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The Search industry, which accounts for the largest portion of Internet advertisement, becomes one of its most eye-catching sectors. This essay, based on the case of the industry leader----Google, analyses this issue from two angles, one from a retrospect

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Strategic Management (MNG00114) Assignment 1- Case Analysis - Marking Criteria Item General points to remember 1. Identify (based on information contained within the case) what forces seem most likely to bring about major change to the search industry within the next three to five years? - 3.5 marks a. Appropriate resources cited (where required). b. Support/justification for arguments provided. Very well done 3 marks 2. Identify between three and five key factors that define success in the search industry (ie. Key success factors)? - 3.5 marks a. Appropriate resources cited (where required). b. Support/justification for arguments provided, including the provision of some brief commentary as to why the factors chosen are of critical importance if looking to compete in the search industry. This part was supposed to focus on what was successful in the pst but you are still looking ahead here 2 marks 3. Overall presentation of the assignment - total marks available - 3 marks Key points for consideration: a. Overall presentation b. Consistent print, font and typeface throughout c. Report conforms with word count (-/+ 10% allowance) d. Reference List - no errors e. Parenthetical referencing in body of report (correct format) x f. Correct use of citation and citation of all sources g. ...read more.


? 2.2 Methods to attract users Advertising is absolutely more valuable if a search engine can attract numerous users. Google's attractions lie in the innovative technologies, the focus on the user experience, as well as its brand influence. ? 2.2.1 Technology innovation? Google could not only spot pages that other competitors could not find, but also generate a best-matching search results list (VentureBlog 2003). Comparatively, its rivals such as Yahoo fall back on Google searches when they fail to generate results which match the user's keywords as well as Google's ([email protected] 2011). ? 2.2.2 Focus on the User Experience? Aside from its effective searching, Google has obtained user's trust by keeping the user experience clear of conflict of profits. Instead of displaying the sponsored sites as the first result, Google's "sponsored links" are sorted based on the user's search terms and labelled as advertising ([email protected] 2011). ? 2.2.3 Brand Influence? Presented by a European study, Google is the number one most recognized worldwide brand. It even is used as a verb meaning to search, which constitutes real challenges to a search firm seeking to protect the strength of its mark (VentureBlog 2003). 2.3 Other Factors Besides, Google's success is also driven by the energy of the workforce. ...read more.


? 3.2 Potential Threats 3.2.1 The Question-Answering (QA) Technology Since most information seekers prefer plain and simple answers to straightforward questions, the open-domain QA, which allows users to go beyond keywords and get their question answers more quickly, has arisen as a technology that completes or even competes against keyword-based search engines (Q&A). Nevertheless, as the last answer-extraction stage always use Web-search results, the keyword-based search firms could take this advantage and develop their own QA website (Grimes 2006). 3.2.2 The issue of Security and Privacy It's no secret that search engines can record, store and share users' private information easily (Munt 2010). Due to web browsers technical weaknesses, their computers could have unsafe software installed without acceptance by "risky sites" (Eddlman & Rosenbaum 2006). This behaviour could reduce users' trust on search engines and should be prevented through making relevant policies as well as improving search firms ethical reorganization. 4. Conclusion According to the performance and strategy of Google, we can conclude that the key factors which define success in the search industry are the right method of advertising, the ability to attract users and other factors might related to corporate culture. In the future, the development of media, the increases in mobile users, people's demands as well as the threaten from Q&A technology and users' worry on security and privacy are the major forces to bring changes of the industry. ...read more.

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