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University Degree: Tourism, Transport & Travel

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  1. International Business Plan

    Like the United States of America, Australia is a capitalist country, where lies two hibernating theme parks. These amusement parks are going to wake from their deep slumber not knowing the competition, they are being put up against and the many business opportunities that have been opened to them through a prosperous and successful investment. Australia truthfully makes a statement being the world's sixth largest country and its location being within such close proximity to the globe's fastest internationally growing region.

    • Word count: 6878
  2. This essay will explore how external factors affect tourism as a whole and in America.

    Some destinations however are not as lucky, at present many destinations are faced with the negative effects of the recession. When the recession hit many tour operators and airlines went bankrupt which resulted in a decrease in the number of flights and holidays available, unemployment figures increased which meant that people now have less disposable income to spend on travel, thus resulting in a decrease in tourist numbers to certain destinations. These destinations rapidly began the process of decline. It takes a lot of time and money to rebuild a destination after decline.

    • Word count: 1866
  3. Cross-Cultural Communication

    There is no one correct way to communicate and each culture should have everyone respect. Here are a few examples that will provide how people communicate in others countries or culture. According to O'Rourke (2007), In Hungary, men walk on the left side of women or people of high importance. It consider abrasive to ask a man about his family or wife in the Middle East. In South America, everyone expects to be late. No one ever expects anyone to show up on time for schedule events accordingly (p. 278, 279). In China, it is common to add a conclusion sentence to every paragraph.

    • Word count: 850
  4. Describe components of travel and tourism

    It is important because when people go on holiday they need a place to stay. There are different types of accommodation such as hotels, bed and breakfast, guest houses, self-catering, villas camping's and caravanning's. Accommodation is a large industry, UK offer huge number of different type of accommodations which suit every budget and every taste. Those accommodations are B&B- this type of accommodation offer Bed and Breakfast usually is in private house and normally accommodate no more that 10 guests.

    • Word count: 1683
  5. Investigating different types of holidays to different long haul destinations

    They will enjoy a fantastic view of the city from the Expire State building TRAVEL FACTORS There are many travel factors that tourist take into consideration when choosing a long haul destination such as climate, time zone, necessary documents and health. Location and Access New York City is located in the East coast of the North America, next to the North Atlantic Ocean. The quickest access to New York is by air. New York has three main airports such as John F.

    • Word count: 3272
  6. Describe features that contribute to appeal for different costumers

    health spa, parking, porter, business centre, and conference room and also room facilities such as air conditioning, complimentary newspaper, cordless phone, electronic check out, high speed internet access, and high definition TV. Also business person may need transport to get around the city. Miami provide a number of transport service suitable for business person such as taxis, car rental (Hertz) or private limousine. Culture Miami offer a huge variety of festivals and events. Business person can experience the culture of Miami and enjoy many festivals during the holiday such as Wine and Food Festival which is the culinary festival with superstar chefs including Niggella Lawson, Alain Ducasie, Jamie Oliver, Emeril Laggase and Bobby Flay.

    • Word count: 945
  7. Environmental analysis for Tiger Airlines of Singapore

    Singapore NODX (non-oil domestic exports) dropped 34.8% from a year earlier, after contracting 20.8% in Dec 2008. Singapore's economy is in its sharpest and deepest recession in the country's history (Ministry of Trade and Industry 2009). Contemporary Issue 3: Pandemic H1N1 Another major contemporary issue is the Influenza A (H1N1), swine flu virus. Singapore has confirmed 72 new cases of H1N1 today, bringing the total tally to 701 confirmed cases, with five fatal cases to date (Ministry of Health 2009). Reuters (2009) reported earlier this year, when Singapore received its first H1N1 case, from a 22-year-old Singaporean who arrived from New York on a Singapore Airlines flight, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan told reporters, "this won't be the last case in Singapore unless we could stop people from travelling".

    • Word count: 5450
  8. Film Tourism

    Tolkien, has influenced the tourism in New Zealand. Firstly, film based tourism in general will be explained to give some more detailed insight into the topic. Secondly, the positive as well as the negative impacts of the films will be discussed. What is film tourism? The topic film based tourism (also referred to film-induced tourism) is a quite new phenomenon, but there is a lack of specific studies about this subject. Most of the literature which has been written is mainly focused on the marketing aspect.

    • Word count: 1782
  9. Authenticity Berlin

    This means that tourism products can be authentic for one person, but is inauthentic for someone else. Research has been concluded to mark the difference between authentic and inauthentic. Dann stated that authentic can be related to something in the past, herby one can think of an era, culture and traditions. Authenticity plays an important role in the tourism studies according to Hughes. (Dann, 2002). Gilmore & Pine II (2007) suggested that authenticity comes compared with management tools as well in order to help businesses, and of course also businesses within the tourism industry, for example render authenticity by implementing specific strategies (Gilmore& Pine II, 2007).

    • Word count: 2983
  10. Logistics and Supply chain

    Department: BAED Module code: EMBA109 Cohort: 16b Module title: Logistic & Supply Chain Management Instructor`s name: Dr. Paschalis Kastanas Student name: Lyubomir Iliev Reg. No.: EX28055 Date: 16.07.2009 Executive Resume: This coursework will analyze all logistics and supply chain processes in Oto Top Bulgaria Ltd. > Upstream supply chain analysis - measurement of suppliers > Downstream supply chain analysis - using KPIs for measurement of the distribution system > Analysis of warehouse management and inventory system > Proposals for improvement of downstream supply chain process All of the critical analysis of logistics and supply chain of Oto Top will show the way of optimization and cost improvement for all distribution operations: * Stock forecasting * Inventory optimization

    • Word count: 2613
  11. Developing Service Procedures

    * To look at quality management frameworks to see if any can be implemented so that the housekeeping department can provide a consistent and reliable 'Daily Tidy Service'. * To make recommendations that would benefit the 'Daily Tidy Service'. * To outline procedures of monitoring these recommendations. Data Sources This particular task requires a considerable amount of primary research; this means that where ever possible observation will be used as the key aspect of research, to not only identify the current service procedures, but to also identify the areas of excellence and concern.

    • Word count: 6931
  12. Accommodation Report on Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel

    By focusing on detail, the hotels create a stylish and distinctive ambience that is embodied throughout the hotels of this brand2. The Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel aims to provide their guests with a unique, elegant and sophisticated experience3. The hotel itself is a four star contemporary Marriott property located within the vicinity of one of the busiest airports in the world4. With the benefit of being located near London Heathrow Airport and Central London, the location of the hotel makes it an ideal venue for both business and leisure guests5.

    • Word count: 7269
  13. La Nacion analysis

    Furthermore, the newspaper industry tends to require relatively high fixed costs for technology, and high distribution and labor costs, which also tend to increase rivalry. While the newspaper industry is highly profitable once a company captures enough market share, it is difficult to enter the industry and succeed without incurring high costs and risk. The industry is characterized by high barriers to entry from relatively high competition and brand loyalty, the decline of circulation levels in the recent years, and differentiated products.

    • Word count: 2648
  14. History_of_tourism

    How were they traveling? Where had they started from? Get some on the board. Have a class discussion of possible answers. The second picture is from a news article about the destruction of the monk seal habitat in Bodrum, Turkey at http://www.monachus.org/mguard04/04mguard.htm. No need to get into the discussion of the impact and sustainability of tourism-stay focused on the history of the development of tourism as evidenced by the contrast in the two pictures. Task 2.3: The students may have trouble with The Grand Tour - can refer to the first picture as an example of participants in the Grand Tour.

    • Word count: 3218
  15. Professional Selling: First Florida Beach Properties

    This particular condo is located on the fourth floor of the building and has a private balcony that overlooks the beach as well as the swimming pool. Recreation This property is located in what is considered the relaxing part of town. Within just a mile of the complex there are many fine restaurants, night clubs, and recreational centers. However, if renters need more excitement they will have the ability to enjoy the many pleasures of Pensacola, Florida. The complex is only two miles from the bridge linking the island to the mainland and it is located within just six miles of the highly admired Pensacola.

    • Word count: 1623
  16. International Business Country Analysis: China

    By far the largest cultural obstacle for foreign businesses to hurdle is the Chinese language and its many dialects. The Chinese people speak seven different dialects across twenty-three provinces, five autonomous regions, and four municipalities. Mandarin is the predominant dialect of the Chinese people and is spoken by over seventy percent of the population. Mandarin itself has eight different dialects of its own, spread across the regions of China. It is no wonder why many companies strive for employees fluent in Chinese dialect, especially Mandarin.

    • Word count: 3220
  17. Support Services for Events

    The events business is the sector of an economy that contains commercial and non-commercial organisations whose principal activities revolve around the successful delivery of events. Therefore, the character of organisations in this business is very varied in terms of both nature and scale as events can cover simple ones such as weddings, to mega-events such as the Olympic Games.

    • Word count: 2274
  18. Leadership and Management

    Of course, there are many courses and workshops that promise to "help" to move up the career ladder and teach those "must have qualities and skills". There is no doubt that the managers should: -Communicate effectively with their subordinates, create a professional environment -Listen, create two-way feedback -Build the team and enable the team to collaborate more effectively with each other -Understand the financial aspects of the business -Lead by example, help to grow and develop their team Modern managers are evaluated not only by their technical skills, but also by their interpersonal, conceptual and communication skills.

    • Word count: 3154
  19. Project Report on Tourism and Hotel Industry in India

    INTRODUCTION 1.1An Industry Overview Tourism is one of the world's fastest growing industries at present and holds the status of the world's no. 1 industry. There is currently an estimated 500 million international travelers worldwide. The figure is expected to rise to 660 million by the end of the year 2000 AD. The tourism industry as a whole is presently estimated to earn over US$ 3.5 trillion worldwide creating a job every 2.4 seconds with every one of those direct jobs creating another 11 indirect ones.

    • Word count: 11490
  20. Global Issues in the Aviation Industry

    The industry has got the highest growth rate of all modes of transport, but as it grows, its impacts are rising. Between 1970 and 1995 the number of kilometers flown by passengers worldwide grew by 360% - from 551 billion to 2537 billion and over the next 20 years it is assumed that a 5% growth in passenger numbers will be seen each year globally. Estimates for the future vary. Forecast of worldwide passenger aviation demand in 2015 and 2050 in RPK. (Revenue Per Kilometer) From 'The plane truth' (J. White egg / N. Williams) based on IPCC data 1999.

    • Word count: 2421
  21. What is The Orjinall Kebap ?

    Tomato sauce and boiling butter are sometimes poured over the dish, at the table but now's youth use on the top side ketchup and May ones. We also drink whit eat to iskender kebab for traditional sweet drink named is SIRA. Mahmut Ayg�n (c.1921-2009) invented the modern version of this fast food1. Mahmut Aygun, was suffering from cancer and died in Berlin at the age of 87.2On opening his Turkish restaurant Hasir in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, Ayg�n had the idea of serving traditional sliced lamb meals in warm pita bread instead of on a plate.

    • Word count: 1196

    The term Globalisation has only been used more frequent over the last 40 years with the years after the war having an effect on how the process started, the progression it has made since then has been catastrophic with the development of global markets, increased and improved methods of production along with enhancements with technology. The reason why there is so much confusion with what globalisation is can be put down to other phrases that are similar, this is like internationalisation, liberalisation & westernisation.

    • Word count: 2941
  23. Managing Hospitality Facilities

    In the year 2008 however the UK saw an overall drop in occupancy of 1.5 per cent in the first nine month's of trading. Two major cities of the UK Edinburgh and Birmingham saw the largest occupancy decline of 3.8 percent and 4.1 per cent respectively (PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2008). Inter Continental hotels group, the world's largest hotel company recently warned that the recession would affect its pipeline of new developments. The downturn hit the hotel sector as leisure and business travellers cut back on their travel plans and developers struggled to complete openings (Lau 2008).

    • Word count: 3747
  24. an evaluation of F&B outlet

    2.0 Establishment The targeted establishment to measure the quality for this report is Las Iguanas. Las Iguanas is a chain of Latin American restaurants, it has 15 operating restaurants in various locations from Leeds to Portsmouth with a potential new opening at Manchester Deans Gate. It brings a whole lot of Latino spirit to the second floor of Birmingham's Arcadian Centre. There's no mistaking the exotic, fun vibe dancing through this colourful, open plan retreat that attracts a mixed and happy crowd.

    • Word count: 6729

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