. I pay my deepest gratitude and deepest sense of respect to everyone who help me during this task and enable me to attain the targets and goals of my academic life. All the above contributions are gratefully acknowledged. Table of Contents Content Page# Introduction to Dalda 01 Target market of D.F.L. 04 D.F.L's Products 08 Dalda cooking oil 08 Dalda Banaspati 09 Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 10 Manpasand 11 Manpasand Cooking Oil 11 Manpasand Banaspati 12 Dalda Olive Oil 13 Benefits and attributes 14 Tullo Cooking Oil 15 Tullo Banaspati 16 Tullo Gold Cooking Oil 17 Tullo Sun Flower Cooking Oil 18 Tullo Pakwan Cooking Oil 19 Tullo Pride Cooking Oil 20 Tullo Pride Banaspati 21 Sales infrastructure 22 Prices of D.F.L. 24 Pricing components 28 S.W.O.T. Analysis 29 Strengths of Dalda 29 Weakness of Dalda 30 Opportunities of Dalda 30 Threats of Dalda 31 Findings and recommendations 32 Marketing aspects 32 Recommendations 33 H.R. ...read more.


3. Dalda Banaspati 1 Kg (Pouch) 4. Dalda Banaspati 500 gm (Pouch) Benefits and attributes * Dalda banaspati is the healthiest banaspati available in country because of country because VTF treated. * Hygienically produced on modern plant, Dalda banaspati contains healthier formula. * In addition Trans fat acids, harmful to health, is below 1%. * Dalda banaspati also contains Vitamin A & D-3 and its rich ghee flavor ensures delicious and wholesome meal. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil Contents * Planta Cooking Oil is 100% pure and extra refined vegetable oil. * A blend of Soya Bean, Canola and Sunflower oil. * Contains vitamin A & D-3. S.K.U.s of Planta Cooking Oil 1. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 5 liters (Tin) 2. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 4.5 liters (Bottle) 3. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 3 liters (Bottle) 4. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 2.5 liters (Tin) 5. Dalda Planta Cooking Oil 1 liter (Pouch) Benefits and attributes * The natural antioxidant in the oil boosts the immune system of human body. * It is the only cooking oil, which gives the taste of Ghee and the goodness of Oil. * It ensures the health as it is 100% cholesterol free. * It is hygienically refined on modern automatic plant to preserve natural goodness and refreshment of oil, to make the food delicious and moist. Manpasand Nation-wide consumer researches and million of consumers contact suggest that Manpasand is a superior formulation: * 91% target consumers preferred Manpasand over their existing brands. * 94% consumers liked its overall quality and innovative packing. * 73% consumers mentioned that it is economical in use as its quantity of consumption is less than any other banaspati or oil. Manpasand Cooking Oil Contents * Manpasand cooking oil is a premium blend of Canola, Soya bean and Cotton seed oil. * It is enriched with vitamin A & D. S.K.U.s of Manpasand Cooking Oil 1. ...read more.


and we need to counter their strategies otherwise they will take the market leadership of Oil and Ghee from us in the next decade or may be earlier. Recommendations: * We have to strengthen the sales of Dalda in the areas where its sale is high with low competition and have to make loyal customers. * Our main focus should be the areas where, in past, Dalda's sales were high but with the passage of time it declined, so that the sales reach the peak again. * Areas where it has strong competition, we can sell it through some special discounts or special scheme. * For countering IFFCO we can buy some special places in stores so that we can place our banners and poster there, to attract end consumers. * Another thing is we have to place our product in all small shops, even on credit, so that people of the areas see it and after seeing it they will definitely try it and through this we can sell our product their and can increase our market share. * Sales promotion techniques should be used. For instance, in low sales area, we can ask the retailers to reduce their margin for some period of time in return for their shop decoration by Dalda fliers' / e.t.c. Moreover Dalda can ask them to keep its product and not those of its competitors in return. Human Resource aspect: * H.R. is a bit negative side. * Employees are not completely loyal with the company, even some of them are searching for another job. * The new multinational is giving better offers to Dalda's sales team, as they know Dalda have the best team they will ever get in Pakistan. * For our employees IFFCO is a better option from all the aspects, Package wise, policy wise e.t.c. * Distributor is also not completely loyal with the company may be because he has another distribution of a multinational Soft-drink and sometimes company's rigid policies irritates distributor. ...read more.

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