Travel as a physical impact on the Environment

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Travel as a physical impact on the Environment

Was written in 2007

by Hajnalka Andrea Nagy (0706338) 

for Professional skills (BS 1107), tutor: Miss Marie Nolan

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Executive summary

In this report the importance of environmental issues is highlighted in relation with the travel and transport industry. There are some external factors that influence the travel industry and it is explained how they affect the environment. It is also highlighted that being environmentally conscious will be more beneficial for businesses on a long term basis.

The aim of this report is to help decision makers in the travel and transport industry in their further decisions balancing appropriately between giving priority to environmental issues and making bigger profits over spoiling the environment.

The report contains gathered data of different kinds of sources from government reports, market intelligence such as Mintel and Keynote reports, to BBC publications and national statistics. On-line articles like The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer and Financial Times provided additional information for being up to date.

The key findings of this report are that although there are some negative environmental effects - by the usage of old vehicles and the increasing number of flights - that the travel and transport industry inflicts; on the other hand there are several encouraging signs like new government policies, intervening taxes and technological advances.

The overall tendency is that people are more and more environmentally conscious, therefore technologies not aware of their effects on the environment will be rejected or boycotted. The report concludes that the industry must build a sustainable environment in which it can operate in order to be able to achieve their long term goals.

Table of content

1.0 Introduction                                                                1        

2.0 Positive trends towards sustainability                        2        

2.1 Environmental consciousness                                        2        

2.2 Government Policies                                                2        

i, Road tax                                                                        2        

ii, Air Passenger Duty                                                        2        

iii, Ten Year Plan                                                                3        

2.3 Technological developments                                        3        

i, Improved cars                                                                3        

ii, Bigger planes                                                                3        

iii, Fast train services                                                        3        

iv, Internet                                                                        4        

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v, Carbon offset schemes                                                4        

3.0 Negative effects                                                        5        

3.1 Old cars in use                                                        5        

3.2 Cheaper long-haul flights                                                5        

3.3 Special tendencies                                                        5        

4.0 Recommendation                                                        6        

5.0 Conclusion                                                                7        

References                                                                    8

Bibliography                                                            11

Appendices                                                             13

1.0 Introduction

It is very difficult to imagine the World without travelling.
People are travelling for all kinds of reasons and purposes such as getting to the workplace or going on holidays. Travelling is necessary, but how  damaging the growth of this sector is?

Travel and transport industry is one of the most expanding industries in the World but on the other hand ...

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This essay covers some of the key ideas and issues which relate to the environmental impact of transport and travel. However, it could be improved by taking a more critical view of the information it uses. At times it is fairly simplistic and does not go into the detail which could be expected at this level. The scope of the answer is also not made clear - which aspects of "transport and travel" are included and which aren't?