What are the key aspects of management and leadership?

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What are the key aspects of management and leadership?

Management and leadership are interrelated but they are wholly different, leadership in broad terms is the ability to lead people in directions they would not go alone, however a leader does not have to be a manager. Management, in broad terms is the process of overseeing and controlling a business or organisations and the people therein. Management has a number of essential functions, which can change depending on the role of the manager and the size of the organisations. In essence these are the chief roles of management:

  1. Human Resource Management – Having the “Right” person in the “right” job. This is essential; a manager has to be with the people they feel will do the job best and whom they feel will contribute to the organisation as a whole.
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  1. Organisation – Dividing work especially large projects into smaller tasks, which are then delegated to others. This is vital in large firms where departments have to work towards large tasks which too many can seem impossible. Delegation is crucial in making people feel they have an active role in the firm.    

  1. Co-ordination – The ability to bring various parts of the organisation together. Departmental co-operation in large firms can be difficult and so it is the job of a manager to fulfil the task of breeding an atmosphere of cross-departmental support.

  1. Planning ...

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