In the corporate world today, marketing is the vital component needed to increase the profitability of a company, increase the rate of longevity and boost the sales of a certain product or service. This certainly applies in the telecommunication industry especially when there are so many mobile phone providers in the market that caused the industry to be extremely competitive. But what is marketing? Marketing is the general term used to describe all the process that lead to final sales, including the planning and executing of price, promotion and distribution to satisfy individual and organizational needs. (Erickson, 1996). From the definition above, it is seen that marketing is not just selling a product and service but an essential part of business to ensure the success of a company.

        Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication is a global provider of mobile multimedia devices, and it is a joint venture of Sony Corporation and Ericsson (). It is one of the most successful mobile phone providers that implemented the concepts of marketing and gained competitive advantages within the industry. In this report, I will be explaining on how Sony Ericsson has serviced me as a customer, and how they maintained my loyalty towards their products.

2.0 The Marketing Mix

        The marketing mix is a general term used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service into the market, including the product, place, promotion, and pricing strategies(ANON, The Marketing Mix and 4Ps, 1995-2009). Sony Ericsson has implemented all the four strategies, well enough to ensure that I am a loyal user of their products for the past seven years.

2.1 Product Strategies

2.1.1 Branding

        Branding is a very important component of a product because it distinguishes one product from another, increases sales of a new product, and increases the rate of repeat sales. Sony Ericsson uses the co-branding strategy, which is the placing of two or more brand names on a product. Co-branding is a useful strategy when a combination of brand names enhances the prestige or perceived value of a product (Summers, Gardiner, Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, p. 195). The innovation in partnership of Sony Corporation and Ericsson has brought out a better range of mobile phone products since Sony is bringing out the latest entertainment content to mobile phones. I myself was not a fan of Ericsson phone but since Sony had added in good entertainment into Ericsson phone, my confidence towards the brand Sony had became a reason of me purchasing Sony Ericsson phones. This situation is the same to those who fancy Ericsson phone, because they might still purchase Sony Ericsson phones even though they are less interested in Sony products. These two companies have increased their profitability and the company’s presence by combining customers of both companies and share the profits.

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2.1.2 Warranty

        Warranty is also a part of product strategies as product strategies are not just about the physical unit. Warranty is a confirmation of the quality or performance of a good or service. It protects the buyer and gives essential information about the product (Macdaniel, Lamb, & Joseph F. Hair, 2008,2009, p. 317). Sony Ericsson promises a full warranty where they will repair within a reasonable time without any charges if their products are not functioning in within a year. This had increased my confident level towards their products and became the reason of me purchasing their mobile phone.


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